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Record-High Carbon Emissions Show 'We Are Speeding Towards the Precipice of Irrevocable Climate Chaos'


I prefer not live in the hellscape you’re willing to tolerate.
I will pull my personal plug before that hellscape comes to pass.


No, they’ll blame it on the gays.


Hosea 4: 6 (KJV) My people perish from a lack of knowledge.


We just need to bomb all these countries back to the stone age because back then our carbon footprint was a tiny fraction of what it is now.


Emissions apparently went up in the US this year because of the weather according to the article and that seems reasonable. The overall trend has been downward since about 2007 and the US might meet its pledge for Paris Climate Agreement despite Trump. However, it is going to take much more to reduce emissions fast enough to avoid climate catastrophe. As long as most Republicans continue to lie an deny climate change I don’t see how the US can possibly reduce its emissions enough because they have too much power at the federal level and in many states and numerous local governments.



I believe this rise is intentional—to what end I don’t know. I see industrial smoke stacks belching their effluence at a rate which made think the plant was on fire. But not—it’s just the planet.


Thank you!


That’s a great little video. I wish it could run on prime time on tv stations every day. And during the yukky commercials in movie theaters.


Religious zealots don’t care about Earth because after Armageddon and the Rapture they’re home free with their Savior!
If they really believe this BS, why are so many buying Lil’ Jimmy Bakker’s Side Show Snake Oil & Survival Shit?

I blew it, shoulda’ been a preacher man!


As for the tipping point and the precipice? We hit the tipping point and went off that precipice a few decades ago. We’re in free fall just waiting to find out what we’ve already done that will cause our shufflin’ off this mortal coil! It’ll be something like mercury that folks thought was cool to dump anywhere.
Something, that was seemingly save, will suddenly appear and that will be that…
Tis nuclear what’ll do us in. Somewhere waste is festering, oozing, seeping waiting for the Rupture. The other newclear option is Major Kong ridin’ in, whoopin’ it up!.

As the Buddhists say, “Live in the here and now…”


Will drug addict Rush and The Orange Monkey continue to deny global warming as a hoax when the floors of their Florida mansions are covered with 6" of water?


They didn’t listen to the scientists 30 years ago when they alerted the governments of the world to what would happen .

Those in power claimed that the scientists had an agenda ,Trump still claims that now .

But as always the truth prevails ,it is those in power that have an agenda .

Awaken The Species …


Great quote thanks .

Nothing more cruel to nature than mankind .

We are slowly destroying nature as it naturally is in an attempt to experience ourselves as we already naturally are .

We are already what we seek to be - eternal ,unlimited , and one with all- yet we do not remember this.And so we seek to subdue Life in order that we may have more abundant Life.And so we do not even see what we are doing.
We all want Life it’s the single common denominator.Because we believe that we are seperate and not One with Life and each other ,we are afraid that there may not be enough Life to go around.

It’s our cultural Story that’s the problem .


Very, very few reports on climate change point out that we are talking about the death of billions of people here. Whatever the effects of changing climate in the next 50 or 70 years, almost no one looks beyond that immediate horizon. The continued use of fossil fuel during those years, which is the current US plan, will almost certainly lead to an unimaginable collapse in global civilization as epidemic disease, killing heat and unpredictable seas and winds lead to a breakdown that overwhelms our ability to rebuild.

The vast numbers of us now existing simply cannot be sustained without massive use of energy generated from fossil fuel for everything we need, from food,water and medicine to global transport, communications, heating and refrigeration. The food crops alone depend on massive use of artificial fertilizer, mechanized equipment and international transport of food. This is the message that needs to be sent. This crisis is not about polar bears. It is about us.

Can we save ourselves? Yes, without doubt but that will require international global government to direct a radical and immediate transformation of how power is generated and used. The idea that a hundred countries can get together and take decades to build a consensus suggests we have all the time in the world. And there is certainly no “free market” solution. Can we save ourselves ? Yes, but only through what are now unthinkable political alternatives, but what is unthinkable today may be quite thinkable very soon.


NO! Scientists have already confirmed we are past the Tipping Point! As of now and into the future there is no intention from the countries that are the Planets’ biggest polluters to stop their fossil fuel abuse.


I do not prefer it in the slightest nor wish to tolerate it either. However I fail to see the value in arguing with histrionics and speculative apocalyptic extinction scenarios that claim humanity is doomed etc.

Yes I do think the truth is grim enough indeed but stating so dire a truth is sufficient to argue the point rather than a much harder to believe extinction of humanity etc scenario.

People find such extreme description (the end is nigh for example) difficult to comprehend or accept as fact. I personally look at modern day slums in other parts of the world and I am forced to believe that despite all the dire predictions of our future that humanity will be among the last of Earth’s species to give up the ghost. We will live in a hellhole environment if necessary but saying so doesn’t mean that a person would want to.


We were warned about greed, weren’t we? Usually people internalize the message and take it personally.

Instead consider the message that greed will destroy us being applied to our civilization and way of life! We extol greed, glorify it, in effect we worship it.

With that in mind, we have amassed a horrendous ‘past due bill’ that will have to be paid in full before too long.

The operative word is… YIKES!


I prefer human extinction, but I agree humans will cling like ticks to survival.


Yes but let me ask you a question. Did Noah also believe humanity deserved to be destroyed? Many people hold an attitude that in effect passes judgement on humanity. They consciously or ‘subconsciously’ believe or even want to see humanity destroyed. A we deserve it mentality.

I find many people to be annoying but hey… live and let live! We be fools not angels and yes we are going to pay the price.

The price is a devastated climate and a far less bountiful Earth. We create a parking lot out of paradise and none dare call it home.