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Red Riding Hood Has A Gun And So Does Everyone Else, So It's All Good


Red Riding Hood Has A Gun And So Does Everyone Else, So It's All Good

Because, as blood-soaked zombie Wayne LaPierre just told snotty elites, "We gun owners are a heck of a lot smarter than you'll ever be"- except for, you know, the 16,000-plus a year accidentally shot or killed - the NRA has launched their own fairy tales for gun-toting kids. Here, Gretel "stood at the ready with her firearm," Red's wolf hears a shotgun safety being clicked off, and everyone's packing, just like in America.


“Intelligent gun-owner” is an oxymoronic phrase.


lol man, these are hysterical, for all the wrong reasons.

NRA—Destroying Society for Colt Arms


What happens if the wolf has an Uzi?

What kind of gun would you keep around if you were a wicked witch?


Will we be arming the witch in “Hansel and Gretel?”

Will we cheer her on as she “stands her ground” in defending her home from the destructive vandals and shoots and kills both of them?


“Your Honour, they were eating my house!”


Yup. Castle doctrine. I always worry about it mind when I wander into my fellow Aerikkkan neighbors yards looking for my cat.


That should be considered child abuse.


Wayne LaPierre is a sick man that represents a sick gun culture. This sick culture is part of the wacko culture of militarism. Both cultures disavow the consequences of their choices. Both cultures demonize and attack critics appalled by all the unnecessary deaths. They are proud of this savagery.
But they call it bravery, freedom, patriotism, and wait for it - their right!

PS I know the gun club will show up any moment. I’ll pass on the pretense of discussion.