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Red Cross Holds a Press Conference In Haiti. It Doesn’t Go Well


Red Cross Holds a Press Conference In Haiti. It Doesn’t Go Well.

Justin Elliot, Pro Publica

Haitian journalists grilled an American Red Cross official Wednesday about the group’s Haiti program, but the official declined to provide any new details of how it spent nearly $500 million donated after the 2010 earthquake.


I would also like to know how much Bill Clinton and George W Bush were paid to raise money in this effort; also why were the poisonous travel trailers which were built for Katrina victims and found to make occupants sick then sent to Haiti? Who was responsible for this?


HAITI- American capitalism’s dream colony. Why anybody still sends money to the Red Cross to “help” folks anywhere in the world is sad.


Thank God George Bush and Bill Clinton put together a charity for the Earthquake victims of Haiti and raised 100 million dollars. Ahem, never mind the fact that not one penny of that money ever showed up in the form of a blue tarp or a bottle of water. Musta got the idea from the Bill Gates and Warn Buffet Charity Scams (tax shelters that never distribute any meaningful percentage of their holdings.)

Katrina encore performance by GWB. Heck of a Job, Brownshirts! Almost as stellar as sending sick UN troops into an Earthquake disaster with no running water on the whole side of the island.

Meanwhile, the corrupt NGO’s and the Red Cross all hid out in the five-star hotel at the Capitol with the reporters and didn’t put one toe into the hell-hole that is Haiti…


I believe it was just the same sleazy builder was given a contract to build 30 - 40 million dollars worth of prefab housing for which there was no property.


The Red Cross once flew me to Europe to discuss my development of an at that time $5/sq foot house; cheaper than a set up red cross tent yet artistic fiber reinforce bamboo frame ferrocement style construction.

The problem with Haiti, for assistance groups, is Haiti is full of intelligent unemployed people, especially after the tremendous earthquake. The red cross refuses to allow the disaster survivors to use their enforced idle time to self shelter, there’s no money in it for anybody.

Imagine a world where the houses are affordable, where water is harvested from hurricanes, and the 85% of food value excreted is saved in a flycatcher compost toilet;

http://ferrocement.com/Shelter-2010/post-1_5-2010.html invent the next step


I read in another article that a total of 6 new homes were built out of the total monies allocated for home reconstruction which itself was in the tens of millions of dollars.


I was talking the other day to a co-worker recently migrated here from Poland. He was talking about another Polish person he met, very elderly who spoke of growing up on the prairies and migrating here in 1920 and how homes/barns and the like by the dozens would be built with little in the way of money just with people all pitching in.

I described to him how this worked as related to me by my own father and mother who experienced much the same.

There would be one master builder who went around from town to town with the plans to the building. All of the material such as lumber were volunteered coming off woods on public lands or made by the people themselves in thier own smithy shops. Dozens and more people would show up from miles around to one property, build all of the buildings in a few days than move on to the next.After each house/barn raising the current hosts would than throw a large party and plans were made to move on to the next home building. Very little money exchanged hands. No “profits” were made. Many of those homes and barns still stand to this day.


Reminds me of why I give of my time rather than my money. It’s much easier to see that the right things get done.


I can’t see where any Katrina trailers were sent to Haiti, can you show me where?


Yep. When people work together with an experienced crew leader they accomplish mucho. The neighborhood of my youth cooperatively developed ferrocement water tanks and reservoirs first. Small improvements occurred with each project. A huge feast accompanied plaster day.

Many barns in the western states of north America involved reinvented careers of wooden boatbuilders, after wooden boats were phased out. I often looked at impressive barn frames yet did not know their history until a barn photographer came through our valley.


I’d say follow the money but it seems to have disappeared down a black hole.


This sounds like an Amish barn or house raising. The solutions are there–all that is lacking is the will to execute them. Whatever the Red Cross might have been, today it has morphed into a philanthropy for profit.


Well one reason they prefer cash donations rather than that of goods is they can control which of their firends in the Corporate world those Cash donations are redirected to in the way of profits.


Interesting timing that PBS television presented their glorifying history of the Red Cross special last night on the tube…


For an excellent model of how to spend earthquake monies, go to the Papaye Peasant Movement website and see how this ethical grass roots organization is helping Haitians help themselves. The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and the EU have contributed to this effective organization.