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'Red Line for a Humane Society': 360+ DNC Delegates Vow to Oppose Democratic Platform If It Doesn't Support Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/27/red-line-humane-society-360-dnc-delegates-vow-oppose-democratic-platform-if-it

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From April 2020

New Poll Shows Nearly 90 Percent of Democratic Voters Support Medicare for All


Going to be tough for the DNC 3rd Way crowd to morph into the “New Republican Party” they’ve wanted to become since Clinton, with THIS going on.

Good on The 360+
May it become ++++


Way to stand United!

Editorial note: Jake, please post the number of delegates on first ballot (2,627) for perspective. Many of us do not carry that number around in our heads. Thanks.


The delegate number is easy to remember…just remember that its the same number of pages as Obama’s 2010 corporate welfare program disguised as health care reform. ACA author Liz Fowler included many of those pages to assure that M4A is DOA.


Good to see some folk taking a stand even though it is very likely to fail. The Democrat Party is profoundly anti-democratic. With over 4000 other delegates (://www.thegreenpapers.com/P20/D), the 360+ voice can be drowned out. If they do stand making headway, I’m sure the DNC corporate leadership will try some means of negating the efforts of these 360+. For start, I imagine they’ll be labeled Putin stooges.


This is what needs to happen. very good to see.

I would disagree with the statement that “generations of democrats have been united in the fight for universal healthcare” - in truth, generations of democrats have been paying lip service to universal healthcare only because it had no chance of becoming a reality.

Now that it could be passed, after the election… not so much.


Once again, it’s going to take a Democratic governor, with a democratic state house, to expand Medicare in their state to any citizen who wants it. Then another state will follow, then another, and another.
That is the way it will have to happen, as the National Democratic leadership has no appetite or stomach for Single Payer. The DNC still gets WAY too much money from big Pharma for single payer to be possible on a national level.
The states will have to lead the way. But I don’t see any of them doing it anytime soon. There isn’t a truly liberal governor in the USA at this time, at least not one that’s going to stick their neck out and challenge the national party.
Maybe status quo Joe will become another FDR. Then again, maybe monkeys will fly out of my ass singing show tunes.


I suppose too many democratic voters still haven’t figured out that, if you keep voting for a guy who doesn’t support want you want, you will continue to not get it.
90% want single payer, yet they voted for status quo Joe anyway. It’s flabbergasting.


My money is on the Monkeys


I’m still not convinced that this aborted Primary was actually honest and legit. Might even have been rigged - again.
So maybe not so flabbergasting


I wonder how many of these people voted for Biden in the primaries, even while Sanders was advancing medicare for all as an agenda, and now are screaming they wont vote for Biden unless he changes his priorities


My guess is none of them. It takes strong conviction to be vowing to oppose the platform without M4A as a delegate. Hard for me to believe that people with that strength of conviction ever voted for Biden with Bernie still in the race.


It really doesn’t matter who “wins” in November. america and americans will be the losers.


now THAT would be “The Greatest Show”

It does have the lingering stench of something corrupt, decaying and festering. Anybody know if there was ever a spot-check human recount of any of the precincts in any of the states to corroborate the machine count with reality?


The gutting of unions left a vacuum in Democratic funding that was replaced with corporate money.
Legislation for people over corporations cuts off the last viable funding stream, right or wrong.
GoFundMe and bakesales will neither hurt at all or help enough to pay for the billion$ in campaigning.
This is rock and a hard place in hell bad, but it must be addressed or all the other intellegent conversation devoves into wheel spinning.


I call Joe Biden ‘Status Quo Joe’, just heard from Rich Lowry paraphrasing ‘we’ll get rid of some bad people but otherwise Status Quo’. Status Quo Joe is playing the same game as Lowry kick the can down the road and maintain what is. So I say, to Status Quo Joe, hey Joe you want us to vote
for you you have to give us something. It’ll be expensive, Joe, Medicare for All, Joe. Here’s what I’ll give you, I’ll vote for you, Joe. But only if you change your position on Medicare For All. See Joe, your position is just kicking the can down the road, just like Lowry. I can only speak for myself,
but Joe, I’ll vote for you if and only if you change your position on Medicare For All’. You do that and I won’t have to call you ‘Status Quo Joe’. Biden iff M4A. Biden if and only if Medicare For All. I think this is a valid proposal that needs to be heard.


good question

Not that I’m not grateful for their strong position in support for EIM4A, I am. 360 out of over 4000 delegates, how higher would that number be, with more leverage over Biden, if Sanders hadn’t quit halfway through the primary, and challenged the dnc in court over the primary inconsistencies?


Until there is a viable active third progressive/left party (that used to be the center) there will continue to be the choice between an existential threat and somewhat less-so - the "kinder and gentler fucking we are subjected to by the "good-cop DP.

I do support the Greens, but they have problems gaining traction for various reasons, but I still vote Green whenever possible.

In this particular we are out of options; stuck in a situation I think people will see that the greater of the two evils is so destructive and dangerous; such a real existential threat that there really is no choice. First evict the ginger pig and R’con scum, then attack the collusion and complicity of the lesser evil. That is a choice to change the future that should have been tackled decades ago, instead of sleep-walking thru the Clintons and Obama’s LOTE frauds and near complete lack of action except to empower the status quo and war machine.