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'Reclaim Our Schools': Thousands Rally Nationwide to Save Public Education



Our young people are among the greatest treasures on the planet. The movement might want to pick up copies of the little pocket fold-out to share with those participating in the Walk In.

The American Friends Service Committee continues to bring young people into the conversation of how the US discretionary budget is spent.

Every minute, the United States government spends $1.2 million on the military.

AFSC’s "One Minute for Peace" campaign aims to raise that amount to support the real needs of our communities. Since money for peace goes farther than money for war, there’s a lot we can do with $1.2 million.


Meanwhile, Bill Gates plows $$$,$$$ more into charter schools in the state of Washington. Money is power and he will have his way no matter the damage done undermining public schools and access to public education. Such is the way of the privileged elite who have never attended a public school K-University-Post Grad. Clueless, heartless, mean-spirited. Private schools are not mandated to implement high-stakes standardized testing thus saving million$$$ in costs and they can cover their budget shortfalls by raising tuition, which is paid by the parents without the blink of an eye...the very same parents that protest having to pay their taxes (property, especially). And so it goes. Charter schools are supposedly tuition free but there are hidden costs that parents soon come to realize (Hedge funds and other private investment firms covet the untapped fiscal resource - privatization of public education - and mine it for all its worth while using public funds to make a private profit.) One of the largest charter school organizations in the U S, National Heritage Academies is owned by an "entrepreneur" J C Huizenga. Read more about this group here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/alan-singer/why-is-this-charter-schoo_b_5397059.html Charter schools rarely address special education needs (applications by students with disabilities simply are declined usually saying their enrollment is full), do not provide bus transportation, cafeterias, free athletics (every cost is borne by parents), few extracurricular activities, playgrounds, and other services that are part of public education standard provisos. Nationwide, charter schools have overall underachievement scores, hire unqualified teachers, and pay them substandard wages while paying administrators handsomely...they have been known to close without notice forcing students back into the already financially strapped and overcrowded public schools.


The always ignored reality is that schools were NOT created for the health, happiness and well-being of our children and future generations, nor were schools created to give us a healthy world. They were created about 200 years ago by social planners for the One Percent who needed passive and obedient workers, soldiers and consumers for Industrial Capitalism. Schools have always succeeded in this. When you talk about education are you talking about creating a healthy world? Or when you talk about education do you mean socializing children to fit in to this industrial capitalist system (i.e. getting a job) which is destroying communities and destroying life across the planet? If you care about growing poverty and inequality, Climate Change, pollution, habitat destruction, the mass extinction of plants and animals, and the slide into a fascist, police state, then schools will never be part of the solution. Schools were designed by the One Percent for the benefit of the One Percent. Schools amount to child abuse, forcing children to sit still all day, sit inside all day, stay quiet all day, and just follow orders, minute after minute. For more: www.schoolispoison.org And for an alternative to school, now in New Zealand: www.kaitiakicollective.org


First disembowel public education, then bring in privatization i.e. Charter Schools.


one that is run by the cabal. :confused:


Wow. What world do you live in?


Well well well. Bertrand Russell tried that sort of stuff way back when in the UK.


Agreed. Liberals have clung to these institutions as a social win for years. What we are really getting in public schools is merely getting kids out of the hands of small minded people and giving the kids a chance to escape that world, not a good chance, but a chance.

This early forced social conditioning has seen diminishing returns to society over the last twenty or so years in America, as the south catches up. And it's been long thought that our form of education leads to greater happiness, which I contend is not true. Kids get lost in fantasy worlds because they are given nothing in our world to occupy themselves. Kids are segregated off from real society and get an education in abstraction, but none in reality. It's the very reason adults find kids so obnoxious is because our children have not been conditioned to the world, and when they get in it they are not so quick to learn everything that was taught to them in public and college education was the map and not the territory. Thus the rash of 30yr old emotional children who can dominate Jeopardy but can't understand the myriad of ways they are being exploited by a corrupt system.

The greatest gift we can give new human beings is freedom. Freedom to see the world they have come into early and objectively. Freedom to do what they are interested in, with a right to switch directions as many times as they wish. And I don't mean to say fake activities like math club, band, sports etc. but real things they may be interested in like art, woodworking, technology, physics, biology, philosophy and let them explore.

We need kids for fresh ideas to strike a pulse into a dying turgid system, and what we are doing to them is telling them they are worthless until they're 25 and have a worthless piece of paper, and then they are still not worth much, that is until they fully capitulate to the system. Those that buy in the most get rewarded the most, and thus more obsequious are created, and a system of corruption marches ever on.