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'Reducing Troops Not the Same as Ending Wars': Peace Activists Say Trump Drawdown in Iraq Not Nearly Enough

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/09/reducing-troops-not-same-ending-wars-peace-activists-say-trump-drawdown-iraq-not

And pray tell, how many mercenaries are still hanging out there? Something tells me that Erik Prince and his private army is not leaving assuming they are there.

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Troops brought home from overseas to be used to quell domestic disturbances?

American foreign presences is another of the policies that has full bipartisan support and will be the policy of Biden. Why isn’t Biden’s militarism referred to? Tweedledum and Tweedledummer.


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Trump, the great pretender. Anyone know of any troops back from Germany?
And I believe a group was recently sent to Afghanistan. Maybe as replacements though. But do we really know anything?
He could be staging a false flag before the election. in a few different places.
Trump’s up to something. I can feel it in the air. He would be a disappointment if he didn’t actually.

No one wants the antiwar vote, they’d rather have the pro war money :moneybag:. The antiwar Dems are not wanted.

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We are supporting a massacre in Yemen and not supporting protesters in Putin-friendly Belarus, just to name a couple.

American soldiers are in garrison in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait. Some are inside northeast Syria observing Turkish army, Russians, and our allies - the Kurds.

2020 has more of our own military deaths and wounded from training ‘incidents’ than combat.

We do need to go out to villages in Afghan and listen carefully. The Taliban controls about half the country and over 16,000 afghan police and soldiers were killed there in 2018. The middle east oil muddle - dibbying up the trillions of dollars each year causes peace. Iran should not be a USA enemy. We have caused over 2,000,000 early deaths there since 1980. 200,000 teen boys in combat with Iraq and our sanctions prevent medicine, food and spare parts for their hospital equipment.

I am certainly a peace activist and advise that Brexit failure for euro trade may pave the way for London to once again have ‘you and him fight’.

What I find most disturbing, based on the apparent presence of multiple narrative threads, more often that not directly fully contradictory, being generated SIMULTANEOUSLY by Trump himself, is the now blatant attempts to instrumentalize institutions by placing them on the GUARANTEED UNSTABLE terrain of shifting sands blown by an organized body of special interests at the transnational level.

The GATS ( ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Agreement_on_Trade_in_Services ) MUST BE PRECISELY UNDERSTOOD.

Nothing domestic CAN HAPPEN without the knotted mess of prioritized foreign coporate rights over DOMESTIC NECESSITY, such as emergencies, for which monies and means were secured in sufficient weight for immediate response while means were generated (already organized) to provide RECOVERY.

Tell me: What is the infrastructure today compared with that of some decades ago? If it has not been updated sufficiently for us to function under a national emergency, then those identified as responsible for failure and dereliction of duty must be removed to unblock the recovery efforts in all cases.

What % of emergencies due to increased heavy weather, flooding, massive burn out stand to define the absolutely necessary changes in policy we need to make NOW? What are the additional costs incurred by delay?

What are the ecological costs of delay? What are the aggregate costs in FY 2020?

You never hear respected economists interviewed these days do you.

How about Citizens United?

Nahhh… these are separate concerns aren’t they.