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Recuse, Resign, Impeach? Clamor for Sessions' Accountability Reaches Fever Pitch


WaPo contacted everyone else on the committee w/ Sessions. They’d never talked to Kislyak. But regardless, Sessions lied.

In fact, he’s lied repeatedly. Now he’s giving a detailed play-by-play of a conversation he said he didn’t remember happening.


Why do I think that if Glenn Greenwald had been covering Watergate, Nixon would have served a full eight years?


No, it is not stated: no communications as surrogate. It is “and I had no communications with Russians”. Imagine Hillary giving an answer like that in the same circumstances. Could he be convicted of perjury on that alone? Likely not. You know, beyond a reasonable doubt stuff. He forgot. He was discussing Senate Armed Forces Committee business with the Russian Ambassador and didn’t think anyone would be interested. Sure.


Well, i didn’t say anything about the deficit first of all. Second, I specified what i was talking about. It cannot be any more clear. But you obviously want to be in disagreement even if I’m on your side, which i am by the way, but not with this particular situation. Im not trying to be an a**, reread it. It’s not the Bible, so it must be read in full and kept in context. I was very specific. It had nothing to do with the budget, and everything to do with Trump’s behavior towards business.


So what’s the big deal. The lies that the hwbush admin. gave us really hurt millions. Where was the out cry. Infighting in D and R policitical battle all over everywhere. Who has got agenda to lose with this admin.? Deep state, neocon, globalists that’s who. You know this you are on board their ship of state. Right?


Okay yes I agree we are not far apart. Problem for me is understanding what you are trying to get across.

I sort of understand that DJT thinks in terms of in the red or black. Yet as president he got a job that comes with a debt load that will never get unloaded unless DJT pulls off bankruptcy. Like to see that.

How does DJT save us money by making taxpayers (us) pay for this and that?


So, now we know that Gordon and Page met with Kislyak at the GOP convention:


We know that Kushner and Flynn met with Kislyak in December. They must have snuck him in the backway, because the CSPAN camera didn’t pick him up going in. Why would they do that?

Manafort said that Trump’s team had nothing to do with softening the language about Ukraine in the GOP platform. Gordon contradicts that.


For its part, Clinton campaign staffers have issued statements saying that no one from the campaign had contact with Kislyak.

Btw, to the Russian apologists here, Sweden just reinstated its draft because it fears Russian aggression, but I guess the entire Swedish gov’t has been duped by fake news. Can’t wait to see what Greenwald has to say about it. And Assange, of course.


You’re lying here. Franken didn’t ask him if he talked to Russia. Sessions volunteered that information. Like with Watergate, he denied something that he wasn’t asked about.

Yes, there’s video of it. You should take the time to watch it before talking about it again.


Why, exactly, are you so very eager to defend the racist Sessions?


He did not simply answer Frankens question. He volunteered that he had no communications with Russians. As a flat statement that is untrue. Since he volunteered that, if he wished to be clear, why wouldn’t he say he met a couple of times with the Ambassador, but didn’t discuss the election? Why do you folks go through such contortions to believe this crowd?


Russian apologists? What has Russia done?


Putin is pure as the driven snow.


No you lie! Watch the video angelique. Bwillianson is a DNC troll. Sessions qualified his statement saying as a surrogate of the campaign which was true. He did not as part of the DJT campaign speak with Russians, not that talking to other people from other nations are a problem DNC, unless of course you make everyone the enemy.


First, I’m not sure that word means what you think it means.

Now then, you mean besides hacking the DNC and giving the info to Wikileaks? Well, there’s this:



Now you are testifying on his behalf to things you don’t know. He simply did not say what you claim. What actually transpired between Sessions and Kislyak is apparently known only to them at this point. And maybe Putin.


No he is not he is human and a top person in a government. Top people in governance are usually flawed.

However, he has not in the last 8 years dropped 48,813 bombs on seven different countries killing untold numbers of people including US citizens. Now has he?


Beauregard is lucky (so far) at mere recusal.


By your own logic he has been a leading figure in the very government you say did so. Do you understand how the US government is structured?


No BWilliamson I am not testifying. You have become delusional. I am commenting on an article on the Common Dreams website. Snap out if it.


Here’s the video’


And here’s the CNN transcript: