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Reflecting Sanders' Influence, Final Platform Draft is Mixed Bag for Progressives



Just remember peeps - a crumb of a loaf is better than none!


Fuck the criminal war mongering Democratic party.


Whatever the "platform" supports or ignores will be ignored by the "presumptive" nominee, Hillary Clinton (who is being ("questioned" by the FBI today). The most potentially destructive "planks" or omissions are Israeli subversion, the TPP Trojan Horse for global corporate domination, and support for fracking. Partisan politics, big-money influence, and more ME war, front and center.......
Bernie continues to fight the power. http://thebernreport.com/

Even though the "rules" allow the DNC Chair, Debbie W-S to name all the PC members and a deal was struck to allow Sanders to chose 5, the fix was in - "The platform drafting committee—which included five members appointed by Sanders, six chosen by Clinton, and four selected by DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz"

D W-S chose Elijah Cummings, Howard Berman,  Bonnie Schaefer, and Rep. Barbara Lee


UPI posting with a digital copy of the 30 page fraud suit that was filed


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Not that the other issues are small, but stopping the TPP is big - it has huge implications for so many other issues.


I don't believe anything on this well publicized Platform will be binding.

Except what will further Screw the Populace.


Given Florida and Pennsylvania appear to be swing states that means the Jewish vote will be very important so there was no way the Sander's side would get anything on the Palestinians. A ban on fracking had no chance because nobody in the Obama administration can see how that can occur without substantially increasing coal burning to maintain an adequate supply of energy for electricity generation. Since Obama favors the TPP that had no real chance even though most Democrats oppose it. But it certainly appears that the platform would not be nearly as progressive if Sanders had not run for president.


What most people don't realize is that the TPP is NOT just another NAFTA-like trade agreement which gives away the store to multinational capital. It is an integral part of the Pivot to Asia, which is THE major geostrategic project of of US foreign policy. The idea is to create an anti-China bloc extending from South Korea down though Japan and the Philippines all the way to India. It has the backing of the establishment of BOTH parties.
The TPP, which excludes China, is the geoeconomic component of what amounts to a Cold War program of containment. As such, it is only peripherally about trade. Since the Pivot is THE US Grand Strategy, and since it was Hillary Clinton herself who midwifed the project, it is absurd to believe that she would oppose the TPP in any setting other than a campaign. If she is elected and if the TPP doesn't pass in the lame duck session, she WILL announce that there have been miraculous changes regarding labor and environmental protections, and send it to Congress where it will certainly be approved unless 40 Senators will filibuster. Considering that the TPP is an important component of the Grand Strategy, that seems unlikely.


I appreciate the efforts being put into building a progressive Democratic Party platform, since this is a way of calling attention to these issues, but in the end, it is just putting lipstick on a pig. There is no way progressives can vote for Hillary, the most disliked and distrusted politician in the history of U.S. polling, except for Trump, no matter how much money the Hillary camp is able to pour into their fear-based campaign.

What besides fear of Trump does Hillary have going for her? Fracking, war, influence peddling, trade treaties like NAFTA and TPP,corruption, dishonesty and bad judgment? Bill's bizarre, entitled behavior?

I hope Bernie will run as the Green Party candidate. Independent voters, many Republicans, and most of Bernie's Democratic suppporters would form a much larger voting bloc than the Hillary devotees and the Trump nutjobs, and Bernie would be elected.


Maybe they'll keep the bike path agreement....?


I think Reich sums it up pretty well..............

"the platform is a relatively easy way for so-called mainstream and centrist Democrats to make progressive Democrats feel included without really changing the status quo or ruffling feathers on Wall Street."


For Bernie to run as a Green and win, he would need to peel away a lot of people who have been voting Democrat all their lives. Fear of splitting the vote would probably doom the project. Bernie is arguably the expert when it comes to third party electoral strategy, and I would have to trust his judgement in this matter rather than a lot of people who talk third party. We have experience with third parties. We have the Greens, P&F, Working Families. The truth is that the people are not yet ready to dump the Democrats in the numbers we need. The good thing about this election is that the bankruptcy of the establishment Democratic Party is on full display.


I don't believe the miraculous changes regarding labor or environmental protections would be substantive. Would the other countries included in the TPP accept that - I don't see how it would work for them and allow them to continue doing what they are doing regarding workers and the environment?


You might want to edit that statement... to sums it up.


Not a word in this article about military policy. Here's the opening sentence in the Platform under the heading Support Our Troops and Keep Faith with Our Veterans:

"Democrats believe America must continue to have the strongest military in the world."

Yet another reason to register Green.


"Since Obama favors the TPP that had no real chance even though most Democrats oppose it."

This statement exemplifies a real problem with establishment Dems - they are more concerned with the soon to be out of power Obama's legacy (at least they say they are - Cummings) rather than the drastically bad effects of implementation of the TPP on people and the environment here in the US and globally.

BTW - on the Israel-Palestine question, the Jewish population in Fle (3.3%), Pa (2.3%) is relatively small to make a case for the oversized emphasis on supporting Israel in the platform and politically in general. Now if NY (8,9%) was in question, that is a significant percent.


Thanks SR.


Did they pass that 2 part provision that anyone under FBI investigation shouldn't be allowed to purchase a gun, and further, anyone under FBI investigation should be allowed to run for President?

Good intentions- passed.
Screwing with money- no way:
Fracking- it's about the money from fossil fuel and the like
Israel- it's about Jewish donors
Trade- it's about corporations sending jobs overseas to maximize profits at the expense of American workers.

What do you expect from a platform controlled by the Queen of Pay Day Lenders and a candidate who never met a donor she didn't like.