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'Red Alert' for 2018: UN Chief Calls for Global Unity to Tackle Rising Threats and Ongoing Conflicts

'Red Alert' for 2018: UN Chief Calls for Global Unity to Tackle Rising Threats and Ongoing Conflicts

Common Dreams staff

António Guterres urges world leaders "to make this New Year's resolution: Narrow the gaps. Bridge the divides. Rebuild trust by bringing people together around common goals."

U.N. chief António Guterres

This time around, Guterres said he is “not issuing an appeal.” Instead, he is “issuing an alert—a red alert for our world.”

Here - Here !

The appeals are to power & privilege - who are deaf.

Issue an alert - a red alert - to the people, and all will be well.

But it is going to be a close thing - if we are lucky.


Looking forward to our “ambassador”'s comment.


“Common goals” in this context means resisting rogue nations’ actions.

Nothing says ROGUE NATION like “we are taking names”.


I am sending this around. What a contrast to Nikki Haley–a mature, sane voice vs a thug! Global crisis require global solutions and solidarity. I think I will send the thug (Haley) another message.


Just sent Haley the following message:

You should know that you do not speak for all Americans, certainly not those who are awake and have good will. The Red Alert issued today by the UN Chief Antonio Guterres is resonating across our globe: peace, justice, an end to inequality, serious efforts to address the ecological crisis and the nuclear threat–these are all serious issues that require mature leadership not infantile tantrums and threats. Before all else, we must be global citizens and learn to care for one another as we share one come home planet if we are going to survive and leave a livable planet for all.


I like this guy. I like that he tells it like it is, and doesn’t sugarcoat the shape we and this planet are in.
And he points the way to the resolution. Our “leaders” have shown that they’re not up to the task of “leading”, they’re only looking out for their own interests, which are inimical to the rest of ours (whatever species you might be).

Persevere, everyone… Don’t give up, don’t give in to the merchants of fear and divisiveness. We’re all in this together. There’s no us vs them. (Although there are a few who should be confined to places they can’t hurt anyone, and perhaps taught to weave or embroider – can you hear me, Donald?)
And I’m honored and joyful to share this planet with all of the people, be they two-, four- six- or eight legged, or have fins, flagella, wings whatever. It’s an honor and a privilege to be here with you all.

Happy New Year


When he says “Red Alert”, I assume he must be referring to the “Red Menace” of the republican party?


A perfect response-beautiful because it is true and much needed. Thank you.


Do you mean Nikki Haley, the craziest woman not in a sanitarium? Ha Ha Ha!! Yeah, I can’t wait!

No, he’s referring to the greed of the oligarchy and militarism which is putting the world in danger. As a species we may not survive, whether thru nuclear destruction or climate destruction. This is a call to all nations. It crosses borders. And within the US border, don’t be fooled anymore by the Dem-Good, Rep-Bad dichotomy. It’s a false dichotomy. Start thinking in terms of the wealthy class vs the rest of us and it will all become much clearer to you. Look at the war mongering of the US, by both parties. This is a call for Peace. The Red Alert is the danger level we are at for total human destruction.


Perhaps he should have issued an “Orange Alert.”

The Orange Ogre must continue to be singled out as an insane, unfit, and dangerous subhuman with power that must be taken away from him in order to protect the Planet.


Read and support the Green New Deal.

It’s for everyone!

End Corporate Rule. Give the Power back to the People.

The 1% deserve no more than 1% of the pie. Stop allowing them to take it all.


All is One…1968…50 years ago, nothing has changed


They say that humans are resistant to change. Boy, are we.

True. My favorite example is from W, AKA-- The Shrub “You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

It seems to me that we even forget that the only thing we can change is ourselves. It is possible to change one’s self but it seems we often lack the courage to do so, thinking we need others to show us the way.


Hey, no sweat, let’s put this in perspective–We have a reality TV prez who loves himself more than even his kids (but for Ivanka, but he only loves her in a “special” way).

Before elected, he never held office, and never even served in the military, and so what? he has his finger over the red button. And the only other president ever elected who was just a “bidnessman” was Herbert Hoover–one of America’s favorites. As proof, they actually named a beautiful little place after him called Hooverville. So not to worry.

Besides, the vast majority of evangelical right Christians support him 100% and we know they are God’s favorite, so we’ll be just fine.

Happy New Year!

(But just in case, buy a 10 year supply of that freeze dried food from Glenn Beck,
and some of his $170 jeans, so you’ll be stylin’ in the apocalypse) http://brokeandbeautiful.com/2015/glenn-beck-1791-fashion-line-daughters/

Oh and if the big one really comes, just do what I was taught in grade school–crawl under a desk and cover your head–you’ll be fine.

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Global unity with gross global inequality? Fix the latter and the former will be.

Direct Democracy in 2018!


" Become the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi

“Doubt everything and become your own light” Buddha

Not to be seen as a one-up on ya thingy, this is the code I live by, I have done things and become other things because I can or have had to. There are those though that think they are incapable of doing something all on their own and it’s a damn shame. I am glad we see the same path through different lenses.