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Recognizing Legacy of Police Torture, Chicago Passes Landmark Reparations


Recognizing Legacy of Police Torture, Chicago Passes Landmark Reparations

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Recognizing the horrific legacy of the Chicago Police Department and the widespread use of torture under former police commander Jon Burge, the Chicago City Council on Wednesday passed a landmark reparations package for the victims of that violence.


Alright, now either close the Homan Square “black site”, or some group should truck bomb it to the ground!


You’re doing the right thing Chicago.


This action by Chicago shows that it is still possible to salvage some hope that the US could reform and be a government of the people, by the people, for the people, as envisioned by Abraham Lincoln. Perhaps even more important than reparations is a change in attitude among those in power, whether in the police force or other public institutions. They must remember that, for the most part, they are put there to serve the people, and not to lord over them. They - from the lowest-ranked traffic police to the police chief and the DA - must therefore rearrange their priorities, such as going after the real criminals and not against those who are largely harmless individuals. The alleged practice of using “law enforcement” as an excuse to arrest and fine minority motorists for the flimsiest of reasons, for example, must cease. Many in the police today, unlike those I knew some three decades ago, have become so undignified that they would hide their car at strategic places in order to pounce onto motorists - again especially those of color - for whatever infraction of the law they could concoct. This kind of behavior is said to be sparked by the need to balance city budgets, which makes it even more egregious as the victims are often those who could least afford the fines. It reminds me of the police in Third World countries, and is unworthy of a nation that not too long ago was much admired by people in many parts of the world.


The more than 100 victims, nearly of all whom were Black males, were subject to “horrific abuse including electric shocks to the genitals and other body parts, suffocation, mock executions and beatings—all of which often accompanied by racial slurs, hurled by all white detectives,” says Amnesty International.

So this disgusting excuse for a human, Jon Burge, is still receiving his pension!; much less serving only minimum time for purgery!! The longer I live, the more I read, the more I learn about my country the more I want to hang my head in shame at what I and the other 90% tolerate. After reading this I don’t know what to expect next. What holds this country together I do not know unless it is many forms of FEAR.


So under the Chicago example police are free to torture. If they are caught at it, taxpayers will pay millions to other taxpayers. Chicagoens should be proud,


The problem is not the law. The problem is not law. The problem is the culture that created the laws. This culture is boldly claimed by the creators of the problem as America, and this America is a retarded entity. There can no longer be any doubt about or excuse for this. Nazi is the most appropriate word to characterise these ‘proud and patriotic Americans’ for these Americans serve self before all others. This is the infamous ‘virtue of selfishness’.
It has now got to the stage that all who speak the language we know as English are either ashamed or useless to humanity.
Well done Anglo Saxon! Now go home and if you have made of your home the grave, so be it.


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Thank you.
What you have stated permeates all arenas of the system and is the reason that neither Blankfien nor W are in prison


I know peple arnt going to like what im about to say, but prisiners should be allowed to defend themselves at this pount while in jail. Everything in jails are mostly surveilled, but that should increase. There should be cameras everywhere an inmate and guard could have contact. That way if a guard gets killed for committing torture we will know that it was desreved.


Compensation is important but it is not enough. Lawsuits and compensation didn’t stop police abuse in Baltimore and it will not stop it in Chicago. There should be not statute of limitations on human rights abuse. Police, prosecutors and politicians need to be held legally liable. This is as true on the national level as it is regionally, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others need to be prosecuted along with local police and city leaders. Murder, torture, beatings, and the sending of innocent people to prison for years cannot be tolerated. Prosecutors who knowingly misrepresent or hold back information need to be serving the sentence imposed on their victims. Without severe consequences, this same behavior is guaranteed to continue.


Not only locally and nationally, but globally. Look at the number of torturers and cruel despots that have killed and maimed for years, sometimes decades. Eventually they are overthrown and go to live in exile with their looted national treasure. If they are caught, usually it seems the statute of limitations keeps them from being tried and punished for their crimes.

  • There should be no statute of limitation on crimes against humanity, however and wherever perpetrated, or by whom.