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Recognizing Powerful Interests Running the Joint, More Than 75% of Americans Back Campaign Finance Reform

Recognizing Powerful Interests Running the Joint, More Than 75% of Americans Back Campaign Finance Reform

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Amidst a widely-shared recognition that the country is effectively being run by powerful special interests, a new poll out Friday shows that more than 3 out of 4 Americans now support serious campaign finance reform as a way to mitigate the corrupting influence of money in the nation's democracy.


The 1%, speaking through the duopoly, to the 99%:

“We know exactly what you want. You can’t have it.”


Exactly! The 1% speak, and miracle of miracles, it becomes law! Government of the few, by the few, and for the few. That 77% of us want change means precisely that it WILL NOT HAPPEN.


To paraphrase a slogan from our revolutionary forebears: “Representation without taxation is tyranny.”


We definitely need to get all the money out of our electoral process on the local, state and federal level. The situation we have federally is that the going rate for electing a US Congressman or women for a 2 year term exceeds a million dollars and in many cases exceeds 5 million dollars. So, the result is that we see our elected officials either biased toward or actually groveling to monied interests, writing and passing legislation that benefits those whose money funds our elections. These monied interests have daily access (via their lobbyists). This access yields influence. There is a simple solution. Publicly fund ONLY all elections. All this money in our election process, via this access and influence has given us laws, rules, regulations and policies employed by our government that increase and enhance inequality in our society. It has caused all of us to pay thru the nose for medications, utilities, housing and food. It continues to cause massive environmental damage which kills living beings at such an accelerated rate, that we are now in our 6th great extinction event. It is responsible for the poisoning of the air we breath, the water we drink and the huge increase in cancer rates we are seeing.


The biggest reason TPTB in the D-party worked to derail Bernie: He eschewed big donor money.

Posted this in another thread, but it speaks volumes:


Whatever your own most important issue might be – climate change, health insurance, gun control or whatever – no substantive improvement is likely to be made until money is removed from politics. We need to be electing legislators based on their merits not their coffers. That’s the one super-issue we all should be fighting for, whatever our particular interests.


Well, I’ve heard the court doesn’t matter repeatedly on here today, that Democrats controlling the floor schedule and committees in the Senate don’t make a difference. If Kennedy retires, much less Ginsberg, it’ll be fun watching the blame-Democrats-for-not-controlling-the-schedule folks redouble on the selloutism. Because they don’t yell loudly enough when they don’t and can’t control the floor or something. Maybe progressives will scarily march!? Citizens United 2, here we come!

Are we to believe that politicians will stop taking the oligarchy’s money that ensures their re-election? That politicians are willing to trade corporate bribes for corporate death threats?


Direct Democracy



Sadly, all this was coming about and the clarion was never sounded. So now we have Citizens United as the incarnation of that not-so paranoia To quote Bob Dylan, “Money doesn’t talk it swears.”


We could unify effectively on this if we can agree on a precise list of enforceable campaign finance laws, and if enough people are willing to take action outside the voting booth. A general worker strike should do the trick. I have no reason to believe anything else will.


the teachers are gathering steam - still largely under the radar. If they can inspire some multi-state strikes it may really start going. Then there’s the Nurses Unions. They can take the fight from education and austerity into healthcare. This could be fun!


How true; we’re going to have take what is rightfully ours. The problem here is that overturning Citizens United only turns the clock back 8 years to a time the US campaign finance system was already badly broken. We need to take a trip further back in history and overturn the 1886 Southern Pacific Railroad vs Santa Clara County case, which provided corporations with their first human right: equal protection under the law (14th Amendment).


Or, pass a constitutional amendment. The first step to doing anything though, is to make sure all judicial nominees by Trump are carefully vetted, slowly. That means a new Senate with Chuck Schumer controlling the floor and Feinstein as Chair of Judiciary. Of course, I know here at CD that doesn’t matter and we have to accept our fate until the revolution or some such magical nonsense gives true progressives power. Because all revolutions end well.

To put things into perspective:

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Sea –

While what you’re saying is absolutely true – very often things change without any help from anyone – kind of “out of left field.”

And I think there can be an argument made for many of our systems collapsing.

Not only are Americans fighting Capitalism now, it has long been fought all over the world.

And Global Warming continues as a Wild Card.

The political situation was bad enough pre-Citizens United – now it is a WMD.

Did anyone know this about International Women’s Day …?

The Socialist Origins of International Woman’s Day

From the beginning, International Women’s Day has been an occasion to celebrate working women and fight capitalism.

The masses of women face twin oppression. Just as their male members they undergo class oppression. But at the same time they experience patriarchal oppression.

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May I just add this – while I very much support the overturning of Citizens United which has become basically a WMD politically …

After signing a petition for “EndCitizensUnited.org” … today I received an email which makes clear that it is dedicated to electing Democrats.

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee dedicated to electing Democrats, transforming our broken campaign finance system, and ultimately ending Citizens United.

Very much dislike having this issue tied to any political party – and I will look to support another campaign to overturn Citizens United which is not allied with the Democratic Party.


The only sure fire way to get the money out of campaigns is to turn the tables against them.
Vote only for the candidate with the least amount of money.
Make their huge campaign chests a scarlet letter on their foreheads that reads; “Don’t vote for me”.
Turn their weapon of money against them.
Waiting for the Congress to change things is futile.
Send dog catchers, burger flippers, truck drivers, carpenters, plumbers, or anybody to Congress. A constant stream of newbies.
They couldn’t possibly do any worse than those in office now.
But no more rich game show hosts or cowboys, please.


kakis –

It will not happen when we continue to support rigged elections and both national
parties rigged to betray the people for the benefit of Elites.

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You don’t have to support THIS particular campaign –
there will be other campaigns to overturn Citizens United …
which are NOT also a PAC for the Dem Party.

lobo –

The problem here is that overturning Citizens United only turns the clock back 8 years to a time the US campaign finance system was already badly broken

EXACTLY – we need more than overturning Citizens United —

And now … we also have to overturn corporate personhood, as well …!!

The only safe place would be …

back to the New Deal Era and whatever the taxes and regulations were at that time
on corporations and capitalism.