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Record-High Carbon Emissions Show 'We Are Speeding Towards the Precipice of Irrevocable Climate Chaos'


First, what Noah believed means nothing to me.

Second, whether humans ‘deserve’ extinction or not is beside the point. Humans brought the potential for their own extinction upon themselves, and they’ve already doomed countless species. If we survive, I believe we’ll regroup over time to perform the same stunning acts of heedless greed.

The planet is better off without that.


I believe that it will always get warmer year after year. However there is the hope (and perhaps we all hope too much for that matter) that somehow and someday that a viable means of removing excess carbon and GH gasses from the environment will become available. Alas not yet anyway.

We are the tool maker species par excellence. It helped us survive. As proto-humans we learned to make fire. A biggie that one for our species.

Now we need to invent a tool that fixes what we’ve broken. We are trying! The race is on (sadly we have Trump the Fool at the reins) and humanity is running in it. I wish I was young enough to see it when we do. I hope that much of the natural world’s diversity is saved along with us but I can only wish you youngsters good luck. Virtually all of us (you) deserve a better fate than that being forced upon us by the greedy.


Yes, and they even quote Biblical, scripture to support their close-minded interpretation. And if Trump is impeached, we will have Pence, a Bible thumping, evangelical that believes this BS!


Hi everyone.
Any thoughts/feelings on this?


Fatalism? Wake up to the new reality. Once you internalize the truth, you may want to keep a suicide prevention hotline number handy… very depressing.


I visit this site daily. Arctic is screwed and so are we.


Religious zealots have been a large large part of the problem. Why care about life/heaven on earth when you’ve got stupid on your side?


Thank you for expressing your vital points, Wereflea.

Humanity can’t undo the damage that’s already been done – but – it’s essential that humanity prevents the damage that can still happen.

For example, it will be heartbreaking enough that there will be mass deaths from global warming – but – it will be the ultimate moral failure and the ultimate heartbreaking tragedy if humanity allows all life on Earth to die and become totally extinct!!!

Any amount of life on Earth is worth trying our utmost to save!


Thank you. Bookmarked them all to read later.


I had no idea you were a friggin’ scientist! Shaddap!


You do not understand the concept of a tipping point of positive feedback loops. There is no pulling back or even stopping them once tipped. They are nonlinear.
Your vision of Climate Change is too mild.
Think Venus.


" the United States the only nation on the planet that doesn’t support the international accord"

Uh, well, it’s the only country that will soon not be a signatory. A bunch of countries don’t support the Paris agreement. Russia, Poland, Australia, (has made lots of progress but only in states), and Canada are among those countries that have signed but made little or no move relative to their abilities to decarbonize. The US of course, is only foremost among the psychopath nations.

And btw, Paris is an inexcusably weak mass murder-suicide pact on the Earth so going along with Paris and nothing more is also the act of a psychopath nation.


Drawdown was hardly the first to look at solutions; many people and groups have made strong efforts to prioritize actions and funding,

The Climate mobilization has a large number of documents on the subject.
Key documents www.theclimatemobilization.org/key_documents

David Roberts has an interview with Hal Harvey, whose book is an attempt to isolate the countries, industries, and policies that will make the most difference.

None of these documents are perfect or anything like it but together they can be the basis of a comprehensive plan to reduce emissions as fast as possible. None of it will matter, however, unless we mobilize and eliminate fossil fuel use within the next 10 years or less. That has to be the overarching organizing principle.


I fully understand your projected analysis of a post tipping point Earth. I however disagree that it will come to that (thinking of Venus). I think we are allowing the greed of a few to impose the most misery on the many. Most of us being unable to escape the worst or nearly the worst pre-extinction catastrophic global warming. Seriously bad news ahead and all that misery seemingly unending without doubt though.

It will get bad and then it will get really bad and for far too many much worse than even that but we as a species are not helpless in the face of the negative effects of our own stupidity. At the moment people like Trump and his ilk are virtually imposing a greater degree of climate change than we would have had to suffer had a more rational and intelligent leader been chosen when it mattered so much. Nevertheless, it is not the end is near (albeit would seem to be getting closer all the time) but nonetheless radical negative change is nigh indeed!!!

Yeah the natural world will never ever be what it used to be ever again nor even what it could have been had we at least tried to save so much of it while yet we could have (remember Trump and ilk). It is very sad to think that the basic formula reads as the greed of a few equals a paucity of nature for everyone’s future. Empty seas, dying forests, spreading deserts and all the rest. We make (as a species) a miserable place for us to live. Scarcity and want instead of a lush green bountiful world of surplus.

I think that is bad enough as far as projections go and that the end is nigh projection is one that goes too far to go. Technically it could indeed happen of course but I personally doubt such a scenario is likely for at least another century or two. On an Earth solely given over to producing food for it’s teeming billions (figure 15 to 25 or even 35 billions at least) the end might always be just around the corner…

…but it is not that way for us just as yet.


I do not believe that we would allow all life on Earth to perish (us included) but I do believe we would and are rapidly causing the extinction or near extinction of most wildlife and perhaps much of wild nature. I can envision a future where wilderness and wild nature are but a memory for us. Earth as the home of man … and only man can survive in what he has done (is doing) to the planet!

Now children eat your synthetic food and don’t forget to wear your air filter mask if you go outside. I told you before that breathing fresh air is dangerous!


Reality check, this has nothing to do with Trump.

Look at where the emissions and projected emissions are coming from, China, India, Asia, Africa and South America. If the US and Europe stopped all emissions tomorrow forever the CO2 emission rates will continue to rise. Those countries want higher standards of living and will use, despite the token use of renewables, the fuel they have and that is in almost all cases Coal.

Everyone who reads this article and cares about what is happening needs to take a long hard look at the science, global emission rates and REAL alternatives to coal and fossil. The US and our policies are inconsequential in the discussion, we are emission flat and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. I know it’s not much fun to look at numbers, like 7.5 Billion people on this planet (350 million in USA) but unless people who care come to grips withe the science, consequences and REAL alternatives the planet is doomed. The fix right now is nuclear, which makes non-educated people quiver in their socks but nothing else we have is going to meet energy demands and lower CO2 emissions.

Or we could just play politics, bash conservatives, big corporations, or whoever and pretend like our virtue is going to solve anything.


Good point!


And I wonder about the urgency of ‘climate change’ when our vehicles spew CO2 at ground level producing the wave of ‘winter flu’ in hospitals. How urgent, I wonder, is the fact that we store highly radioactive materials in tin cans on the grounds of closed nuclear facilities? How urgent, I wonder, is it that there is no way to produce energy thru nuclear, or plasma or to recycle spent nuclear fuel?



Why do you think total extinction of all life on Earth is impossible?
The 1%ers’ 70-year-trend is making global warming disasters more and more deadly and destructive over time.
More and more lives – human and non-human – are being killed over time.
Why would this 70-year-trend stop short of killing all humans and other species?
Then, there’s the mass-death effects to all life if multiple nuclear power plants get flooded by rising oceans and melt down.
Then, there’s the mass-death dangers of nuclear wars caused by desperate nations in conflict – and the additional mass-deaths that would be caused by nuclear winters resulting from nuclear bombs exploding.
These apocalyptic nightmares are not impossible.


I never said impossible. If you read any of my posts I try to be both specific and efficient in my use of description. Pretty much anything is possible in which case what would be the point of having any discussion?

However given the limits involved in discussing climate change driven extinction, I gave my opinion or at least I stated my beliefs sans hyperbole on the subject. Basically humanity would have to ‘stand still’ and watch as things worsened to the point of extinction. I don’t believe that will happen. As things continue to worsen around us, more and more people will join together to demand positive action be taken before it gets even worse. A climate action tipping point will have been reached where virtually everyone agrees that something needs to be done about our much impaired biosphere etc.

Unfortunately we are waiting too long to save the once abundant bounty of our good green Earth. An example is the dying of the Great Barrier Reef. How awesome is the damage we do. Irreparable in fact if we continue as we are doing for too much longer. But a world without a Great Barrier Reef is still livable… just not nearly as beautiful nor bountiful.

I envision a world of concrete and plastic instead of lush forests and abundant wildlife but not humanity’s extinction. In the midst of the Sixth Extinction we pause to contemplate the Seventh and final extinction… our own.