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'Red Alert': Great Barrier Reef Severe Bleaching Raised To Highest Threat Level


'Red Alert': Great Barrier Reef Severe Bleaching Raised To Highest Threat Level

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The world's biggest coral reef ecosystem is experiencing "severe" bleaching as a result of climate change, environmental groups and Australian government officials are warning.


How can these people be in charge of destroying the world instead of preserving it? It boggles the mind of some of us that such people even exist much less that they are in control. I am seriously considering a trip there later in the year. I want to see this wonder and now it seems that instead of a wonder to some it is just a means to a dirty, profitable, end.


‘In charge of destroying the world.’ To be sure they don’t see themselves that way.

Maybe the answer to your question is simply that these people never incur a penalty for what they do? They keep getting reelected and retire from office only to make a fortune giving speeches to people who profit from destroying the world.

If leaders and politicians saw that they lose their careers and like in Flint that they may even be prosecuted (and go to jail hopefully) then they would think twice about letting this happen!

It is their responsibility to protect the world but they are never held responsible for destroying it.


Most of them are single minded; they have assets or positions currently; they are to be maximized, and all else is simply words used to increase power- political or economic. Why would you go there to see those sorts of people… most of the same people, related even, are here.

There’s a 40 year lag in global warming. Today’s warming was Reagan era emissions. I do not know that there is any way the Reef will survive in any event. I hope, though, and give blessings to anything that can be done to preserve a great biological treasure,


Reef or madness



The Fish

The fish are trees the trees
are birds and hornets
the swaying fronds of palms
are coral fans and eels
that sink
and rise through the air
to the clouds and back again

under the miasma of the mud
where all the salamanders
struggle for air, where the last lemurs
swing from staghorn to staghorn
in the waving breathing seas
over the tides
full of clams and bees

the fish are trees the trees
make my spectral travels bloom
in the luminous
atmosphere of the cloud forests
and the high irreconcilable plateaus
where un-named mosses
feed children of river dolphins and doom.

The octopi feel for the future
the crab and the tiniest snowflakes
in the plankton of being,
the whale of our breathing
over heated, drowning by plastic,
cursed by the melting of our skin
the last loping giants
that lived on the vanishing ice
become our breaths being sucked away.

The fish are trees the trees
fall and fall and fall.
We grow accustomed to the sound,
all plugged in,
all wrapped up
in cellophane and deformed calves
the poison water of our children,
the obesity of our forms,
the heartlessness of our hoards

the remorselessness of the rich.
Rainbows once moved the clear clear seas.
Spirals of tornados in our brains
undulate and bloom.
Will we lose this, even in our dreams?
everything turns murky, opaque
everything skeletally
dead as bleach.


Ya mahn!


That birch forest is very nice. You don’t see those as much now as you did years ago. Thanks.