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Reclaiming Armistice Day: A Day to Perpetuate Peace

Reclaiming Armistice Day: A Day to Perpetuate Peace

Camillo Mac Bica
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It needs to be emphasized over and over that the nation most responsible for war the world over IS the United States of America.

The latest is internal secretary Ryan Zinke claiming the US should use the US Navy to intercept vessels shipping Russian energy. This action under the law would be considered an act of war. This happens even as Trump and co try to get Europe to commit to buying more Natural Gas from the USA.

Rather, as a veteran and a patriot, I understand that America’s greatness depends upon its wisdom, tolerance, compassion, benevolence and for its resolve to settle conflicts and disagreements rationally, fairly, and non violently. These American values of which I am proud, and mistakenly thought I was defending in Vietnam, are not merely a pretense for power and profit, but guidelines for behavior that tends to the well-being of this nation, the earth, and ALL of its inhabitants.

The first step towards moving towards peace is setting aside the notion that the VALUES expressed in this paragraph are somehow exclusive to the USA. Just because a person was born in a given country it does not mean that country in any way shape or form exceptional. The well being of all the peoples on this earth and all the things that live on it starts with the understanding. Human values , are not exclusive to any one group of people.

The second step in moving towards a world where peace and not war the norm , is ridding ourselves of the system called Capitalism and the model of “Infinite growth” coupled with “Private ownership of the Earths resources for the sake of profits”. We can not have an equitable world where a handful control the wealth of the World for their own personal well being.

That war in Vietnam was for the same reasons wars fought for Centuries, and that driven by the desire to expand the power and influence of a small group of people. That a person was naive in his or her youth and “proudly fought” in such a war is not a pass as all it leads to is people today being “naive” and fighting for wars for profits in places like Iraq. This sentiment was best expressed by Buffy Sainte Marie in “Universal Soldier”. There are no good wars.

Finally we have to understand that the reasons given to us by our Political leaders as to why we must fight a given war are LIES and almost universally so. No person deeming themself a “patriot” should subscribe to policies premised on LIES. All wars lead to the erosion of freedoms and liberties , the exact opposite of what those leaders claim the reason those wars need to be fought and all wars are about KILLING.


Although Peace is good for the Planet and it’s People, it’s less than desired by the elites who value Profit more than Life.

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Bravo for your intelligence, your reasoned judgement and your genuine patriotic spirit, glad to know you, and other like you are out there
Remember remember the fifth of November…

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I am reminded that although WW1 was called the “War to end all wars”, the Armistice was hijacked by those who wanted to carve up the Middle East to be sometimes called the “Peace to end all Peace” .
Unfortunately, that moniker is all too accurate.

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As a veteran myself, I totally agree with the author; November 11 should be recognized as what it actually was, and is, Armistice Day.

Very well put!

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