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Record El Niño Puts the 'Icing' on Global Warming Cake


Record El Niño Puts the 'Icing' on Global Warming Cake

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Human-induced climate change has pushed the Earth to the brink of a major shift as scientists predict rapidly rising global temperatures within the next two years.

A study, titled Big Changes Underway in the Climate System? (pdf) and published by the British Meteorological Office, notes that heightened greenhouse gas emissions will exacerbate the naturally-occurring phenomenon known as El Niño to push global temperatures to record highs.


Heat baby! Heat.
The Anthropocene proceeds apace.
Pity the young for what they will face.
The time is late
for them to avert their fate.
Heat baby! Heat.


Yes, & it makes me want to scream WHY??!! And then I realize, mostly it's something along these lines:

And of course, climate change deniers will glom on to something like this: "Scaife notes that El Niños and atmospheric oscillations in the Atlantic are "natural."" and just run with it. As they did over the so-called "pause"


Not to denigrate this author who is publishing important information, however I just wanted to point out that a Scientific American article details the research that debunks that there was actually any "pause".

The "pause" has been used without pause (thank you, cluck cluck cluck) by Big Energy defenders, so it is important that this correction doesn't get lost in the fray.



I'm not sure you realize that the link that the author's mention of "pause" takes you to is a Common Dreams article from 2014 debunking the notion that there ever was such a thing:

"There Is No Warming "Pause," says Study: Planet, Oceans Are Burning Up"
"Though surface temperature increases have slowed in recent years, global warming is accelerating rapidly as the oceans heat up"
by Jon Queally, staff writer
"Published on Monday, February 10, 2014 by Common Dreams"


First I would like to thank the conservative religious right for teaching us that god gave us this garden to tear and shread to pieces. I also need to thank the conservative political right for...well...just lying to us and helping us to believe that all is well. Then I would like to thank the moneyed elite for just being there to fleece us and provide the arguments used by the conservative religious right and the conservative political right to keep us blind. But most importantly I would like to thank the right in general for helping our educational system and media in keeping us focused on things that really don't matter in the first place. Now I am sitting in my living room listening to my grandson practice his curses which he will hurl at us for doing this terrible thing to the only planet he has. We will be remembered as a generation that will go down in infamy...but only for a short time.


Well given the following context, one would expect that the link "pause" would comport with the reporting by the author that gave no indication whatsoever that other research had reached an opposite conclusion.

More broadly, researchers say that the Earth may be seeing the end of a global slowdown in surface temperature increases—known by some as the global warming "pause"—and can expect to enter a period of higher temperature increases, returning to the heightened rate seen before the downtrend began


Sometimes science tries to be too clever. Put a stew on the cooker. Does it heat evenly all over?
No - but physics has the law of the conservation of energy which means that heat is going somewhere all the time. It's only common sense.


"Human-induced climate change....." Should read: "bankster induced...." - Did these thugs migrate from Africa with us human beings 50,000 years ago? Doubtful! lol


Also, the article suggests that the El Niño will result in a resumption of record temperature years, but we have been already setting global annual average temperature records (including 2014) - even in "La Niña" years.


On the contrary, the author gave plenty of indication. At least to my reading of it...

I really don't see how you can misinterpret that statement above as the author somehow being complicit in perpetuating incorrect (already debunked) information.

A SLOWDOWN in INCREASES (tho still increases), did indeed happen, but that is not even close to the same thing as saying a DECREASE in temperatures -- nor even a "pause," as in just staying the same! Also, using the phrase "known by some" generally (if lightly) alludes to the fact that it is a false assumption.

I don't want to nit pick with you here, since I think we both agree that it is indeed a false assumption & one that the league of fact-less deniers sucked up immediately for their own ridiculous purposes. But I simply didn't come away with the same misread about this author's intent or leanings (OR accidental omissions) that you seemed to.


We tried to kill off all those Neanderthals, but a few of them slipped by us and went into banking.


Somewhere in the piece someone says something like "we'll look back"...does he have a mouse in his pocket???


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And everything over 3 1/2 miles is inhabitable to any kind of complex life except for brief visits.


How can you possibly misinterpret my intent for simply pointing out what was NOT indicated in the reporting, that in doing so I'm asserting that the author is "complicit in perpetuating" debunked information.

If you don't wish to nit pick, then don't do it!

I was not in the least disrespectful to this author, nor did I assert any malevolent intent. That is bloody obvious in what I originally said.


Society thought it was reasonable to dig up natural resources, including the fossil fuels, to provide the energy and materials to build, operate and maintain the vast infrastructure that provides society with the services they have become so dependent on. Now some of society are waking up to the unintended consequences of using fossil fuels, including contributing to irreversible climate disruption and ocean warming and acidification. So prominent people will rush off to a conference discussing what should be done, in theory, to ameliorate this problem to a degree.


I must disagree; the Neanderthals didn't screw anyone. Homo bankster screwed them as there is some genetic evidence for inter-breeding; probably forced them into poverty so Homo bankster could buy their female children as slaves.


You know its funny you mention this Neanderthal species but some red meat eaters I meet behave as if they are not from this planet and still act like America is a boundless frontier oblivious to science and reason.