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Recognize What This Is: A Final Attempt of a Desperate, Bitter Man to Cling to Power

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/10/recognize-what-final-attempt-desperate-bitter-man-cling-power


Or it’s one more scam to bilk his base into paying for the campaign debts he’s run up:



The Trump brand is now synonymous with "failure."

Will someone please give him a piece of rope.


There are few characteristics of the Dim party more nails-on-blackboard grating that the blatant levels
of hypocrisy. Gore takes a month or two to make up his mind about letting the matter get directed by the
Supreme Court or simply chose the latter in the end. Trump takes a week.and all the Kool-Aid drinkers
freak out at the very thought of having any of the votes recounted. Like nothing so much as two 6 year olds concerned that the the slice size vary in the birthday cake. Screeching for months about the Trumpies not wearing masks. Then taking to the street to celebrate the still uncalled ‘victory’ without masks. And my persona;l favorite - spending day and night for .well on 4 years now calling Trump, his
supporters, and anything pertaining to him as end of the world awful spewing rage in every direction then with utter clueleness exhibiting , and then raging some mpre in the manner of Trump Jr’s current girlfriend when he doesn’t meet their expectation - which are apparently that he will fall on any available sword
available and give them some kind of outlet for their rages.

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Looks like someone missed their medication.



Gawd I hope you are right.


Reich repeatedly focuses on Trump and attributes the ongoing coup efforts solely to him despite boatloads of evidence that every member of the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP is 100% on board with the coup effort.

I concur that if Trump was a lone ranger we could write it off as “a final attempt of a desperate, bitter man…”, but we have 1) the entire GOP mob, 2) the greatest propaganda machine the world has ever seen, and 3) tens of millions of cult members, many of them possessing more firepower than their local police force, all pushing together against democracy.


i gotta be honest: when i see how close Trump still came to winning the popular vote - even with voter suppression of likely-“Democratic” voters in full effect, i assume - i do have to question whether democracy is a good idea at this particular juncture of history…

(lotta people are so malicious/stupid that they’ve inspired the Ultimate cynicism in me)


I wonder if it’s as much a desperate attempt to cling to power as it is a desperate attempt to stay out of jail. I’m expecting indictments to be unsealed come 21 January, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Vlad doesn’t have a nice penthouse flat waiting in Moscow. What an embarrassment to America.


I suspect there’s more than a bit of feeling of schadenfreude in countries where the US messed with their election processes. Chile, all the Central American countries, Iran, various African nations, Iraq. Now it’s our turn to sabotage our own electoral process. Or so it appears to those in other countries who were told, over and over, that the US was a gleaming city on a hill, the finest republic ever, where everyone was free and equal.
American Exceptionalism.You’ll never lose money betting on that stupid idea leading on folks.
The Democrats, for over a hundred years, was the party of slave-owners in the South and oligarchs in the North. The Republicans were the good guys, preaching for abolition and free homestead land in the West. Turned out they were just two heads of the same body. Both were anti-union, broke strikes by calling out the Army, invading other countries for the Empire. FDR’s legend, that he was a great guy for dealing with the Great Depression, is actually covering up that he saved capitalism by convincing the oligarchs to give a little in order to prevent losing it all.
We’ve been tossed crumbs for over two hundred years by the Oligarchy. Trump is simply a symptom of that system on steroids. The only good is allowing other countries a reprieve from having to walk on eggshells, fearful of igniting a Tweet storm, and of him groping women leaders. Otherwise, business as usual…except for the scary thought that this is a repeat of the 1860 election…


You still don’t get it, do you, Robert? The man is just grabbing advance publicity for his new TV series, “The Art of the Steal.”


IMHO, reminding Tweetle-Dumb that he is a “LOSER!!” would be more appropriate.

*   *   *   *   *

. . . to be filmed in a solitary-confinement cell in a maximum-security prison near you . . .


Sick as Drümpf is, it’s mostly the former.  In his rare moments of lucidity, the latter.

I was gonna say if Vlad didn’t welcome Tweetle-Dumb to Moscow – which is the least he could do, considering all the harm Drümpf has done to the Western Alliances on his behalf – that Recep would welcome him in Istanbul.  But then
I just now read that Erdogan has congratulated Biden, so there’s probably no chance Drümpf could go there now. Be­sides, isn’t Turkey one of those countries Drümpf called a S***-Hole?

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Now, now… our “being a Democracy” would pre-suppose our having some kind of CHOICE in our candidates? Actual SAY, based on pertinent, FACTUAL journalistic media; citizens’ parties representative of diverse perspectives of various segments of the electorate? Open, meaningful and a FAIR discourse of town-halls, interactive debates based upon voter’s concerns, moderated by independent, disinterested… Sorry, I’m laughing so hard, the cat presumed I was having a coronary & started eating my head; almost spilled my cocoa

They’ll just do like always & distract us with another coup!






Trump fully plans on still being president four years from now, with a court statement saying he can be president for as long as he stays alive.


Recognize What This Is: A Final Attempt of a Desperate, Bitter Man to Cling to Power

Are you referring to Trump’s futile attempt to stay in power or Biden’s attempts to save Capitalism?

Growing numbers of grassroots activists have been pushing for alternatives to capitalism that are focused on social, political, and economic justice along with environmental sustainability. Backers of capitalism, such as you, Robert, may squash these efforts. But your efforts at “saving capitalism” (_https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/227780/saving-capitalism-by-robert-b-reich/) will jeopardize the future of humanity.


You’re giving Reich a lot of credit there, aren’t you, Steve?


I think what Donald is going to do to stay in power. He will start a war with Iran with Israeli’s help. Then he will say that we are at war and it is an National Emergency and that he will need to stay the president to be the savior of the US. He may do a false flag event and blame it on Iran to instigate a conflict.

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Or maybe Tweetle-Dumb’s Uncle Vlad will start a war for him by invading Latvia and/or Lithuania (but that might rattle the EU too much), or perhaps Xi Jinping will do it with an invasion of Hong Kong or Taiwan.  Anything at all to weaken the West and keep their traitorous stooge in power long enough for C-19 to completely shatter our economy before they leave Tweetle-Dumb twisting in the wind á lá Mussolini.

There is one prize for which Trump has NO competition whatsoever:  The MOST USEFUL IDIOT of All Time!!


Trump is desperate. He faces litigation, bankruptcy and prison. We need to make the statement that this aberration will never happen again. My new bumper sticker: IMPRISON TRUMP.