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Rediscovering the Art of Democracy


Rediscovering the Art of Democracy

David Schwenk

Seeking to provide citizens a voice where our political parties fail, the People's Peace and Justice Convention convened over the weekend in Cleveland to create a people's platform ahead of the Republican National Convention. Activists and community organizers gathered to identify issues of economic, political, racial, international, and political justice that both Republican and Democratic leaders fail to address.


The first step in establishing democracy is to make political parties illegal.


And the movement builds! Bravo!


If its not direct, its not democracy.


I wouldn’t go that far. I can’t think of anything I would rather not do more than go to a meeting, with the thousands of other people in my town, to decide where to put up a stop sign, or who the town hires to water the landscaping.

We definitely need more direct democracy, especially on policy issues as opposed to administrative ones, but I’m way OK with elected representatives, once we get rid of corporate personhood and money as speech (and maybe the Senate).


Why go to a meeting with thousands other people to decide small stuff when you can now cast the most secure encrypted vote online with the touch of a computer or cell phone key, on those things that concern you personally?

With their Canton system, the Swiss have achieved good government for 200 years without the aid of computers. Other developed countries have direct democracy and good government. The corporate oligarchy is against direct democracy, a system they can’t hack and continue to dominate.

Our Bill of Rights says that direct democracy is the preferred system of government, but in those days it was not physically possible so representative government was instituted. Technology makes it possible for us to go into the future with a government that works for all of us, not just for those who can afford to buy politicians.


Considering that millions of people in the US don’t have internet access, and won’t until a lot of policies change, I would settle for a People’s Movement Assembly process until that time. But all this is moot if We the People don’t assume our power now.


In this case, it would be all of the above for now–Secure Encrypted Online Voting and People’s Movement Assembly like the Swiss Canton system, along with non-secure voting machines, throw away paper and mail-in ballots.