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Reduced to Just 75 lbs, DOJ says Gitmo Hunger Striker "Not Sick" Enough for Hospitalization


Reduced to Just 75 lbs, DOJ says Gitmo Hunger Striker "Not Sick" Enough for Hospitalization

Jon Queally, staff writer

The U.S. Department of Justice has argued to a federal judge that a hunger-striking Guantánamo inmate who weighs just 74 pounds "is not sick enough" to be hospitalized and that his petition for release must be rejected because, if granted, it could encourage other detainees to also starve themselves to near death in protest of their endless detention at the offshore prison.


Leaving anyone in the DOJ chain of command up to and including Obama “could have the unintended consequence of encouraging similar actions by other” disgusting Obama functionaries.


I truly hate the militarization of my country, the United States of America. War is hell, but we now are a society that’s ready to kill, bomb, torture, maim, subvert, surveil, and lock up innocent people for life, all for God, country, “democracy and freedom.” There is poison flowing in our veins, and every day we lose another piece of our souls.


With all due respect, you can’t lose a part of your soul. That can only be given away. If you choose to do that then be very clear that it is YOUR CHOICE.


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With all due respect back to you, every time you buy gasoline, by a product made by slave labor, buy a product from the brutal animal industry, buy a product built from slave labor, buy a product from industries that pay minimum wages and pay no benefits and buy a product that has a commodity in it that is taken by means of war, you are giving up a portion of your soul. Unfortunately, I don’t really know how to rid yourself from this situation if you live in the western world.


I do not buy products made by slave labor, do not drive, I do eat local meat and products. I am disabled and volunteer in the local soup kitchen and am able to serve as a human rights translator, but I am an old goat with few years left - and you’re right - its a constant effort, constant choice, and none of us have clean hands, we can only make the conscious choice to work toward it.


I wish I knew you better. You sound like a great person.


Melmac, an you speak for yourself? I’m sure most of CD readers do the best they can with their own circumstances and choices short of moving to a cave. This is distracting from the issue.

Nevertheless, the situation with not letting people who have been “released” go is absolutely disgusting, talk about Orwellian.


The US has lost any moral authority they once claimed to have - along with that comes the loss of respect around the world, regardless how smooth seems the surface. Endless for-profit war, a global militarism, and open torture of people absent charges or trials are lauded and defended by people without any shred of decency (like the despicable John Yoo). Through their subversion and odious influence/subversion we have become the Israeli model of racist victimization and murders of countless faceless innocents.


So, do you have a clear conscience despite the crimes and horrors being committed in our name in our “democracy.” If so, I’d like to know your secret. Because it’s these things that weigh on mine. I can’t rest easy knowing I’m part of the war machine. The only folks I know that warrant a clear conscience are sitting in prison after pouring blood on nuclear weapons.