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Reflecting Democratic Party's Past, Clinton's 'Deluded and Dangerous' Remarks on Migration in Europe Spark Outrage

Reflecting Democratic Party's Past, Clinton's 'Deluded and Dangerous' Remarks on Migration in Europe Spark Outrage

Julia Conley, staff writer

The rise of xenophobic, right-wing extremists intent on stoking bigotry and prejudice against foreigners in Europe and elsewhere has startled observers around the world—but former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton angered critics Thursday when she revealed her belief that the onus lies with European leaders to curb migration in order to appease those same extremists, rather than to protect the rights of asylum seekers.


Just shut up and go home, Hillary. We don’t want to hear your stupid remarks. By suppressing Bernie, your shenanigans got the orange monster elected.


Easy to see why people had a hard time deciding who to vote for in the General ,they both spew the same Garbage.


Her comment is similar to the ‘women need to stop wearing short skirts so men won’t be tempted to sexually harass or rape them’. It puts the onus on the wrong party.


I get why the press has to cover Pwesident Twump’s ever tweet, tic and tantrum; but what necessitates lending any validity to Rottenhams’ musings, as relentlessly self-promoting, aloof and out of touch as she is? Let the sun go down on her and her husband’s “charitable” works, and good riddance.

Income inequality is the bedrock cause of most civil unrest. Refugees are both the distraction and the convenient “other” to be scapegoated as the looting goes on beneath the surface 24/7.


Super, corrupt, delegates…shenanigans?


We need the press to report on her in order expose where this cockroach is hiding and who it receives it’s subsistence from.


There is only really one party in Congress; that is the wars party!


She has never read or heard of the mass migrations coming with global warming? She was the head of the State Dept. for what reason? She should also know with the internet people are a wee-bit more informed. Rock, meet dumb.


Point taken, but it gripes me that she’s obviously aiming for the resurrection of her political career.


And who promoted and gleefully egged on war, the main driver of the refugee crisis, when they were Secretary of State? Her cognitive dissonance is amazing.

Don’t worry Hillary, people who care are actually thinking quite hard how to clean up your mess. Just go to the den and watch some TV. You can’t do any harm over there.

And one final thing, please run for president again!!! No doubt the Iowa caucus would deliver the humiliation you so richly deserve.


goood heavings !

are we to witttieness a resuckutation of the hillary billy?

Ah weil, as the olde sawn goeth… ‘ain’t no ham like rottenham!’


Clinton sez: “I think Europe needs to get a handle on migration because that is what lit the flame” of right-wing power in Europe.

And what “lit the flame” of migration? Oh, yeah, actual flames … often delivered from overhead by the U.S. and its proxies.


There’s no refugee crisis in Ukraine and yet Clinton’s tenure and Biden (via Hunter) are being supported by neo Nazi militias (Azov militia) to protect the gas fields in Donetz and Azov for Burisma, of which Hunter Biden is a Board mamber. Clinton is a lying proto fascist. These frauds are in denial of the fact that they are the creators of the refugee crisis in Europe.


There is clearly a very serious situation with right wing nationalism in a number of European countries but I don’t think Hillary Clinton had articulated an acceptable policy. Right now there doesn’t seem to be a good answer. And the role of Russia should not be ignored as Russia is doing all it can to back the right wing nationalists and destroy the EU so Russia can be a true superpower. Certainly a lot of the hate against the immigrants is being stirred up by fake news from Russia and other sources and I would assume social media is playing a big role. Probably the most important thing is for the US to get Donald Trump and his gang of white supremacists out of the White House so the US could assume leadership again on human rights. This can probably be accomplished if all the voter suppression tactics and lies by the Republicans can be overcome in the 2020 election.


No hillary , the solution is for the US to stop engaging in the business of war, nation building, installing dictators, selling arms , stealing resources etc.
Aside from that ,comparing migration in the US to migration in Europe is considerably different.
First , the numbers are far higher in europe.
Second, the integration of refuges from differing countries that have different religions , lifestyles , the mistreatment of females and many different languages ,not only from the refugees but from the different countries they may end up in ,is a far greater problem than that of refuges that enter the U.S. ,speaking mostly spanish and having similar religious and lifestyle beliefs . I live in Europe and am a witness to these differences.


Don’t forget climate changes that brought droughts to many of the regions along with US bombs dropping on them. War for profit, profits at war with the people.

Hopefully this seals the deal that she won’t run nor her dear friend Joe Biden who better than her but a neoliberal.

It is change we the people want.


Obviously aiming for republican votes, too.



This is utterly disgusting - she is appeasing fascism!

Maybe the “Never-Hillary-Trump-Won’t-be-So-Bad” leftists of 2016 were not entirely wrong after all…


It will probably be accomplished with the same voter suppression tactics and lies by the Vichy democrat party & DNC, just like the last time