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Reflection on the Upcoming 75th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/19/reflection-upcoming-75th-anniversary-atomic-bombing-hiroshima-and-nagasaki


The US atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were horrendous crimes against humanity. These actions which, to quote Fredrick Douglass, “would shame a nation of savages” , entrenched the US military’s dedication to the mass slaughter of innocent men, women, and children in each and every military engagement since, and ensured the US population’s acquiescence to these perpetual crimes against humanity.

I remember a poll, released last year, that showed, once again, that the majority of people in the US agreed with the decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ://www.msn.com/en-us/news/indepth/74-years-later-americans-still-support-atomic-bombing-of-hiroshima/ar-AAFnM2N

Given the wide scale uprising against racism in the US, I wonder if US public opinion will begin to shift.


The American public have never been told the truth. They were told that we had to do it to save thousands of American lives which was a lie. Americans do not even know how the Russians were the key to wining the war. We dropped the bombs to establish AMerica as the undisputed winners and #1 in the world and we then get to dictate what happens around the world from then on.


The question of the bomb is usually framed against the “only” two alternatives of either waiting for Japan to surrender on its own, especially in the face of Stalin’s invasion of Manchuria, or invading it ourselves. This is a false choice. By the spring of 1945, Japan, behind its ever-bombastic domestic propaganda, knew that the war was lost, its dreams of pacific domination dashed. They were ready to surrender, on just one condition: They be allowed to keep their emperor.

With this reassurance, the war could have ended in the Spring. No invasion, no bomb, no change to the end result except tens of thousands of lives spared.

And yet, there is one reason that I am glad the bomb was dropped. Little Boy and Fat Man taught us to fear this weaponry’s terrible power while it was still in its infancy… and not ten years later when bombs were so much more powerful and widespread.


Very true, I’d also add the bombs were dropped to scare/intimidate the USSR. Truman decided to go forward with the bombing even after many military leaders advised against it, knowing full well Japan was defeated and was willing to surrender, with only the dispute of keeping their emperor or not, the final point of contention. But Truman also gave us the CIA, neither events would have happened if FDR would have fought to keep Henry Wallace as his VP, IMO.


I don’t agree with you about them being dropped. Without doing so, it could have given the scientists who invented the technology, most of whom were aghast at it’s power, time to convince the American people not to go forward with the nuclear program. Keep in mind this was a time in our countries history, when the people still had power over our government.
IMO we should feel great shame to be the only country in the world to use this technology against other humans on purpose.


It important to keep in mind as well that the USA was also performing mass fire bombing raids on the nation of Japan. These started much earlier in the war and directly contradicts claims they only dropped Nuclear Weapons on Japan so as to “save lives”. An invasion of the home islands was not being considered at that time.

Those fire bombing raids on Tokyo resulted in more deaths than the Atomic bombs. Those firebombing raids were designed to hit Housing as most houses were built of wood. They were not designed to destroy Military targets as these were generally of concrete and metal and would not burn. In planning those raids , the bombing of civilian areas so as to create a firestorm was very deliberate. In those planning sessions they also charted the routes emergency response teams would use to access these civilian areas and the routes that the Civilians would use to escape the firestorm. These escape and access routes had bomber wings specifically targeting them .

It was the mass scale butchery of Civilians , men women and Children by design and maximizing civilian casualties was the goal. They will not tell you this today of course but I think it important that Historians recognize and detail the nature of those fire bombings when they condemn the Nuclear attacks as that firebombing clearly show that those Nuclear attacks were always about mass slaughter. It was policy.


Our use of plastics means that if there is ever anything like it now there wont be any survivors. Also the land will be contaminated probably forever because it will be so difficut to clean. It wont just be the radiation, either, like it was then. Plastics contain endocrine disruptors that threaten human reproduction.

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Yes, even if true that the nukes saved thousands of American lives, wouldn’t it have been better for Truman to say to the Japanese: " We have developed a bomb that is so terrible that I hesitate to use it on your civilian population of innocent men, women, and children, so I will use it first on one of your Japanese, islands and if you do not unequivocally surrender then you will leave me no other choice and you will force me to drop it on one of your major cities."


Yes. I remember reading about concern that, during WWII, many soldiers chose not to fire a gun - perhaps because the saw the humanity in the people who they were ordered to murder.

If there was any concern about soldiers feeling compassion for their fellow brothers and sisters on the receiving end of US fire, the Fire Bombing of civilian populations and nuclear mass murder, brought that to an end. US military leadership was able to take dehumanization to such a degree, that, in each and every military engagement since WWII, US soldiers take pleasure in the slaughter of men, women, and children, civilian and otherwise.

This sociopathic pleasure in the slaughter of civilians considered “the enemy” (especially when they are dark skinned) extends to the US population. When George (Papa) Bush waged his war on Iraq. At one point the US military targeted a humanitarian shelter with a “Smart Bomb” and killed around 500, mostly women and young children. I remember being in a cafe, when the news was reported. A spontaneous cheer went up with a cheer with high fives.


Yes , I mentioned that incident a little while ago pointing out how the Military went to great lengths to show their smart PGM went down an air duct to slaughter the women and children taking shelter. The media used this as an example of US technological prowess. None of them even mentioned the fact that it was women and children that were murdered.


In 1967, at Malmstrom AFB in Montana, a glowing red flying saucer disabled a total of 20 nuclear ICBMs. This was arrested to by Deputy Combat Crew Commander Captain Robert Salas who was present as the incident unfolded.

In 1994 at Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe a flying saucer landed beside a play area and the two small aliens that emerged from the craft told 62 child witness what would happen if we ever used nuclear weapons. Many of the children were reinterviewd as young adults in 2008 - they all stood by their original story.

Aliens are offering us a way out of the nuclear nightmare. We’d be mad not to accept their offer.

Please sign and share the Universal Peace Petition International to rid our world of all weapons of mass destruction and put an end to the madness of war.

Please go to Avaaz and type ‘The Universal Peace Petition International’ into the search field.

By signing you will also be promoting mutually beneficial contact between humanity and extraterrestrial civilizations.

Aliens are here reaching out to us - but we have to meet them half way.

Please do this for your children and for the untold generations yet to come.

Many thanks.

Peter Dunn

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I don’t believe that aliens are trying to contact our species but if they were in the way you are suggesting then they are showing more compassion for us than we ever deserve. If I was an alien looking down on the Earth and humanity I would be hard pressed to even want to bother trying to contact, let alone save, the suicidal species that are humans.

Once more we have a well-meaning humanitarian appeal. One of thousands and thousands over the decades.

Sorry but you cannot have a peaceful world under capitalism. Conflict is inherent within capitalism’s economic laws.

Rather than just focus on the dropping of two different atomic bombs on two cities relatively unscathed by conventional bombing so to make an experimental comparison upon which was best, perhaps if people asked why Japan launched a war against the USA they understand better the reason for war.

This brief article may help as an introduction


“What bothered the United States was not how the Japanese treated the Chinese or Koreans but that the Japanese intention was to turned that part of the world into what they called the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, i.e., an exclusive economic zone with no room for the American to trade (albeit Japan was prepared to make major concessions, such as “sharing” China with the US.) America was to be squeezed out of the lucrative Far Eastern market.”

FDR’s Secretary of War Henry Stimson’s noted: “The question was how we should maneuver them [the Japanese] into firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves.”

Most who remember the horrors of these bombings are now dead, and those who remain don’t care about the consequences. As much as I hope against hope that things will be different I fear that there are not enough left who care to prevent a second holocaust, this time being global.

Your choice is simple: join us and live in peace, or face obliteration

Klaatu barada nikto