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Recognizing Working Class Pain 'That Doesn't Make CNN,' Sanders and Rev. Barber Call for Building Truly Moral Economy


Recognizing Working Class Pain 'That Doesn't Make CNN,' Sanders and Rev. Barber Call for Building Truly Moral Economy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Coinciding with the launch of a new Poor People's Campaign that plans to bring mass action and a radical anti-poverty agenda to over 40 states in the coming weeks, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) joined Rev.


When a “majority” of politicians are interviewed and they question the Network interviewing them “why” that network isn’t being honest with its viewers about information that affects them, financially, socially, morally, ethically, and politically, then and only then will I believe change is possible.


Bernard Sanders continues to show his quality as a leader of integrity, shining light on corruption, usury, wealth distribution/power, and so much else!.

The ruling class vulture capitalists have bought government and legislation (law), media and “regulatory” agencies to serve their own private greed - there has never been as overt an example as the trump regime today… The SCOTUS sanctioned that MO - the rule and domination of wealth equal to “free speech” that made the few more equal than others - the parasitism of the 1% on the bodies of the 99%. White, Black, Latino or just the poor and middle class are the victims of an enormous, increasing, wage/debt/interest corruption that makes a mockery of The Common Good and criminal co-conspirators of politicians, Congress and president.

DINO sellouts to one special or big-money interest or another ARE part of the problem - part of the con with people like schumer domination the “opposition party”. We will never defeat corruption, endless for-profit war, environmental destruction, financial usury, or the rule of wealth in America with a party that tolerates and serves endless complicity with the rule of the 1%. The uber wealthy vulture capitalists/corporatists using and increasingly manipulating Americans into wage and debt/interest slavery, for-profit health care, education, transportation - the :privatization (theft) of social mechanisms/services and public resources - banker usury - all those ways big-money and politicians in thrall to those interests keep and increase the domination of the many by the few.



It’s a conundrum for sure. The sign I carried in protest of Gulf War 1, riffing on Pink Floyd’s “(Another Brick in) The Wall” read, “We Don’t Need No Thought CNNtrol.”

Corporate media aren’t going to voluntarily cut off their own revenue stream by telling us, for one glaring example, how much money they gain from political ads throughout our never-ending campaign cycle; nor are the R and D wings of the capitalist party going to blow the whistle on their lucrative symbiotic relationship with the mega-donor class.


“Recognizing Working Class Pain ‘That Doesn’t Make CNN,’ Sanders and Rev. Barber Call for Building Truly Moral Economy”

Your not going to accomplish anything while you keep sheep dogging for the Democratic Party Bernie.


Recall POTUS Bill Clinton serially telling the 99% “I feel your pain” while serially selling out the 99% to the 1% ?


This article makes me very uneasy. I’m one of many people who signed up for the new Poor People’s Campaign because of assurances it would NOT be connected in any way with the Democrats. If that nonpartisan pledge proves invalid, I will reconsider my participation.


This is the direct opposite of the Koch brothers’ view which has no concept of a “moral econonmy” but a focus on liberty, which to them means the ability for anyone to make as much money as they want without any role of the government to regulate or redistribute income. The Koch brothers do not have the majority of the country on their side but they do have people who are clever at winning elections through various ways to the suppress the vote and draw unfair voting districts. Their efforts have been particularly effective at the state level which is critical given that the states control voting and also have a great deal of authority over local governments. Needless to say given the efforts of the Koch bothers to turn the US into their visions of what this country should be, elections at the state level are very important.


The Democratic Party is so corrupt, that someone like Bernie trying his best to accomplish any meaningful changes of that corruption, seems to me, as wishful thinking as we saw in 2016.

No different to me than if Bernie joined the mafia to reform it!!


Absolutely! But from my perspective, never happen until the 99% have a new party with a platform: OF 99% OF THE PEOPLE; BY 99% OF THE PEOPLE; AND FOR 99% OF THE PEOPLE.


I don’t think that the ruling class is really doing so great either. Maybe for a short while. Their heads are in the sand.They won’t have clean air, parks will disappear, the ocean won’t be fit to swim in. And those other countries we’ve been attacking… someday there may be payback.

The old saying, “If you want to live with the classes, you have to sell to the masses.” But the masses are running out of money.


Morality should begin with how we treat our shared resources, which also acknowledges that the original distribution of Land is -always- political. The value of land is created by society, and hence is the most logical source of revenue to fund society.

Taking from someone’s labor is akin to slavery (aka income, payroll, sales taxes). If we shifted taxes off of Labor and Capital and onto Land, wages would rise, savings would rise, and in fact the value of land would still rise, which is contrary to what a lot of people believe happens when you tax land appropriately.

Couple this with a basic income that covers the bare essentials (say ~$12,000 annually) and you have a logical redistribution mechanism that doesn’t discriminate.


Bernie! And… Rev. Barber! On the same stage! In the same photo! Jah! Reggae! Irie! We be Jahmin’!

Words are the playground of sly corporatist spin doctors and corporatist politicians. “Progressive” to some means, “All in. No one out.” Most who use “Progressive” alot and don’t mean anything, but not “right”. We the innocent bystander voter know what “right” means. It means: mean, too bad sucker, suck it up, corporate lies, police state, cruel and so on with all the condescending crappola weasels. “Moral” to some means their ef’d-up repressed sexuality expressing itself as “cold”, frigid and an unfeeling isolated rich or well-off selfish sociopathology. Moral to me and some “Progressives” means in contrast, a moral compass in an individual or group that expresses itself as kindness, caring, giving, peaceful and loving.

This is my take on this electoral season’s make it or break it toward fascism in our country. Right now it feels icky, immoral, uncaring, a police state right around the corner and wholesale killing of civilians by our military and its proxies, 24/7. Look at Central and South America, Pakistan, Burma and large swaths of central and Mediterranean Africa. Not to mention Catalonia-Spain, Hungary, Ukraine, Palestine and others.

A moral revival needs addressed in America pronto. So let’s stop the weasel phrases and political garbage and get right to the burning issues that face us Americans, our homeless veterans and battered ecosystem. Let’s direct our anger at the purveyor of immorality in our land: the corporations. Forget “Progressive” or “Right-wing” or “Left-wing”. If a candidate gets his or her money from corporations, then they become politically radioactive, period!

The corporate “its” and its immorality of death
and destruction! Stops Now! The killing of our Mother Earth
and Her People Stops Now! We the Poor People say: “No!”
“No mas, no more.” A National Call to Moral Revival
launches Mother’s Day, May 13, 2018
in 32 state capitols!


Bernie’s biggest mistake was not running as an Independent.

We’ll never know for sure but I believe his surging campaign would have taken him to the White House.


Even though I supported Bernie for POTUS, I told many other supporters that even though I hoped I was wrong, Bernie probably would never be allowed to become POTUS. And maybe in one way, that was a good thing because it proved my point; exposed and made transparent that presidents are not elected; they are selected.


Speaking of morality… a petition in opposition to the Nestle usurpation of water for any who might be interested in signing:
Sign Now: Shut down Nestlé’s water bottling operation


Excellent point . The government doesn’t have to “do” very much. First, it has to stop a massive transferring of tax dolllars to the top 1-5%. A major source of wealth inequity lies there. For those wanting the gov’t to “do something” I’d recommend starting there. Get the gov’t to STOP!

Let’s see–FDIC insurance of deposits that are loaned out to high risk borrowers;
The repeal of Glass Steagall, which should be repealed.
Placing a limit on liability for oil spills of $75 billion, which should be lifted.
Providing investment capital to business entities should be stopped (remember Aqua Bounty that needed funds to research how to keep GE salmon sterile? Obama to the rescue with $495,000

You get the picture, the subsidy list is endless


This News Just In: N. Carolina Democrats & Independents Are No More!!!
At 8:00 PM EST the entire state of N. Carolina’s registered Democrats and Non-Affilliated voters joined the newly formed The New Green Party of N. Carolina.
Initial reactions from Green Party leaders such as Dr. Jill Stein was, " no problema, piece o’ cake, really ". And, Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report, " it was like stealing candy from a baby, really, most of us didn’t have to lift a finger ". Tom Johnson1, " never broke a sweat, actually. I just rubbed my superior moral compass and guided them all home. Read it and weep Bernie and Rev. Barber, you deceitful sheepdogging losers ".


I thought Bernie was used and tossed aside as a never serious candidate. Why did he keep saying that he would eventually support Hillary during the campaign? That put him in his place. The thought of Joe Biden running for president and winning gives me the creeps.


I think that you are wrong because we cannot change anything with weak third parties which split the vote and allow the evil republicans to win, time after time. Most Americans still vote for either democrats or republicans and this is not likely to change anytime soon so we must make the Democratic Party work for us by reforming it, voting out the DINOS in the primaries and getting involved. Which party do you think Rev. Barber is going to support anyway?

Sure, I’d love to vote for the Greens, or the Democratic Socialists but it would just be a wasted vote. Most democrats are better than any republican is. This is political war and we can’t afford to be too perfectionistic here, we must win! Therefore, we must push the Democratic Party to the left, get rid of the DCCC, and make the Democratic Party platform the same as the Green Party platform as much as we can. I think that we can do this and this will be much easier than starting from scratch. If the Tea Party can succeed in taking over the Republican Party and pushing it to the far right, then we can push the democrats to the left and get them to truly represent us.

Most of the reasons that the democrats have been losing ground is because republicans have massively refused to work with democrats and violently prevented democrats from doing much of anything. Just watch all the Republican obstructionism that has been going on every day on C-Span! The republicans have gerrymandered, voter roll purged, voter ID lawed and voter suppressed their way into government and used huge masses of corporate and Koch brother’s money to “win” elections by cheating. They have even used help from Russians and WikiLeaks! The Koch brothers alone spent 900 million dollars in 2016 and plan to spend over 400 million this year to defeat democrats. How can we compete aganst all of that money and corruption? Yet we are doing it! Democrats are now winning! The grassroots are donating and getting out to vote in droves that even overcomes republican gerrymandering! This is a very hopeful sign.

Sure, we are up against massively powerful and wealthy forces, but there is still hope. We’ve even got some millionaires and billionaires on our side because even they don’t want to live in the world that the republicans are creating. Therefore, don’t give up on the democrats yet. All democrats are not perfect, but we can eliminate many of the bad ones like Heidi Heitcamp and other DINOS and make the Democratic Party work for us if we all make it work. It takes lots of us, working together to do this. I wish the Greens and Socialists would join the democrats and help us push the democrats to the left because I think that this can work. Otherwise, it will take many long hard years to get the third parties up to speed to have any chance of winnng and in the mean time the republicans will take over America and force dictatorship on us. Besides, we would still have to keep the Green Party clear of traitors to the cause as well, as the Green Party gains popularity there will be corporate Greens who will try to infiltrate it. This doesn’t happen now because corporate America has written off the third parties for now for not being much of a threat. Should the Greens ever gain more power and become a threat, then there would be plenty of GINOS coming into the party to mess it up just as happens in more mainstream parties like the democrats. You can’t get away from political corruption that easily.