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'Red Alert Time: Trump's Personal Lawyer Calls on DOJ to Kill Mueller Probe


'Red Alert Time: Trump's Personal Lawyer Calls on DOJ to Kill Mueller Probe

Jake Johnson, staff writer

This is a breaking news story and may be updated.


If this Congress will not protect Mr. Mueller and his investigation, it may be time to relieve them of their jobs.

We the People have the Power to do so. And I am not talking about at the ballot box.

Revolution is not just a Beatles song.

It’s a call to action for all of us.


The Congress is a owned subsidiary of the Corporate Fascists and will do what ever they direct them to do. You can replace a few here and there, but the fascists mountains of money and power will always ensure they have enough votes to do what they want, and ensure you don’t get squat. Trump is the perfect fall guy and they are going to use him to rape and pillage everything they can get their hands on. When he is no longer useful they will crash the economy and throw him to the wolves, and laugh their asses off as they begin it all over again. I thought you knew this PonyBoy.

Revolution is indeed the only hope, but given the fact that the deep state knows everything you do, everybody you talk to, what you buy, what porn you watch…an organized revolution is most likely impossible. We are unimaginably fucked and I see absolutely no way out.


Friday night massacre!


It’s all good, folks. Trump’s attorney said he was speaking for himself after doing just the opposite:


Seems the stove is boiling the pot. The pot is too close to the flames. Someone’s hair is on fire. It’s getting ugly real fast now. Now is when we learn who is true to their oath to uphold the Constitution.

If you have the funds flee. Move while there is still time.


Yes it most certainly is


Now is the time for revolting or fleeing. Revolt first


I agree. And even if possible, it would be crushed because we know it would never be televised!


Okay, you go first…


“An important lesson, then, is that extreme measures like this to squelch an investigation can often provoke a similarly massive backlash from the public and other actors in the political system. This is a lesson Trump learned earlier this year, when he used a thin pretext to fire Comey and, after eight days of uproar, ended up with Mueller appointed to take over the Russia investigation as special counsel.”

"The big picture is that Mueller’s firing would have seismic implications.

Though Trump would surely come up with some pretext (just as he initially did with Comey), the message would be loud and clear to all: The president is willing to fire anyone who dares investigate him or people close to him. It would mean no less than a crisis over the rule of law in the United States."


The Green Party. Vanguard of the Revolution!


Yes - I think you are right.


Another Progressive deep thinks his way into immobility, while Pony Boy leads a charge with his massive Green Party army. Look at what poor CD has become home to.


My gawd, do any of the mooks in this disgusting administration know how to play phucking chess? I’d say no.
Do they have any clue as to how utterly daft the ding dang optics are? yeah, I thought not.

Chaos and incompetence on steroids, I tells ya.


Christ. Why don’t you set up a GoFundme site and get the hell out. “Now is the time that tries men’s souls.”

The mix of grandiosity and cowardice here is stunning.


Sorry folks. This was a joke.


Coward! No wonder we are stuck living in HELL given to us by a corrupt government!!!


So I take it you’re waiting for freeopinions to storm the walls first?


The key to a successful Revolution, is to remain positive in the goal of the formation of a new system of government.

To say, “We are unimaginably fucked and I see absolutely no way out” defeats that goal.

Yes, we are seeing monstrous shit happening in this time of our lives, however, when the time comes, and We are called upon to act, to take a stand for ourselves and our children, We must be fearless and join with our fellow brothers and sisters, and demand change.

Many have died so that We could live in a country with freedoms as we’ve had.

Authoritarianism is threatening us all.

I’ll gladly give my remaining years to take a shot at defeating it.