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Record Voter Turnout Reported in Michigan as Abdul El-Sayed Looks to Show 'Progressive Revolution Has Arrived'


Record Voter Turnout Reported in Michigan as Abdul El-Sayed Looks to Show 'Progressive Revolution Has Arrived'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Michiganders headed to the polls in large numbers on Tuesday to decide who will advance to the general election in their state's gubernatorial race—which one observer described as a crucial "test for leftism in the Midwest"—supporters of progressive Democrat Abdul El-Sayed tirelessly worked the pho


I’ll keep fingers crossed that he does win.


LOL, darn it, you got my line first LOL…great minds work alike :-)))


My choice has been Gretchen Whitmer for a long time. If Abdul El-Sayed prevails in the primary, I’d have no problem supporting him against the Snyder/Trump RTW clones.


Go el-Sayed!


Whitmer for the win, El-Sayed the place, and Thanedar the show.


So, the big unions went for Whitmer, who ran against Medicare-for-All. She received 50% of the total vote ( so far ) and reached out immediately to the other candidates. And, well she should since the Big Unions don’t want their Golden Health Plans taxed, or changed. But, this fundamental difference on Medicare-for-All will be very difficult to glue a thin veneer of party unity on.
Something is gotta’ give.


Union represented workers in Michigan are only about 15 percent of the workforce, with the heaviest represented population in the southeast part of the State. Whitmer carried almost every County in the State, so saying her success today was only because of Union support is incorrect.

In northern Michigan, I saw almost no TV advertising for El-Sayed. Whitmer had a few spots toward the end. Thanedar’s ads seemed to be most frequent.

Obviously, people voting for the Democrat were not comfortable with the options of the unknown, unfamiliar, ethnicities of the other choices.


Don’t put words into my mouth. I didn’t say " only " in my remark. Debbie Dingell’s racist dogwhistling had something to do with it, too. She’s a real peach, that Debbie!
And, you didn’t talk about Medicare-for-All but conceded my point because, at the end of the day, Dingell Democrats are going to have to offer something to the more progressive elements or they won’t turn out. And, why should they?


El-Sayed ran a great principled campaign and came from very far back to capture over 30% of the vote despite having way fewer resources than his two opponents. He was also the candidate most clearly responsible for the high turnout in the primary. I expect to see him win statewide or federal office soon.


Are you saying Whitmer is against a Medicare expansion? Did you research Whitmer’s statements on health care? Her statements don’t seem to be against Medicare for all.

What is this thing about Debbie Dingell? How does she fit into the huge support for Whitmer over the other two candidates? I don’t know of any reason she might have been beneficial to Whitmer’s success. She’s a nobody to me, likely also to most of the rest of Michigan in importance.


Dingell was worried enough to ask El-Sayad to withdraw from running, citing his potential difficulties winning over Michigan’s ConservaDem white voters, should he win the primary. Hmmmm… what about the phony Dimocrat, multi-millionaire and possible Trojan Horse candidate, he was kind of funny looking, too. And, he made a real two candidate race a diluted three way, helping to pull votes from a natural constituency of El-Sayad. Smells fishy to me. Smells of a " fix " to some other people, too.
And, that 52% overwhelming victory? If it was a Michigan v. Michigan St. football game and the final score was 52-48, would you call that an overwhelming victory? I wouldn’t.
The Union vote was probably 30% of the total cast. Add in Emily’s List and, well…you see how the primary results could be interpreted differently, perhaps?


So now “Progressives” are backing forced Sharia against the lawful citizens of the United States… that’s Progressive!