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Redefining Anti-Semitism on Facebook

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/24/redefining-anti-semitism-facebook


This confusing of the term “anti-semitism”, is an intentional act by the zionists to cover their genocide of the Palestinians, always has been. Here’s a former israeli minister admitting it on camera.
There’s another way to cure this on fb, GET THE H&LL OFF OF FB !

“Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni On Anti-Semitism: ‘It’s A Trick, We Always Use It’…”
TruthPolSciLif Platform / originally aired on Democracy Now


Organized Jewish action to primarily benefit Jews and preferential treatment of Jews and Jewish action should never be criticized according to some because it will evoke the “stereotypes about Jewish people controlling the world.” There’s some irony in that.

We must remain silent as Israel and its lobby interferes in American politics and elections, as Israel (a wealthy country), gets most of our foreign aid, pushed us and lobbied hard for us to attack Iraq, to ferment conflict in Syria, to help subjugate Palestinians, to cancel the Iran nuclear deal and go to war against Iran. The list goes on and on, but this is a taboo subject. Apparently some, themselves bigoted, seek to promote the idea that anything critical of “Semites” whether justified or not, bigoted or not, is anti-Semitic and therefore wrong. What a privileged status they seek to impose on the rest of us. We should be as free to criticize Jews and Jewish action as criticize any others. The highly funded and organized attempt to stifle criticism, even rewrite language evokes blowback that is not bigoted, but justified. I’m sick of hearing unjustified charges of anti-Semitism


I will add, that I understand that some Jews because of Jewish history are highly sensitive to any criticism that could possibly be motivated, in whole or in part, by bigotry; but that’s not a standard I could accept as justifying a charge of anti-Semitism


And leave the field clear for the Israeli (and other) neo-Nazis?

If every sane person would leave the site, it would become irrelevant, and fold like a cheep suit, and little thieving Zuckerberg would be powerless too, an added bonus.