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Recognizing the Neoliberal Roots at the Heart of Trump's Cruel and Inhumane Border Policies


Recognizing the Neoliberal Roots at the Heart of Trump's Cruel and Inhumane Border Policies

Wenonah Hauter

The human rights violations at the border and in detention centers all over the country are an outrage. Ripping children away from their parents with no plan for how and when to reunite them is inhumane — and it has created irreparable trauma for thousands.


Too bad these kinds of pieces were not being written by liberals and progressives when the Clintons and their oligarch sponsors re-made the Dims as a totally neoliberal wing of the Duopoly. Now it requires massive amounts of organizing and a non-violent social revolution to achieve what is necessary. We should all expect to find these newly-converted lib/prog anti-neoliberals to be out in the streets doing the hard work with the rest of us.


Farmers were not pushed off the land just due to the flood of US imports in Mexico. Mexico had to also agree to break up a system of land tenure that had existed on and off since Spain first absorbed that region into their Empire.

Inevitably land ownership would concentrate into fewer and fewer hands leaving millions of Mexicans without means of an income. They would end of working for the owners of these vast estates where they were little more then Serfs. This sparked a number of Revolutions bringing into power people who would promise “land Reform” and the land would be redistributed. The same handful of the rich would slowly reverse these processes and the cycle would repeat. Prior to industrialisation there little choice for the masses of Mexicans but to work for those land owners.

In later revolutions lands were set aside as part of the commons where individual Mexican familes were reserved parcels of land which they could work for sustenance. NAFTA changed that and forced the breakup of the same. It was demanded that those lands be “privatized” as it was claimed that the Corporate model could best extract wealth from the same. Under NAFTA the neoliberals claimed Mexicans that once worked those lands would seek employment in Factories that would be set up along the border to produce and sell goods to the USA.

This model was how the family farm was destroyed North of the border in the USA. There was a deliberate policy implemented to force peoples off the land in the USA so as to provide a pool of cheap labor to the Factories. This was also how the Commons were destroyed under land enclosure acts in Great Britain. Lands were closed off to the masses so as to grow foods that provided higher returns for export and those masses were then forced to work as laborers in the Mills and Coal mines and Factories.

Now those factories could never provide the number of jobs needed for the masses and, without unionization the labor performed there could never provide an income adequate to support a family so in addition to that sudden flood of cheap imports from the USA based on Factory farming and massive subsidies , a huge pool of people are forced to seek work wherever they can get it. This huge pool of workers ensures that those branch plant workers in Mexican factories are always available to the Corporate State.

I am going to suggest the root cause of all of this is the same as it has always been. It is Capitalism and Privatization and the destruction of the Commons. This system BY design ensures the real wealth of a Nation is concentrated in the hands of the few and the masses of people in that nation labor to preserve the wealth of that 1 percent.

Nor is this problem unique to Mexico or Latin America. Capitalism and that 1 percent in its mad pursuit of endless growth and markets , seeks to exert its control over peoples and resources the World over wherein the land to be consumed of everything to fuel those Factories and enrich the few. From Africa to the Middle East , from South America to Oceania, peoples are being forced off their lands so they can be used and devoured under the Corporate model , and that insatiable appetite for MORE wealth for the fewer is killing everything.


This comment really shows excellent understanding of the situation and why Trump is just the latest in a long-line of enforcers for the oligarchs, plutocrats and corporations.


Once again, this like everything else is not a left/right thing, but instead is a rich/poor thing. The simplest ideas are the ones that expose the true depths of social programming infecting the people.

I need to quit reading news and turn my back on the world completely to keep my sanity. It is a lost cause…We have stepped into the mouth of madness. I reject it all…


To protect my bedraggled and exhausted “sanity,” I quit the news (periodically), turn my back on humans, and turn toward animals and nature. Works for me (usually). Think I’ll grab my dog and go look for tennis balls. Toke. Walk. Repeat…


I believe most of these people are coming from three countries in Central America, not from Mexico. And in any case Trump’s cruel and inhumane policies are due to racism. This is what happens when a white nationalist is elected as president. And more people are leaving the US and going to Mexico then coming across the border. There is no immigration problem at the border. There is only a white nationalist president trying to get his racist political base (personality cult?) pumped up for the election in November.


This proves that no “one” man or woman, should ever have this much power to affect other’s lives.


You sure about that?

We’re Helping Deport Kids to Die

Yet they aren’t safe, in part because of a policy backed by President Obama and the Mexican authorities to return vast numbers of desperate refugees to the countries from which they fled. In the last five years, the U.S. and Mexico have returned 800,000 refugees to Central America, including 40,000 children.

If other countries were forcibly returning people to their deaths, we would protest. But because we Americans worry about refugees swarming across our borders, we help pay for Mexico to intercept them along its southern border and send them — even children like Elena — back home, where they may well be raped or killed.

US government deporting Central American migrants to their deaths

Guardian investigation into consequences of Obama’s migration crackdown reveals US deportees have been murdered shortly after return to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, with study saying as many as 83 killed since 2014

No Friend of Immigrants

Democratic presidents have been responsible for some of the most punitive immigration policies in modern history.


I watch more Netflix and pet my cat because we really don’t get heard or can affect any real change. Exactly as the system was designed to do. Class in this country is still treated as a “bad” word, worse than f**k in many circles.


Good links. The empire has no clothes.


Here is a brief definition of neoliberal policies:


Excellent post!


And other nations are sorry the US left the Human Rights Committee? I’m pleased with its resignation, Now the Committee has a chance to actually represent humanity!


I agree that neoliberal policies play an important role, but there’s a lot more to it. Lest we forget, the US has backed brutal, murderous regimes in Central America. We backed the government in El Salvador and its death squads who killed Archbishop Romero among others. (Romero spoke out in favor of the poor and basic human rights. He is now being considered a saint by the Catholic Church.)

The violence in Central America led to a mass exodus to the US, including kids who joined into a brutal gang called M13, which started in LA and spread to other US cities. B. Ergo, but our own deportation policies sent some of them back to El Salvador, further destabilizing that countrymore refugees fleeing to what they hope would be a safer place.

And let’s not forget that the US is the world’s #1 arms exporter. This has led to a situation where the narcotraficantes have a more firepower than the police or the military.


Yes, I agree with your article except you fail to mention other issues. First of all let’s take a close look at the Catholic Church and other religions that promote an ignorance of planned parenthood and science.

Having children when you have no idea where resources will be is also immoral. Praying that the resources will suddenly appear because the pope or some other religious fanatic says so is just plain stupid.

Further, the message needs to be sent far and wide across this planet that the habitat is collapsing, that we can expect MILLIONS more refugees as the climate gets worse for sustaining life, and that to ignore that and simply have more children will end up badly for you and your family.


Thank you. I had planned to mention the US backing, and in some cases installing, of brutal regimes in Central America, but you expressed it better than I would have.


“mad pursuit” is right. Capitalism certainly is a monumentally stupid and destructive way to organize ourselves to interact with the rest of nature. It’s a major proximal cause of our ongoing ecological and psychological collapse but not the ultimate cause of anything. Capitalism is based on psychopathy, psychosis, pathological dissociation, and above all, objectification. It’s the way a culturally autistic civilization relates to the world. Some call this Wetiko; it’s the ultimate cause of both capitalism and civilization, although they’re both also positive feedbacks and contributing factors to the worsening of the disease. If we expect to change our direction we can’t just switch economic systems, that won’t solve anything. As long as society and so many individuals are infected by the disease, our economic system, religion, government, art, media, technology, and every other system we use will be turned into a weapon against ourselves and the rest of nature. We have to address the root problem.