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#RedAlert Urgency for Net Neutrality Ahead of 'Most Important Vote for the Internet in History of the Senate'


#RedAlert Urgency for Net Neutrality Ahead of 'Most Important Vote for the Internet in History of the Senate'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Kicking off a 48-hour countdown to what he described as the "the most important vote for the internet in the history of the Senate," Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) announced Monday that the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to restore federal net neutrality rules gutted by the GOP-controlled FCC last year will be officially brought to the floor on Wednesday.


If you control the internet you control the overwhelming flow of information and communication on the planet. Based on that basic truth, what do you think is going to happen here? Do you think for one second that the Corporate Fascists would allow the internet to remain free and neutral? Not a chance in hell. This was inevitable and you cannot stop it.

Not as long as you tolerate your wage/debt slavery and your subjugation to the Corporate Oligarchs.


If the corporate behemoths were marching in lockstep on this issue, you’d be right, of course. But in this case, at least, Facebook, Amazon and Google, among others, appear to be on the side of neutrality, rightly fearing they’d have to get into a bidding war for the best service.


Net Neutrality is dead. Even if we could get the votes, who here thinks Trump won’t veto the bill.


Yes in that regard you are correct. This wouldn’t even be an issue if the fascists were in lockstep. But in the end, between the choice control or no control of the internet, the fascists know they have no choice if they want to remain in charge. Without long term control of the internet, their power is eventually going to be challenged and they know it. No, the end of net neutrality was inevitable the day the corporate fascists took over control of…everything.


Just to support your posts…as I cruise the news sites I do not see any mention of the issue on WaPo/NYT or MSM. The message has been captured. For most then it seems to be a non-issue. How very sad.

All I may suggest to others is blogs are free at wordpress and are very easy to operate. Have at it folk’s.


Well that was a well thought out position. Why wouldn’t anyone be interested in making it necessary for trump to be forced to veto a populist effort? Every time the orange ogor makes a corporatist effort he must be in the spotlight.


These corporations are only doing what they do best. looking out for #1.


Thanks for the complement. If you really believe Trump gives a dam about populist ideas, you’re not paying attention. And just so you know I’ve signed every petition on net neutrality I’ve come across, but I’m a realist, and I know it won’t make a difference.


I think that Trump is as likely to push a populist agenda as he is to run the Boston Marathon but with a strong showing And a reformed Democratic Party that will actually want to respond to the needs of the people then possibilities can be worked on. Having Democrats that work for loan sharks is repugnant.