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Red States Cut Worker Pay by $1.5 Billion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/16/red-states-cut-worker-pay-15-billion

Hypocrites one and all, the ALEC army elites shout “states’ rights” to wrest power from the evil federal government yet deprive more local governments their voices. Why? Because ALEC and the Kochs operate primarily at the state level. They really need to be exposed for what they are and moreover for what they are not. The Tea Party needs to figure out that it was hornswoggled. Time for Bubba to find a new muse. Time for the Progressives to kick ass.


If there’s a way they can squeeze workers the bought and paid for local and state governments with funding from the oligarchs, such as the Koch bros., et al. They install judges all friendly to business. So the states that can do what’s laid out here are red states with far right govts. And I bet the Koch’s had a hand in all of those. The states that escape their tentacles directly still have assaults all the time to get the democrats out of office. It’s relentless as the funds are essentially, unlimited, Money well spent to buy, install and appoint the most radical right govt money that capital can buy. Peace

Strong, healthy and prolific trade and manufacturing unions are a must to fight off the wolves of Wall Street and corporate America.

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How many of those red states need laws saying that pay for state legislators is so many times the state’s minimum wage, and no change to this can go into effect until after the next election?