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Record-High Carbon Emissions Show 'We Are Speeding Towards the Precipice of Irrevocable Climate Chaos'


Record-High Carbon Emissions Show 'We Are Speeding Towards the Precipice of Irrevocable Climate Chaos'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As world leaders are meeting at the COP24 in Poland to discuss how to achieve goals outlined in the 2015 Paris climate agreement, scientists and activists are raising alarm about "brutal" new research published by the Global Carbon Project on Wednesday which offers the international community a "reality check" by showing


This ‘news’ has been out for weeks. Next year’s numbers are already projected to get worse.

You are living the predicted nightmare. Societal inertia has doomed many species, and guaranteed mass death amid chaos for humans. Meanwhile, we tinker at the edges by ping-ponging democrats and republicans back and forth…what a pathetic joke.


One reason besides the financial reasons that Trump and his cronies do not seem to care, it seems to me, is most are very old and have only a short time to live, so irrevocable climate chaos means nothing to them and they are insouciant to what is happening to the rest of the human race.

Alfred E. Newman’s mantra: " WHAT ME WORRY!" Fits Trump and our other leading climate terrorists to a T.


When I was a teenager I read On The Beach. Watching the climate catastrophe play out reminds me of that book except of course On The Beach was fiction.



Dear Crazy War types… wouldn’t this be the time have a cease fire everywhere? How much pollution comes from giant drones and and jets and bombs? Maybe a world wide peace accord where the planet is put first, or your kids , or grandkids or even you pets?

Wouldn’t now be the time for people to come together for the good of EVERYONE and the FUTURE.? Besides there are so many volcanoes that seem to be moving at the same time—so we really don’t need any more pollution from that. Maybe----religious zealots—maybe consider this… If your God made the planet -------WHY would any of you have the right to destroy it?


Go outside. For most of us, everything looks normal, people driving to work, shopping for groceries, taking hikes in what little nature is left, visiting friends and relatives. Most of them can’t see beyond tomorrow and will let the republicans lead us off the cliff. Only when they realize they can’t breathe because there is not enough oxygen in the atmosphere, will they eventually realize those damn liberals were right after all.


Yes but Bush lived to be 94. Imagine if Trump and Crooks lived that long and the damage they would cause on the sidelines? Look what they did in 2… Imagine 20 years of GOP? Any way you look at it, these CD articles keep on coming with the same news we already know about, citing carbon emissions and other Climate indicators. The Science Community already stated and warned us we are past the tipping point… meaning… if Every country stopped every facet of their pollution tomorrow. It would still be too late to undo the Planetary damage. What don’t these News sites understand?


Imagine a total NIGHTMARE!


News Flash: We’re not doing anything, but we’re measuring the cliff.

Important News Update: We’re still not doing anything.

Update: Yada Yada.

The news story that I want is a discovery that some microscopic group actually is putting together a prioritized list of “WE are going to do this, then that, then the other thing to inhibit climate change.” The book “Drawdown” was a first flailing at the water (as opposed to actual swimming). It prioritized stuff to some degree, but it really was tone-deaf to the idea that we’re a technological society, and it didn’t come within a mile of saying, “Fund this, don’t fund that.”


Your fatalism is absurdly simplistic. The question is not whether we have reached a particular tipping point but how far we will take it after we have reached each one. We may reach a coral bleaching tipping point but not a crustacean tipping point. It is not an ‘aw gee, it is all over now’ type scenario. A desert scrub vegetation instead of a lush tropical jungle is disheartening but livable.
Most likely we will reach numerous tipping points and each should make headline news in its passing until normal life gets so intolerable, even a republican will want to do something about global warming.
However it is best that we are reminded often that the dangers we will face are worsening because knowledge will help people understand. Silence about it in the news will only let things continue to worsen out of ignorance.


:musical_note:What nature doesn’t do to us,
Will be done by our fellow man…

The Kingston Trio :notes:


Religious zealots believe that the earth is theirs to defile. They even have a fall back. When they’re done raping the planet the day of the rapture will magically occur, save all the “good” people from the coming apocalypse.
These people are the most dangerous lot. They genuinly believe their bullshit.


Our masters also are aware that there is a continent down at the south pole that with sufficient global warming will become “inhabitable” for them and their servants. There likely are fossil fuel resources and everything else they will need while the “warm” country people die off.


HI BigB and it is so sad that they believe this—because I have had people tell me that
when Jerusalem falls, Jesus will return— but Jerusalem has fallen so many times already.
Jews. Muslim and Christians each had many different religious reigns! I was also told then there will be a 1,000 year war with Satan…so if Jesus is the Price of Peace, I have no idea that whoever started this story—that the Price of Peace will lead a 1000 year war… well if there are 144, 0000 going to heaven and the rest evaporate, where will they go, as we know from the moon landing that no Heaven is near. : (


We’ve been hearing for 25 years that we have to change course in like 2 years or we’re doomed. At this point, I have concluded that we are already past the point of no return, that we’re doomed no matter what we do. It is my hypothesis that TPTB put these reports just to stave off mass panic and revolution…global warming is tangible now, and they can’t pretend it doesn’t exist. So they just tell us if we get our $h!t together in 2 years or whatever our species might survive. It’s sad.


If there is a solution, what is it? One thing is we are going to have to change the way we live and think. As a species, our numbers can’t continuously increase and in the process destroy other species and their habitat. What exactly are we willing to give up?


I posit that several tipping points were crossed in the 1970’s. It’s just that Earth has incredible resilience. That now has been crossed. There is no escape from 2C as of now, a disaster of first magnitude. What will remain is highly speculative. I guarantee the 22nd century will be unlike any in recorded history. Collapse of industrial capitalist civilization is inevitable. What makes anyone think that some leader does what will be needed to save various systems to assure a decent way of living? Thought so. There will be a new dark ages. When, now, is the only question.


Actually, such groups exist, each with more or less distinct conceptions of the problem.

We’re here. We’re working now. It’s expanding. Geoff Lawton is graduating about fifteen hundred permaculture designers per class from his online courses (https://www.geofflawtononline.com/). OSU has a free introductory course (https://open.oregonstate.edu/courses/permaculture/)


Yet another wake up call. There was some hope that carbon emissions had peaked when there was no real increase for three straight years but that hope is now clearly gone with two straight years of increase and it appears this year the increase will be higher than last year. Going back to a 3% increase every year such as we had a few years ago will rapidly drive the temperature higher. Trump, the fascist, has apparently included lies on climate change to include in his fictional fascist description of the world. The imposition of lies is his goal. It is not comforting that our fate is more or less in the hands of other countries and particularly two countries with about 1.3 billion each and both creating a lot of emissions to boost their economies. The US should lead in reducing emissions and in providing money to developing countries to reduce their emissions but this certainly cannot happen without a Democratic president. Even then there are forces opposing taking action. It certainly looks like the world is heading well beyond 2C and catatrophic levels beyond 4C are certainly very possible.


Calls to government leaders to go bold and keep it in the ground after each successively worse report are now so routine as to be a cliche and, sadly, that’s where everyone leaves it as they go on about their business until the next damning report. All the major economies of the world and the governments that support them are propped up by, or depend on, fossil fuels, ours included.

Even a 100% conversion to renewables will not keep fossil fuel in the ground, since so many consumer products are made from the stuff. More cars, more asphalt, more plastic this and plastic that, more consumers is a guarantee of more emissions. This entire culture is built on consumption, economic growth, and exploitation of resources and it’s been one of our major exports to other countries. Emissions are up in the U.S. in 2018 partly because of more cars are out on the road. Sure, our leaders could risk political suicide and go bold by making us all drive electric cars, but that electricity still has to come from somewhere and the massive use of land for wind and solar, just to supply an all electric fleet of vehicles with electricity will cause serious environmental problems. In short, technological fantasies aside, there truly is no free energy lunch. In short, American culture will have to be turned on its head to realize the drastic cuts in emissions needed to meet even the tepid Paris goals and any politican that advocates such a drastic and bold change to this culture will have a career measured in a few minutes. If we continue to shop till we drop, it may well be global warming the drops us.