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Red Badge of Courage: 37 Dems Publicly Break with Netanyahu's Tirade for War


Red Badge of Courage: 37 Dems Publicly Break with Netanyahu's Tirade for War

Robert Naiman

A recent CNN poll found that four out of five Democratic voters oppose the Israeli Prime Minister's planned March 3 tirade to Congress against diplomacy. Thursday morning, twenty-three House Democrats did something about it.


The proper allusion isn’t “The Red Badge of Courage,” but rather Charles De Gaulle’s infamous “Vive le Québec Libre” speech in 1967. This is an insult to the people of the United States and only indirectly President Obama. Bibi should be declared persona non grata. How would it play to invite Washington’s ogre de jour, Vlad Putin, to speak before a joint session on the issues involving Ukraine. Those congress people who attend should be treated as pariahs.


At least three weeks now since I messaged Sherrod Brown urging him to boycott. Past messages have at least resulted in a boiler-plate response, if not a personal one. This time, so far silence. Out of curiosity wondered about his religious affiliation. Wikki tells me it is Lutheran. If Sen. Brown is indeed progressive, what more progressive effort is there than pursuing dialogue and negotiation over coercion, threats, and conflict? Perhaps all Ohio Lutherans on this site longing for peace rather than more war should also message him.

The entire professional political class should be reminded, as I messaged them in 2002:

“Now is not the time, for the sake of political expediency, to remain mute and cowardly as an apparently blood-thirsty cabal lead us into (another) national disgrace and catastrophe.”

edit: just remembered, received a telephone solicitation in his name to donate to the Democrat cause, after messaging him.


Agree, but it would be more appropriate and instructive to invite Khamenei and Rouhani, which I suggested to Sen. Brown.


Glad to read that Sanders is on the list of those standing up to Israeli pressure.


We in Delaware have been calling Chris Coons office nonstop. His staff claims “he hasn’t made up his mind”.
However the corporate newspaper in Delaware (the News Journal) printed an article by a local rabbi who demands Carper Coons and Carney NOT boycott the speech. It tells me Zionists are prepared to intimidate threaten our Congress critters with new candidates should they not appear. A few years ago a friend of mine ran for Congress. She was given a list of questions and answers for her meeting with the Jewish Community Center. She was asked, “if elected would she always vote and support Israel”. She responded that "she would look at the issue first and determine what was in the best interest of the American people. the next day a message from the community center went all over the state…DO not vote for…! That is the power they have in this country, so I give credit to the dems who had the courage to say no…


So is Warren…glad to see who we need to get rid of in the next election. No Israelie firsters anymore.


Only down the rabbit hole of the congressional wonderland can a feeble plea to postpone a speech by a genocidal war criminal be called courageous. If this is “courageous” then what are those that plan to attend called - Zionist stooges? Let me tell you what would be “courageous” If Obama had Bibi arrested the minute he set foot on American soil and then immediately transferred to the International War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague.


The fact that the 37 Democrats public broke with Netanyahu’s tirade for war looks quite good on paper, but let’s see if it holds.


Conspicuously absent from both lists?

P E L O S I.

I so want her to just get out of the way and let some of these people lead.


It sure doesn’t say much for the so-called Delaware Democrats on one issue after another.


This is not only shaping up not only as a demonstration of “whether the tail wags the dog”, but there is also a huge issue at stake:-

The attack on Iran, i.e. the reduction by bombing with DU of a more or less civilized country in to a cess pit like Iraq or Libya. If you enjoyed Iraq and Libya and are currently enjoying Syria, then you’r gonna love the Iran war.


To add insult to injury, we, the taxpayers, are going to be asked to pay millions for his security. Perhaps we could welcome him to DC by having a dozen trash trucks slow walk him to the Capitol at 5 miles an hour.
I liked the idea of turning him over to the International Criminal Court.


Now, where were these courageous Democratic politicians when Israel has been committing genocide and other atrocities against the people in Gaza? Where were they when Obama decided not to prosecute war criminals Cheney/Bush et al? Why are they not calling for the prosecution of Obama for war crimes and crimes against humanity?

Courageous my ass…