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Reclaim Public Medicine for Public Health

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/20/reclaim-public-medicine-public-health


How about getting rid of copyrights and patents altogether when it comes to medical research? Have the government pay researchers–in the industry and in universities–what they need to accomplish their goals. All information is public. Manufacturing of drugs is carried out by nonprofit companies or the government. However jerry rigged you make it, capitalism does not work in the medical field.


Why do we restrict the concept of social ownership to medicine.

Isn’t decent housing a public health issue. Isn’t ample and nutritious food a public health issue. Clean water and sanitation? Isn’t safe and secure working conditions?

The World Socialist Party of the United States seeks to once again focus on the rich socialist tradition of “from each according to ability, to each according to need”

For a world of free access to the necessities and services of life



Hi aanjjohnston:

YES to what you said. And, I read that Dr. Jonas SaIk would not take private ownership for the poilo vaccine…as he said it would be Iike owning the sun—and how could that be as the sun works for everyone on the planet—and cost nothing for the PeopIe too, : ) I wonder what happened to America --so that it turned into a nation that only cared about money—even when those without money became the victims of the system.


Excellent project. That’s what a decent society must have. Chances it will be implemented???
Super agree. We need the same for several other fields…software industry which runs all aspects of our economies has some of the worst copy right laws (worst for the majority).