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Red Lines: It’s Up To Us To Keep It In The Ground


Red Lines: It’s Up To Us To Keep It In The Ground

Red Lines Coalition

This gathering is about respect.

It’s about respecting the laws… of physics. We know that the agreement discussed at Le Bourget comes up way short, putting the world on a path to a three-degree Celsius increase in temperature or more. That’s a grave failure, given the fact that we’re already seeing dangerous consequences of climate change.


My old car is parked, it's not going to be driven again and I'm not getting another one.

Public transit's not as bad as I remember it having been, I think I'm not the first person who has made this choice here.

I wish I could say that I parked the car for reasons of 'saving' the environment, but in all honesty I just can't afford the insurance and gas anymore.

I turned down the heat in the house to save money too. It's warmer inside than out, but not by that much.


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"We know that our leaders have shown little respect—not for the rights of people on a planet torn by inequality and racism, nor for the red lines for a just and livable planet."

i always wonder why so many spokespeople and opinion writers refer to those who show us and our planet such little respect by the honorarium, leader. don't most parents warn their children to avoid just following the crowd, but to stand strong for their convictions? here's a definition i just found:

leader: the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country:

synonyms: chief · head · principal · commander · captain · superior

perhaps that very term convinces too many that we have no choice but to follow the command of the usurpers~even when their policies are so obviously self-serving and against the best interests of our biosphere, ourselves and on to the well being of future generations. i believe we should be led by principle, not persons. yes, there are those, such as martin luther king jr., who speak from deep conviction and can inspire us to stand together for true justice. martin was assassinated, but the Truth he spoke and the principle of Justice and Equality for all he fought for are not interred with his bones.

perhaps, the first step in creating a true world~wide democracy is to stop referring to those who employ playground bully techniques as our leaders. i sure don't wish to follow their lead---do you?


It is also a fact that most personally owned cars lie idle for the most part during the day. This is gross underutilization of expensive (in more ways than one) resources. Such vehicles should perhaps be used only as taxicabs (or rental cars) for those trips where public transport may be inconvenient. Perhaps 90% of the current worldwide auto fleet can then be retired.



And why are there so few attacks on the meat industry, the one responsible for 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions? Cowspiracy.com/facts. Does Big Green urge members to become vegetarians? I don't think so. They post an "eat your veggies" article on their website and that transforms them into anti-meat advocates? They keep everyone's attention focused on the need for renewable energy while saying nothing about the industry that is the number one driver of climate change. Could it be that the animal slaughter industry funds Big Green? We know they do because when they were asked on camera if they fund Greenpeace and other such organizations, they refused to answer the question. I can understand why the auto industry should be attacked because it contributes about 17-18% of all greenhouse gas emissions. But let's not ignore the elephant in the room. That's what Big Green and those who fund Big Geeen want us to do.


I'm with you there. I stopped driving about 7 years ago. At night I turn the heat down to 55-58. As an apartment dweller I try to follow the patterns of hot water use in the (175 yr old) building, wash dishes once in the morning and shower every other day - unless otherwise necessary a sponge bath does just fine. I'm working on a way to melt plastic bags and containers into blocks with a solar heater rather than letting them into the landfill. Indoor compost unit with worms making 'black gold'. African Violets that are 14" in breadth, herb window boxes. The old potting soils are kept and refreshed with worm castings and some leafy greens that are dried rather than composted. No air conditioner but do have a 'swamp cooler' super humidifier for the high dry heat of summer. Just keeping an eye on different ways to simplify, recycle clothes etc...
This came in this afternoon from the Dogwood alliance - don't hear much about the massive forest cutting for sales by southern states of wood pellets to Europe to fuel energy plants. completely nutz.


I can't go that low at home, 64 is my minimum right now.

Later on, we'll see.

I never use air conditioning in summer, I'm still young enough to do that.