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Reflections on Battling White Supremacy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/22/reflections-battling-white-supremacy

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Thank you for your service to America Mr. Steel.

Fighting institutional racism must start in our own houses of government.

As the treasonous and racist behavior of January 6th has shown the world, White Supremacy within our 3 branches of government, at the Federal level, remains a clear and present danger.

Only, once this has been addressed and rectified, can we as a people progress forward.


Thank you for your contributions Mr. Steel. Race/ethnicity, nationality, gender, are all human constructs. Indeed we are all brothers and sisters. White folk are not more evil than Black, Brown, Indigenous, or any such grouping of people. White Supremacy is a social pathology with roots in our economic, political, and social history. A different turn of events, and oppression could have come from some other grouping.

White Supremacy is entrenched in US society and, by refusing to challenge it, we (regardless of “race”) perpetuate it. Challenging White Supremacy first requires recognizing that it exists and where it manifests. It requires White folk acknowledging their privilege. It further requires White folk to join people of color in working for structural change.

Unfortunately, as the Black Lives Matter movement becomes “yesterday’s news”, we are digressing. Several people who comment on CommonDreams, members of predominantly White progressive organizations, and many professionals and academics in STEM have given reactions ranging from denial to attack when I, and other Black, Brown, and Indigenous folk, have identified the prevalence of White Supremacy. This is by no means a uniform response. There are many White brothers sisters who have been lifelong partners in fighting for structural change. But, as a whole, we need to do better.


White Supremacy is entrenched in US society. The damage it does to people of color is clear, but I also see it doing damage to my White brothers and sisters. Existing in a society that dehumanizes segments of the society, lead to harm to everyone in the society. Yes, lets fight for a more just form of governance that is not build on White Supremacy. But I would also encourage people to fight against White Supremacy in our own social groupings.