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Refugee Planet: There Have Never Been This Many Displaced People on Earth


Refugee Planet: There Have Never Been This Many Displaced People on Earth

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

An unprecedented 65.3 million people have been displaced around the world due to war and persecution, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) reported on Monday.

The new figure is not only a 21st century record, it is also the first time that the numbers have surpassed 60 million—which means one in every 113 people worldwide is now either an asylum-seeker, internally displaced, or a refugee, the UN said. Half of them are children.


Keep electing people like Hillary and watch the numbers grow


And "we ain't seen nuthin yet" .. just watch as global warming takes its toll in the coming years. The waves of refugees now are just the leading edge of a global catastrophe.


Part of the reason Muslims are being demonized in the western media is to increase that state of Xenophobia. They can use the excuse "Yes we would like to help but terrorists will infiltrate with legitimate refugees" and use this to rationalize using their Military against the same for reasons of "National security".

They will want enough of these people to stay in their home countries to act as a labor force for resource extraction by Western Corporations and the rest will be deemed "surplus" having no place in the "free market economy".


Time to seek wisdom from indigenous peoples who are bringing theological ancestry to the conundrums of empire that has not yet learned that spining deadly phantasms is deadly.

One of the finest examples of articulate dignity calling for the courage to rethink where we are.

"Thinking Beyond Empire " talk in 2011 by Winona LaDuke

I would submit that this is worth downloading and making notes on - because we're not accustomed to thinking from a frame of reference other than that to which we are subjected. Winona LaDuke has bested the gauntlet from attending Harvard to becoming a world renown indigenous activist with the articulate precision wisdom and incisive, priceless humor.


And the major causative factor is the nation-building hegemonic US that has arm-wrestled its allies into wars of aggression against Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and lord knows how many are in the planning stages. All the violence and bloodletting have served to do is create catastrophic destruction of infrastructure; re-ignite agent enmities; foment social unrest as a result of economic demolition leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless, jobless, and rudderless, which makes them sitting ducks for recruitment by the likes of ISIS/ISIL promising jobs/food/health care/housing/education (all carrots that lead to the recruits becoming enslaved/indoctrinated/terrorized.

I close with the words from a Raygun speech in 1974: " Standing on the tiny deck of the Arabella in 1630 off the Massachusetts coast, John Winthrop said, "We will be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us, so that if we deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken and so cause Him to withdraw His present help from us, we shall be made a story and a byword throughout the world." Well, we have not dealt falsely with our God, even if He is temporarily suspended from the classroom. (read more rancid rhetoric from the speech: http://reagan2020.us/speeches/City_Upon_A_Hill.asp ) And to think that was 42 years ago...and we have come how far????


We have the solution ever since did the Industrial Ecosystems for China in 1983....but no one else is interested since then anywhere....Need some real Leaders elsewhere, as China did the same...sad but true.


With the coming worldwide overpopulation this is merely a harbinger to things to come.
The world governments will resist doing anything until such time as it is profitable to do so. This will be too late.
World wide croplands will wither and die and new ones will have to be nurtured. Food production will be cut in half.
Food riots will begin creating fear in the ranks of the one %.
Paramilitary private protection agencies will be common and walled compounds will be built.
Those after the apocalypse movies will cease to be entertaining.


Some refugees are fleeing from natural disasters such as prolonged droughts, the result - probably - of global warming. In sub-Sahel countries these conditions have led to political instability and even civil wars. The resulting violence, inter-ethnic tensions and massacres, then lead to millions of people fleeing, in search of safety.
The selfishness and sheer prejudice shown here in Britain today contrasts with the attitudes common after 1945. Then the DPs - displaced persons - from various European states were supported by public opinion.
And governments and political parties in the 1940s and 1950s supported UNESCO's campaigning pamphlets, opposing the rhetoric of racism.
Today, by contrast, many refugee families with their children, are abandoned, with a modicum of UNHCR support, but not enough support for the children to get educated, for the sick to get medication, or for anyone in this situation to feel settled and confident about their future.
Stuck in a no-man's land of misery, adults and children alike are treated by the world as just so much human rubbish!
Shame on our world!


Aren't you just describing stuff that already exists - NOW!
Take a look at the situation in oil-rich Venezuela: economic collapse with the fall in the world oil price, plus power cuts due to very long drought affecting hydro-electric reservoirs, plus political instability being urged on by Washington.
Ordinary people unable to feed their families, soaring food / medicine prices, hours of queuing for basics, mostly only getting 1 meal a day...
And frequent food riots in Caracas, while Washington calls for 'democracy' and a long drawn out referendum for a recall of the elected President!
I have this awful feeling of deja vu hearing a news report like that.


Of course these things are happening now but not nearly on the scale to come and the average American is oblivious to things that aren't happening to him. My time is nearing its end and I feel very fortunate.


Well, so far the total human contribution to rising sea level is two inches. Temps are up less than one degree due to humans. Perhaps you can explain how that might cause refugees. Ridiculous


" from natural disasters such as prolonged droughts, the result - probably - of global warming. "

They has been no increase in global drought. Or flooding. Or extreme weather of any kind. That just plain, accepted science. The IPCC says as much as well.


Maybe this has something to do with it.


Draw that protective cloak of ignorance tight about you.
I'm sure it will save you!!