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Red Alert for Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know


Red Alert for Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know

Tim Karr

Starting today, Net Neutrality supporters are raising the alarm in defense of an open internet.

Since December of last year — when the Federal Communications Commission voted to strip internet users of their Net Neutrality protections — millions of advocates of every political stripe have been organizing to nullify the ruling and restore the safeguards we expect every time we go online.


I agree - push of network neutrality -and also work to develop municipal networks.
Rural Maine Towns Join Forces With Their Own Broadband Utility

An Issue for All Seasons


Sad to say but I think the internet has been compromised, and we are moving in the wrong direction.------JUST LOOK AT UTUBE- All this beautiful creativity happening----and NOW corporate interests are trying to shut it down .


I noticed that there were a few names missing from this campaign when I went to thebattlefortheinternet – Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. These huge corporations used to be strong supporters of Net Neutrality-- now they’re silent under Trump. So what are they, betrayers or just greedy cowards?