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Reckoning With Failure in the War on Terror

Reckoning With Failure in the War on Terror

Chris Hedges
Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency, as Max Blumenthal points out in his meticulously researched book “The Management of Savagery: How America’s National Security State Fueled the Rise of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Donald Trump,” was made possible not only by massive social inequality and concentration of wealth and political power in the hands of the oligarchic elites but by the national security state’s disastrous and prolonged military interventions overseas.

From the CIA’s funneling of over a billion dol


Much like the notes in a police whistle, the population oscillates between the frequency of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World. Yes, there are a lot of details to and deviations from that simplistic view, but kudos to those authors for warning us–or is it curse them for giving the instructions to the power mongers.


As usual, Hedges makes a lot of good points, but a couple of his thoughts strike me as less than well thought out. Since GW Bush prosecuted no home-grown terrorists in his last year, but Obama prosecuted quite a few, does not tell me anything overly significant. Of course it is possible and even likely that some informants egged on some Muslims to plan terrorist plots, but the US surely did not need any truly nasty surprise attack because we like to feel as if we do have somewhat of a democracy with reasonable freedoms. I think most of us realize that too much terror in our nation will lead to ever decreasing freedom. I don’t know if Hedges obsession with Russiagate has anything to do with his ties to RT or not. I do find it troubling that Hedges is so very willing to overlook the many obvious ties between Trump and Russian oligarchs, very much including Putin.

It’s another endless Vietnam War.

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Link to the START

A consortium of researchers dedicated to improving the understanding of the human causes and consequences of terrorism


“Failure” ?

The purpose of the “war on terror” from its beginnings was to provide an ever growing eternal military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) revenue boost, and accelerate the rightward movement of the gubmit’s fascist agenda.

Based on those metrics the “war on terror” continues to be a resounding success.


“Reckoning with failure” seems an exaggeration. As far as I can tell, the 1% is doing a fine job of misinforming the public. As Hedges himself points out, over 73% of Brexit voters said that the influx of immigrants was their primary concern. If it were an informed public, then the public would have elected Jeremy Corbyn to stop the creation of refugees to begin with by ending Britains blind allegiance to American imperialism in the Middle East and beyond.
The same can be said in the U.S. Unfortunately most Americans still fear Muslims or people of colour in general. Very few Americans support the dismantling of the U.S. military and most still believe that we have a “liberal media”. To me this is all an indication of the success of the oligarchs at manufacturing consent and dumbing down the majority to maintain this fiction of a functioning democracy.
I’m not sure if Hedges is just trying to inspire us so as not to give up hope, or if he actually believes that the cracks in the armour of the MIC are beginning to appear, but in any case the victories of the 99% are few and far between.


Mr. Hedges is very intelligent and one of the best at preaching to the progressive, choir, but Chris please write an article on what you think are the solutions! How do we destroy our real enemies, our domestic enemies?


The analogy I use when considering the role of truth tellers like Chris Hedges is this.

You are locked inside a large room with absolutely no light. A guy like hedges comes around from the outside and knocks a hole in the wall to let the light in. What you do with that light is up to you.


Quote: “to pressure and topple regimes deemed antagonistic to Israel and the United States”

I’d change that to: “to trash countries and topple regimes deemed antagonistic to Israel and ipso facto to the United States”.

Strategic blunders for the US in the Middle East are goals achieved for Israel and their necons. If the architects of these strategic blunders get their way, we’ll add Iran to the list.

I have to agree with SdP - the responses are by necessity as varied as the diversity which actually IS the human race. Here - what I tend to follow are

  • the Public Banking Movement - starting with the Public Banking Institute. The principles of Public Banks as opposed to for profit has become the difference between banking economics a ‘oikos’ or the scams now internalized by all the major banks.
  • Local and Regional food co-ops - my focus on local producrers and keeping the monies circulating as locally as possible - a seriously underestimated strength

I saw the light a long time ago. May I ask, what are you doing about that light? Thanks for your reply.

Since the ties are obvious you should have no difficulty in citing them. This will be pioneering on your part, nobody else has yet produced any evidence. what are you waiting for?

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Oh wow. I would have thought Hedges had more common sense, but now with his comment indicating he buys the US government’s official conspiracy theory behind 9/11, he’s revealed to be just another “radical” journalist who’s afraid to stick his neck out. Shame.

I don’t think he has any idea.

Mario Savio said we should throw our bodies on the gears of the machine.

Jeremy Corbyn said we should rise like lions in unvanquishable numbers.

I think Siouxrose was right to focus on the power of propaganda. Caitlin Johnstone has been writing a lot about narrative control. People understand the system is wrong, yet they can’t figure out any way to express that democratically other than voting for Trump. How do we reach people who won’t read Chris Hedges? People I know won’t listen to me. Since Trump took over, some have discovered for the first time that U.S. presidents are not benevolent magical national daddies who would never lie to us. They just came out on top in the sleazy politician Olympics. People understand we are being assaulted with fake news, yet they can’t tell which news is fake. They are sure “their” news is the real one.

Caitlin Johnstone compares the narrative control of propaganda to the narrative control of an abuser in an abusive relationship. You can’t just tell a person to get out of the relationship. They have to see the cracks in the narrative for themselves. Maybe the best we can do is point out the cracks to anyone who will listen.

Cogent reply…thanks.

What ever happened to Siouxrose? Was she banned from CD?

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It’s been so long I’m not sure I remember right - I think she said she was leaving to pursue other interests.

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He went to seminary, he doesn’t destroy his enemies, he prays for them. That said, I admire his intellect and articles.

What happened to Souixrose? No comment in a year or so.