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'Red Alert for Net Neutrality': Campaigners Announce New Campaign to Overturn FCC's Assault on Open Internet


'Red Alert for Net Neutrality': Campaigners Announce New Campaign to Overturn FCC's Assault on Open Internet

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With their sights firmly set on restoring the protections the Republican-controlled FCC repealed, advocates for net neutrality on Monday announced a new campaign to get senators' phones ringing off the hook with constituents demanding the lawmakers save the open internet before time runs out.


Any one of those corporate assholes–either side of the aisle–who don’t vote to save net neutrality should be voted out STAT! However, since voting is left in the hands of many sleeping citizens…


The writer of this article seems to be under the illusion that we in some way can affect the outcome. We can’t.

Do you really think that the corporate fascists would allow internet neutrality, when instead they could control it all? I don’t think so.


You know better then that FascistFokker…what we think or feel no longer matters. The corporate fascists are in control now and there is no way in hell they are not going to take over control of the internet. It is a forgone conclusion my friend. Voting? You must be joking your smoking some good shit.


I DO know better than that, Dan. (And I AM smoking some good shit too!)
Believe me: I KNOW that voting doesn’t work but I had to say something ACCEPTABLE so I wouldn’t get censured again. I would rather have said…^&$^DG&S%W*G@Q!!F THE BASS TURDS!!!


Agree with the above comments that free speech is well along to reaching the chopping block. The demon cabal says free speech must be stopped now to advance the evil agenda that grows stronger by the day. If the majority of Americans were awake and poured into the streets to protest peacefully with intensity hundreds of citizens would likely be killed. It’s way past time for a response to stop the treasonous assault on our freedoms. The longer we wait the worse it will get. Instead we have people praising our troops as they murder innocent people around the world. We must let our voices be heard publicly or it’s game over for any freedom. The movement will grow as people see the response to exercising our right to demand change.


Hey, someone pinch me. I thought I saw joe manchin’s signature in that photo. Look, if he can sign it, surely we can find one more repug to sign it. Shhhh… don’t tell Manchin…


Again, are you suggesting that we need to take on a French Revolution with guillotines and all? Are you suggesting we actually drag these people out and kill Them? Cause that is the logical conclusion of your defeatism.


Okay. You are just being nonsensical and hyperbolic, all of you. States suing the FCC and making their own NN rules either by executive order or legislation. Your defeatism is unwarranted right now.


I wonder if forcing this vote may be a bad idea. If they really f-up the internet, then we may have a chance to unwind the problem later. Right now, we’re just going to get some trojan horse “compromise” that we may never be able to repeal.


Your trained helplessness is tiring. Go back to sleep.


Your trained helplessness is still tiring. Go back to sleep.


So then, what is your solution? Do nothing? That strategy is unacceptable.
And what makes you think a lackluster compromise can never be repealed or changed for the better? MSM propaganda, which teaches trained helplessness.


You obviously live in a totally different reality then I.do. Time will tell us which is real and which is not.


Oh, my, a fucking pseudo-intellectual. I am honored!


Then what idea do you have? Just throw in the table and give up? How down to our corporate overlords?


You smell MichealRiendeau.


Watch out for the censors, DAN!!!


I think you are a plant trying sow cynism and defeatism into us so we don’t fight back. Just want us to give up and let ourselves be fucked.


If voting isn’t going to work, what Will? Voting is the only realistic method of change we have. So it’s either voting or mass violence of bloodshed and cruelty. Which is it? You haven’t answered my damn questions.