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REDD+ and Carbon Trading Will Not Resolve the Climate Crisis


REDD+ and Carbon Trading Will Not Resolve the Climate Crisis

GRAIN, Attac Gabon

As with other mechanisms supported by "world climate governance", we doubted from the beginning that the Reduction of Emissions caused by Deforestation and the Degradation of Forests (REDD) mechanism would be likely to resolve the global climate crisis, ever since it was introduced in discussions on climate change. Now more than ever, the hidden face of this mechanism is revealed with the new market mechanism that is being devised and that may be adopted at the COP 21 in Paris in December 2015.


So-called Democracy under plutocratic controls:

"Mainly held at the mercy of ministerial structures lacking real power over crucial issues such as land rights and common law, REDD+ is headed for the wall, for protest from marginalized communities which, instead and in place of being consulted, are invited to informational meetings and confronted with done deals."

Done deals.... sound familiar?

How much air time did any challenge to the run-up to Middle East wars get?

How much transparency, Obama's "health care" plan for all?

How much open debate the TPP or TIPP?

How much conversation about bailing out the banks rather than homeowners?

In all of these cases, and more, done deals are passed off as the work of citizen consensus. And then paid PR specialists use the frame WE to codify decisions taken by the 1% and distributed down the line to TRAP the rest of us.

From the article:

"The great majority of the preparatory proposal documents for REDD (commonly called R-PP) being worked out in Africa single out agriculture as the principal driver of deforestation, being careful not to point out that it is industrial agriculture with its focus on productivity and intensive use of chemical products which is the cause, to the detriment of small farms which have for decades always known how to respect the climate and protect the environment."

This is the same battle that Vandana Shiva (along with the world's mostly women peasant farmers) is fighting. She explains how soil sequestration can trap carbon and help to gradually re-stabilize our troubled climate.

In the same ways that elites build dams, steal forests, and plunder precious minerals... they now have taken aim at the earth's farmlands (and thus natural farming, as a way of life to millions of persons).

The bastards must be stopped before they kill it (and us) all!