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Reflections on Gina Haspel’s Confirmation


Reflections on Gina Haspel’s Confirmation

Robert Crawford

It is appalling that the Senate would approve for CIA Director someone who was directly involved in carrying out torture. Haspel should have been disqualified from the beginning, no matter what she told the Senators during and after her confirmation hearing. Despite crucial information held back by the CIA, Senators had sufficient knowledge for an informed decision. The majority, which included six Democrats, chose to ignore what they knew.


Why do I continue to read “the news”?

Where are the journalists who will re-cognize that we are only reaping what we have sown? Who will write from the Truth—the Truth that this nation was founded on genocide, ecocide, and slavery. That this nation was founded on blood.

And we have been pretending that this doesn’t matter. That we can be a beacon of “liberty and democracy” for the world, when we are still in deep behavioral denial with regard to our own thoroughly normalized violence.

What could possibly happen, but that the rot at this nation’s core should eventually take down this tree? That we the people should eventually elect a florid, flagrant narcissist and watch him fill his cabinet and the Courts with folk of his ilk?

For since we refused to own that shadow, it now owns us.

Where are the journalists who will research from that Common Sense?

From that Common Sensical understanding, it is quite logical that we would now have a head of the C.I.A. who is open in her enjoyment of torture.

It is quite just, also. For while the rest of the world has long Known the shadow of our empire, we the people have largely refused to own it. We are still largely refusing to own it. Now, our shadow cannot be denied.

Now, we have an opportunity to choose anew.

But we won’t choose anew if the Fourth Estate refuses to acknowledge that we are in a situation that ironically yet precisely echoes the “founding fathers’.”

We find ourselves at the mercy of a government that has thoroughly degenerated. Rather than protecting the vulnerable, the government is now openly profiting from their further immiseration. Rather than protecting all our relations from violence, the government is an incomparable promulgator of violence. And asking the people to pay for the privilege of being enslaved.

Taxation without representation? Yes. When “your” government lets the military “misplace” 21 trillion dollars, while telling you that there is no money for caring—for the children, the elders, the water, our own bodies—that’s taxation without representation.

Yes, if journalists were working from a position of Common Sense, we would be turning to the question our “founding fathers” faced: what shall we do now?

If the Fourth Estate continues to act as if “objectivity” means ignoring our Common Sense, I expect it to join so many others in this Sixth Mass Extinction.


It makes little sense to imagine that Gina Haspel was chosen and confirmed despite her known terrorism. There were and are others less directly and less publicly involved who could administrate the CIA.

It makes way more sense to assume that she was chosen because of that connection, and because it is public, at the same time that Mike Pompeo has chosen to publicly announce that he intends to make the CIA “a far more vicious organization.”

After all, professionals do not torture people to get information. That has long been known not to work. They torture people for entertainment or to intimidate, usually both. Many who will themselves risk death or prosecution will not risk torture or the torture of family members. People will sign all sorts of statements under torture.

When Pompeo stands up and blows hard about making the CIA more vicious, who does he imagine will understand him, and how? Most American citizens do not know that the CIA is the principal figure in the international drug smuggling trade, that they were instrumental in funding ISIS in Syria and the Zetas in Mexico. They are free to imagine that no one or very few are executed within the United States.

(If this seems far fetched, ask yourself how Hamid Karzai’s brother came to oversee production of most of the world’s opium within a few years; work out what sorts of connections would be involved, and how transport and the passing of borders might be arranged).

Pompeo makes such statements publicly, and then Gina Haspel is chosen to lead the CIA at home, rather than abroad, where her penchant for torture might be taken differently–by Americans.

People working within the United States in touch with organizations to which all this is relevant, however variously, are likely to understand this statement differently. Surely this is an overhanded sign to discourage the sort of leaks that sunk the Democratic presidential campaign in 2016 and that have otherwise hampered the progression of imperial violence and the bull-baiting of Russia and China and Iran and Korea and so on and so forth.

Some of the birds coming home to roost are buzzards.


“The Blindfold’s Eyes: My Journey from Torture to Truth,” was written by a nun,
Sister Dianna Ortiz, tortured by CIA assets in Guatemala, 1989. Torture denies
the humanity, personhood and dignity of the individual and is a method of
control through terror by totalitarian societies: guess what?


While I wholeheartedly agree that accountability will never come from the top or that it is even possible at the top in this thoroughly corrupted political system, accountability from the bottom, for the same reason, is still a long shot. A political system that runs on money will never put people or morality or accountability, first, only dollars. Changing the players may give some temporary relief, but sooner to later, it returns to form. It’s inevitable. A money driven political system regards attempts at accountability as a threat to profits and does it’s best to neutralize any attempt to bring accountability from the voters. Indeed, Court decisions that money is speech and corporations are people are just such attempts. The result is our two party system that supplies only candidates pre-approved by the oligarchy and corporate masters and that works, overtime, to marginalize third party movements. Expecting political parties that rely on corporate cash to magically heed calls for accountability from the masses is simply doomed to fail. Bless those who try, though, but the only way to bring accountability is to bring down the system that regards it as a threat.


The immigrant trump administration is the real terrorists to the world and the majority of citizens in the U.S. They always project themselves on others.

P.S. All human beings are part of the animal classification.


All of the post above make it clear that we are living in a fascistic nation. Warnings about the insidious changes verifying this fact have been in print for at least seventy decades but not many have looked at them and listened. Do we not see the how like we are to the mighty soviets and chinese communists who rule by propaganda, intimidation and terror ? Can we not see how hypocritical oosa, which insists that it run the world by its mighty military, is not different than any other menace ?

However looking at world history it is obvious that every ruling nation has used the same reign of terror to overcome and control. Read the history of europe and then its colonization of South and Central America, Africa and the Far East. Europeans have raped and plundered the resources and riches of the world. Presently Israel is spreading terror with the help of oosa and others to colonize the Middle East to plunder its oil while the earth is becoming a burning desert.

Myopic vision is a benefit to those who do not want to see the truth.


It is not possible to vote against or sacrifice your principles. If it seems that’s what happens, it means they weren’t actually your principles.


It’s worse than most of us know. I think the torture has gone on continuously since… who knows? I read they use boats to create jurisdictional black holes…