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Refugees Already Detained as Groups Race to Stop Trump's Muslim Ban

Refugees Already Detained as Groups Race to Stop Trump's Muslim Ban

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Rights groups are amassing in opposition to President Donald Trump's executive order banning immigrants from Muslim countries, which he signed Friday after a meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Well - all systems are in failure - courts included.

It’s not laws or governments per se we need - it’s commonsense and justice.

I am thinking science needs to get political - real political - and take over.

PS: Something from Eric Margolis


Trump and his thugs the Republicans are absolutely vile and contemptible, Words fail me in trying to describe them. They are not even human at all.

I’ll help my brother in Toronto to redouble our efforts to reunite a Syrian family, and bring in more Syrian families to safety to more enlightened and decent Canada. This is probably the best thing we can do to resist this on this side of the lakes and the 49th. Everyone, please consider donating here:


If Donald sees your post - he might reconsider his plans.

(reconsider whether he needs to also build a wall on the Canadian border that is.)


Soon our prisons , including Guantanamo, will be filling up with refugees, journalists and protesters…


Boy do I feel safer now.
We’ll just pull that big white sheet over our head so no one can see us. (International diplomacy according to a two-year-okd petulant punk.)


This ban is clearly illegal. I think Trump had to go through with it however because of the campaign promises he made. This ban and the wall are the bedrock issues for leading the white nationalist movement that he is leading in the US. For the white nationalists and white supremacists immigration is the number one issue. In all probability it will get thrown out in court. An article in the NY Times yesterday explained in detail why this ban is not legal.

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He may also go after me personally. I better get use to getting my car subjected to an inside-out search every time I come back from Toronto.

Which brings up another thing. Canadian immigrants probably run a close second in numbers to the Mexican immigrants, presumably many are of uncertain documentation - and they are “stealing” far more of the higher-paying “professional” jobs from USAns. Same with recent immigrant Russians, Serbians, Croatians, Polish, Ukrainians…- they far outnumber all Latin Americans in my rust belt city. Why isn’t Trump going after them for stealing US jobs? That is a rhetorical question. We all know the answer. (Hint: melanin…)

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Come on! Please donate - even a little helps!


As it has been pointed out on other sites, the ban went into effect on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army, a day that marks remembrance of the Holocaust. Among the millions of Jews sacrificed by the Nazis were those on the St. Louis, and other turned away or refused visas by the U.S What a lovely way to remember the USA’s contribution to the extermination of European Jewry: turning away refugees already on their way to the U.S. based solely on their religion, and barring even Muslims who hold green cards and other visas from reentering the country to pursue their studies or their work or their family responsibilities because they happened to be out of the country when this POTUS issued his decrees.


Bloomberg.com reports:



Even for those of us who feared the worse, the speed of the swinish little fuhrer’s coast to coast imposition of fascism has been startling. The apparent acquiescence of the country completes the authentic reproduction of 1930’s Nazi Germany.


The thing is–it’s not surprising if the Middle East countries tht Trump’s ban doesn’t apply to are ones he has some economic ties to it, but i think that’s coincidental. There’s something else these lists have in common–notice it? Every country with the ban, has been bombed by the US in recent years, The exceptions have not–because their leaders–while they may be Muslims and may be tyrants–are part of the 'team" with the US, NATO, Saudi Arabia and Israel. I’ve read things suggesting it’s all about two competing plans for pipelines for the remaining oil and gas, and who’s going to profit by them. I don’t know whether that’s it but I think there are more important distinguishing marks than Trump’s business ties in which countries are included and which are not.

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Well you hit the nail on the head of the neoliberal/conservative and now neo-fascist policy that’s US foreign policy. But, there’s been no Congressional debate about these bans, no public debate; there’s no mandate for them. This was an executive order made by Trump, whose first priority is his businesses, so the conflict of interest should be of concern, despite the countries on or off the list for other justifiable or unjustifiable reasons.

The hellish, fascist nightmare is nascent. And to think Delirium Tremers has only been in office a week and to think DJT has at least 4 more years! And I do not doubt he will try to fix the next election in 2020 by suppressing the vote.

Thanks for the link.

Yep, you nailed it. I immediately noticed that these are the countries that the US uses in order to maintain access to the vast energy resources in the region, that are considered “partners” in the campaign to send as much money as possible to the richest people in the world.

This is a case of post hoc ergo propter hoc: the reason Trump does business in those countries is because they are safe to do business in due to (for the most part) US military protection. This kind of thinking is exactly what we don’t need. We must not be as reactionary as the right wing traitors are, otherwise we will make the same errors in judgement.

Trump’s chaos follows Republican playbook. Shut down the federal government. Change voting restrictions the week before the election so the court case is not effective. Every Trump chaos will go to court, but he does the damage first. Next he tries to remake it all in his image which can only happen if he has the military power of his friend Putin. Putin “disappeared” two he blamed for leaking his coup on the US. One found in his car dead last week. Watch Trump end sanctions on Putin after his friendly phone call this weekend. That will be treason. But hey. Someone has to care.Meanwhile we have 5000 troops in Iraq Trump puts in danger.

Someone needs to find those Republican traitor quotes about the last president’s Executive Orders. We know that they are posturing hypocritical traitors but people really do believe those outrage quotes. Let’s keep track and make a searchable database of Obama criticism and help keep them accountable and demand they hold Traitor Trump to the same standards.

Probably true.

I’ll be the first to admit that Putin has a deadly relationship with outspoken members of the Russian press, but I am unable to find any inference to this statement:

Putin “disappeared” two he blamed for leaking his coup on the US.

Please provide a source with a modicum of veracity.