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'Red Alert' Sounded: Trumpcare Is Back, More Brutal and Deadly Than Ever


'Red Alert' Sounded: Trumpcare Is Back, More Brutal and Deadly Than Ever

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Trumpcare zombie has risen from the grave to terrorize the American public once more.


I truly despise the phucking RepubliCons.


Here they come, Democrats to the rescue like the Underdog TV cartoon of the 60’s-70’s, and how did Stuart Smalley become a senator? Hey didn’t Senator Al Franken play a role in ripping away Vermont’s Right to Know GMO’s food labeling law, also?


Another push back from the those totally void of a soul and conscience. Anytime a small step is made toward decency in the US up pops the devil! We must fight back with all we have: Total, non cooperation. Now.


Damn repubs. Ready to redouble calls to my two repub senators.

Dean Heller, a co-sponsor of this monstrosity, is toast in Nevada.


Time to pick up the phone.


35% of Americans are mindless thugs, but with some effort in brain-washing etc. the percent approaches 85%


The other 33 Senate Democrats and all of the House Democrats had better get behind Single Payer Medicare for All, NOW!

And Scream it from the Rooftops.


Those who vote Republican believe the masses steal from them in the form of taxes. They also think they owe the “nation” loyalty for protecting them so they pay for and fight wars of choice. Until they realize they are like chum in the water for the fat fish who could care less what happens to them there is no reason to respect the “nation” and its “politics”. McConnell/Ryan are a good examples of money buying power. Some will say Democrats are equally corrupt. That may be, but there are only two choices IF you can manage to get a ballot in a red state. Using “health care” to make lots of money is not a new idea. Perfect for “vulture capitalsim” in contrast to Bernie;s communism.


Thank you! It’s time for us to quit pointing fingers and to unite in opposition to the Republicans.
The reality of this is that we have two choices. There are two sides here. Only one will prevail. The Republicans are very determined to win. It is time to pick sides. There is no neutral ground!


Yes the Republicans are despicable, but they are transparent cons…the best cons are the dems.because they continue to fool so many people.


It is a very smart strategic move by Republicans, it was introduced the same day as Bernie Sander’s bill. We have to understand the plan better and many of us don’t.



Have one or two @SenateGOP reps trying to pass #TrumpCare again? Time to tell them where to go #MedicareForAll and every day. If you have two democrat senators, call McConnell’s office (202) 224-2541 and tell him what you think


Exactly right. And don’t just tell them you don’t like it, they already know you don’t like it. Tell why you don’t like it or have them explain their actions. There is power in that.


Yes, but the DINOs are worse. Notice that nearly all the outraged Tweets come from Twits who have recently signed on to Medicare for All. Also notice that not one says anything about single payer, but saving Romney/OBCare. This has been their “progressive” agenda all along – and Bernie is fronting for them.


Meanwhile Obama is “strategizing” with his Cantor Fitzgerald Wall Street buddies today on fighting against Medicare for all, single payer or anything else that threatens their ACA gravy train.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to take much effort at all.


If you read the bill HR676 it doesn’t take away the ACA gravy train for 15 years. It gives the industry priority in government positions. What they are after is control of the trillions of dollars Americans have already paid for medicare and to eliminate medicade. That is the issue.


Good for you! What is clear to my mind these folks are aiming to split the Democratic base, pitting single payer supporters against Obamacare supporters. They figure time and energy will be diverted from Improved Medicare For All to save the healthcare of millions such as myself. For myself, I shall redouble my efforts for single payer. and support those who are for it too.


Senator Sanders does not advocate or embrace communism. Please do not conflate his being a democratic socialist with communism. He consistently and perennially represents the best interests of his constituency and ALL Americans unlike the GOP ghouls sucking the blood out of their constituents and our nation for their own self-aggrandizement and that of their greedy “venture capitalists/corporatist” donors/supporters/lobbyists.