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Record-High Carbon Emissions Show 'We Are Speeding Towards the Precipice of Irrevocable Climate Chaos'


Thanks for a great list, Bardamu. I thought I had replied to your post but not sure my post has shown up as a reply.

While knowledge is part of the solution (I put my stock in those who have not given up), knowledge alone will not suffice. People need to engage with others and do something. Build community. I am encouraged by the projects being undertaken by faith groups and also by farmers. Certainly not all farmers, but a good base for a movement. We need policies which incentivize more farmers. They will respond because the changing climinate is not an abstraction to them. The insurance industry is another ally, I believe. Don’t agonize, organize (I borrowed that, but the sentiment suits).


Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

I just worry that the world’s rulers will not do as the common people wish (or demand!) – because the world’s rulers almost always do not do as the common people wish (or demand)!

And I worry that the capitalists will continue to refuse to change to green energy and eco-socialism – even if fossil-fuel-burning and capitalism risk killing all life on Earth! – because capitalists are addicted to evermore wealth and power!