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Refugee Crisis on US Soil Exposed in Government-Ordered Probe



The US sets the bar for private prison operations: filthy, understaffed, overcrowded, food is inedible, water is rationed, and overall conditions are inhumane. Taxpayers fund these pits yet Congress bellyaches about not having enough money to build more 'fences" (ala Maginot Line?) to keep out the "savages" (their perception of immigrants) running from perpetual war/violence/hunger/deprivation seeking better lives elsewhere. The detention centers in Texas are deplorable and the unrelenting hot, humid, dusty climate conditions the detainees have to endure in addition to the abuse and unsanitary facilities are outright inhumane. Not unlike the prisons of yore in Yuma, AZ and other SW states. Nope, as a society were are retrograde and private prisons for profits are unconscionable.


US atrocities are driving people from their countries all over the world.