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Refugee Crisis Mounts in Southeast Asia as 'Stateless' People Turned Back to Sea


Refugee Crisis Mounts in Southeast Asia as 'Stateless' People Turned Back to Sea

Jon Queally, staff writer

A long-simmering refugee crisis in South East Asia has quickly garnered international attention as thousands of 'stateless peoples'—mostly Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar and poverty-stricken Bangladeshis abandoned at sea—have been refused to come ashore in Malaysia, which says it can no longer afford to "be nice" to those seeking safe harbor with nowhere left to go.


Until serious reproductive control is implemented, these crises are only going to become worse and more frequent. Those areas of the world were already overpopulated in the 14th century! That's why those "Bengal Muslims" left Bengal.

The core change must be to, all around the world, limit reproduction to no more than 0.5 live birth per person, followed by post-partum medical sterilisation of both parents. No exceptions, no special pleadings, no favoritism.

Couple that with putting the world's psychopaths into boxes (above or below ground, their choice), replacing Capitalism with a global economy of open-handed sharing, and driving crash programs to reforest to the level needed to actively reduce atmospheric CO2 and develop and propagate technology to reduce the global energy draw to the level we can supply without combustion. Make the necessities of a dignified life available to all, and make it a boxable offence to destroy forest, poach non-humans, or intentionally pollute water.

If we do that, we have a chance. Otherwise, we don't. That should be evident to every thinking person by now.

(During the first 2 years we lived together, the cat I currently support was fascinated by the pigeons courting and roosting higher up on the parts of the building he can see from our windows. This year there are no pigeons. No pigeons! He keeps looking because he evidently can't believe it. I can hardly believe it. What does it tell us, that even those hardy, well-adapted birds are in trouble?)


I couldn't agree with you more, Mairead. Overpopulation is the root of virtually all of our planet's ills. And as far as no pigeons, I'm sadly not surprised. The biosphere is in tremendous decline. I see it every day and everywhere.


Same here. Last week I sprinkled out a pound or so of mixed seeds. Even just ten years ago, that pound would have been gone in a day or less. This morning I saw perhaps a quarter of it still on the ground. When I lived north of Boston in the '80s and '90s, I'd buy seed at the feed store in 25 lb bags and the birds would just vacuum it up, there were so many of them of all species. Not so now.



From what I have learned is that there is only one sure birth control method and it always works, affluence.

Why on earth would you suggest something that you have not submitted to, and you have not inflicted on your children, for those in poverty? Arrogance?

Why not instead pay some of your own money to counter the reason they are actually in poverty in the first place, corruption, bigotry (their own and from others), injustice, and a lack of access to capital?

And you say "Nobody can change" or "it is not my government to make changes" or "I am just one guy" or any number of excuses that allows you to stand aside and toss your hands up and make asinine suggestions equally impossible to implement. At lest be honest, you would rather see and hear of people, dieing at sea of thirst, than changing the situation that placed them there.


Interestingly, that is the exact proposition put forward by the SS to limit unwanted populations. I do find it funny that everyone that proposes coercive population controls exempt themselves from the process...


Three of the reasons I sometimes feel despair about our chances of getting through the disaster that the psychopaths have inflicted on us are showcased between pilotpmg's post and this one. It's plain that absolutely no thought at all went into any of them.

Because they're such expressive examples of thoughtlessness, I'll preserve them here: