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Refugees Left Stranded As EU Faces 'Crisis of Political Will'


Refugees Left Stranded As EU Faces 'Crisis of Political Will'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As Hungary on Friday said that it was constructing another razor wire fence, this time along its border with Croatia, a humanitarian aid organization is stressing that what the European continent is facing is not a refugee crisis but a crisis of political will.


It must really be an extra special hell for a refugee to have to run toward austerity...


agreed. its a crisis of humanity and sickening to watch. tear gassing babies must be against some law somewhere- becoming a refugee is incomprehensible to most of us- i try to imagine what it would be like, but can't. i do know however that it is a horrible, devastating fate to endure, and more people need to rise up to defy their "leaders" and welcome these desperate people into their countries and homes.
also the focus has been on the EU but should be on USA which is responsible for most of this


Indeed it must


My heart goes out to all those unfortunates who are caught up in the evil machinations of American Imperialism.

I see the little children being dragged along by their stumbling parents towards...who knows what? The Capitalist West is not interested in starving, penniless, colored people who can't be exploited because they have nothing.

The Refugee Crisis exposes the weaknesses in our Western World, the inequality, the lack of caring.

It's a dog-eat-dog world we have created. We will pay a heavy price for that!


When will the wealthy and stable Arabian nations open their doors to these refugees?

When will the USA, which has been the principal cause of this problem, take up its responsibility towards the suffering?

Do Turkey and Iran accept these refugees?


Billionaires cause wars. We will never get rid of war until we get rid of the outdated concept of the Robber Baron. So, exactly who dropped the bombs and caused all this suffering? The War Hawks in the Congress, we always hear. But who controls the war hawks, demanding that the cities be attacked?



These Bankster Dynasty families are why Man will never be free of war. The people don't want war unless the Tee-Vee scares them with it's constant dire Muslim-Gunna-Get-Us Propaganda. But the nepotism in government and Wall Street assures that each succeeding generation of elite power brokers will run the world just exactly as their forebears did: With military force in pursuit of war profits and monopolization of markets.


The only fair way to assign migrant, or more accurately war refugee, quotas is to relate the percentage of refugees that each country must take-in as a quota, to the percentage of the wars in the Middle East that each country has caused.

For example the percentage of foreign troops that entered the Middle East and started the wars which
caused the refugees, should be the basis for the percentage of war refugees that each country should have to absorb as their particular quota.

Thus the U.S., which had the majority of troops causing the Middle East wars, should have to have the lion's share of the refugees in its quota. The UK should have the 2nd highest quota of war refugees,because it had the second highest number of troops, planes bombing, and other military impact destablizing the Middle East countries. France should have the 3rd highest quota of war refugees, since its troops caused the third highest percentage of war and war refugees in the Middle East.

An easy system to administer and one that was elegantly outlined by Gen. Powell when he famously outlined The Pottery Barn rule of wars that one causes as an American expression alluding to a "you break it, you buy it" policy.

The U.S. primarily broke the Middle East, so it should be responsible and required to 'buy' the war refugees that it broke/caused!


I think we should be very clear in naming the names of those Americans who have caused this catastrophe. How about Bush, Cheney, Obama and Clinton for starters.

Also, when it comes to closing borders, we should immediately discuss Donald Trump since he is so big on that. And doesn't Scott Walker want to build a wall along the border with Canada?

Trump says-- repeatedly-- that his wall will be beautiful. Well, consider this very true paragraph written by Drew Peslar in SNAKE BIT, a Detroit novel:

"There was only one good thing to say about razor wire-- it worked. It was so effectively foreboding that, to her knowledge, no one had ever tried to scale the fence. But on its best day it was dehumanizing. Razor wire advertised a state of war where none existed. It screamed hostility and a special disregard for the human body, a message that almost immediately struck everyone who looked at it. It didn't matter which side of the fence you stood on, the message was the same. Razor wire had no favorites."


Comment I posted on the NYT regading Refugee Crisis:

"In just the past two days the New York Times has produced 89 articles on 'migrants' (who I call Middle East war refugees) detailing what countries they are moving through, what situations they face in each country, the policies being defined, the status of their camps, the paths they traveled, the numbers of migrants, the UN and EU meetings about them, the economic impact of migrants, migrants' means of travel, and almost every conceivable aspects of this human crisis --- except for one thing:

There has been absolutely no mention, discussion, or reporting on the question of what actually CAUSED this massive migration of people out of the war torn countries of the Middle East and into Europe --- all of which is the direct result of the devastation of wars started by the Disguised Global Crony-Capitalist EMPIRE, which is HQed in, and 'poses' as, our former country.

Not since the Nazi Empire started the Second World War of Empires in Europe has there been such a massive flow of war refugees, but at least then we were fully informed by the Times what Empire was causing all the human suffering."

[Currently there are over 11 thousand articles on the Google search "migrants Europe", including comprehensive reporting by BBC with maps and stories about the flow of migrants from the Middel East into Europe, but not a word about the CAUSE]


A very wise saying, Wise Owl (and Jonny) and here's another wise saying by the late/great Jewish intellectual, Hannah Arendt, along the same lines:

"Empire abroad entails tyranny at home"

And we certainly have both now because of our former country having been captured and fully "Occupied" as the nominal HQ of this little-diagnosed Disguised Global Crony-Capitalist Empire!


DavidG, as William Robinson explains in his leading edge book (and diagnosis of the Global Capitalism Empire) it is not per se "American imperialism" but a disguised "global elite" Empire of Capitalism, which is controlling and directing the hard and soft powers of the U.S. state's apparatus to carry out the cancerous goals of the Empire, as opposed to any interests of the citizens of the country previously known as America:

"The U.S. state is a key point of condensation for pressures from dominant groups around the world to resolve problems of global capitalism and to secure the legitimacy of the system overall. In this regard, “U.S.” imperialism refers to the use by transnational elites of the U.S. state apparatus to continue to attempt to expand, defend, and stabilize the global capitalist system. We are witness less to a “U.S.” imperialism per se than to a global capitalist imperialism. We face an empire of global capital , headquartered, for evident historical reasons, in Washington."

Robinson, William. 2014 "Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity". Cambridge University Press


Thomas_Jefferson, you are partially correct regarding the Billionaries, Robber Barrons, (as well as Merchants of Death weapons manufacturers), but there has never been a successful American Revolution against such named villains.

As you should remember, Thomas (from your own and Thomas Paine's) writing, the only successful American Revolution was 'against EMPIRE' (specifically the then nearly and wannabe global British EMPIRE).

And the only thing that will ignite a majority of Americans to understand, rise-up against, confront, and non-violently (this time) to successfully expunge the "disease of the Republic" is to start a Second American Revolution "against Empire" again --- it's in the proven DNA of Americans to Revolt against Empire and only EMPIRE. There's never been, nor will there be a, a Second American Revolution against the diverse, distractive, confusing, and deflating terms; billionaires, barons, oligarchy, plutocracy, corporate state, fascism, inverted totalitarianism, 'deep-state' (whatever the hell that means), nor any other oppressive term except EMPIRE, (for the simple reason that not enough average Americans have the slightest idea what such diverse terms actually mean --- so they won't rally against anything other than Empire)


I have said something similar for the longest time. This is not going to happen though.

I see another agenda behind that refugee crisis though. All of a sudden every news outlet keeps talking about Syrians refugees, Syrian refugees because of Assad poisoning them and bombing his own people. I believe they want to get the public ready to accept another real war against Syria. Putin right now seems to stand in the way and the US is having a fit.

As far as refugees are concerned they have existed in the millions because of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for years and years and it never reached the US media radar screen. All of a sudden it is a world crisis because of Assad in Syria.

Also, why does this refugee crisis exist of about 80% young, healthy males? Where are all their female partners? Sure the media always shows us the mother with a crying child because that is supposed to sway the public to get rid of that evil Assad in Syria.

Yes, there are real refugees, they have existed for about 15 years right now because of the US, and Europe's willing puppy dogs, waging wars in the Middle East and Africa for no reason whatsoever.


Cloudchopper, you are on-target when you say, "I believe they want to get the public ready to accept another real war against Syria"



The somewhat hidden issue is, of course, excessive human population. Many areas of the world have now exceeded their carrying capacity as their local resources have been badly depleted for any number of reason. They are in overshoot. This is not a secret and certainly in the academic world it is well discussed but the topic is off limits in the general public. It becomes almost moot to have discussions on climate change, warring factions, drought and starvation when all of these issues are being directly caused, or at least accentuated buy excessive human populations. The absolute devastation the 7.4 billion humans will cause the world and natural environment by the shear trampling of human feet is beyond our imagination. Add in excessive agriculture, water depleting, global climate change, fights for resources and what few sources of wealth remain will fast be destroyed or used up.

The migration of huge populations is only just beginning. The responses to that movement will be profound as local populations have to deal with the consequences of being invaded by other cultures and their destitute citizens. It will become, and is, a national security issue for many countries---particularly the US and Europe. Most articles, like this one, are just describing symptoms and not the genuine deep-seated causes. They end up being little more than sad narratives of human demise. We all know what is going on---it is all over the press (sorta) and I find myself going, "Like dah! What do you expect with 7.4 billion?".

The book Limits to Growth in 1972 discusses this situation as do other writings. Canton’s book Overshoot certainly confirms this position. The world needs an adult conversation now.


Anyone else remember Condoleezza Rice saying something about the "birth pangs of a new Middle East"? I wonder if Chancellor Merkel, et.al. are starting to worry about Condie's baby coming to a "new Europe"?
Rot in hell Condoleezza.


Hasn't the US gotten use of a Turkish base near Syria? Why can't the US fly these refugees out of Turkey to the nations that will take them?

It's easy for the American public to get upset about children drowning trying to cross the sea to Europe. It's easy for the American public to wonder what's wrong with Hungary and Croatia that they won't let the refugees pass through them.

(Know the media is high lighting this all to mobilize the American public to support more US intervention in Syria so our powers that be can check off another item on their agenda outlined in their project for a new American century- that is remove the present regime in Syria.)

But do we hear anyone in politics or the media calling for the US to help these refugees directly? The US once did an airlift of food and supplies into Berlin. The US could easily do an air lift of humans refugees.

I say those that Western and Northern Europe won't take should be brought here to the US. After all, it is US machinations behind the the war that made them refugees.

Chris Hayes said he wanted numbers from candidates on how many refugees the US should take. Here's my answer: AS MANY AS NEED US TO.


Here you are doing your usual shtick which is to come on these forums and defend bloody US foreign policy in the ME.

Your primary tactic in doing so in regard to Syria is to accuse such criticisms of US actions in Syria as being equal to supporting Assad and Russia. You NEVER acknowledge that the US and its regional allies have poured tons of weaponry into Syria which has either directly or indirectly supplied ISIS and "moderate rebels" which has fueled a bloody civil war on the ground. And from the air you never acknowledge the fact that the US and some supporting NATO allies have been dropping tons of bombs on Syrian cities and villages for months now.

In your twisted perspective, such actions of violence have no consequence of their own. No consequence of creating the hell that has become Syria. No to you it is only Assad and Russia that are to blame.

When Assad bombs civilians he is certainly a war criminal, and if Russia starts taking part in the war doing the same things that US/NATO/Israel are doing then the same goes for Putin.

Your tactic of course is so crystal clear. You are an apologist for war criminals.

You will claim that you are against dictators, and you claim that you were against the Iraq war while ejaculating arguments – that are identical to neoconservatives and the war criminal architects of the war – that justify removing Saddam because he was a bloody dictator. Then it is pointed out to you that US covert foreign policy put Saddam in power in the first place and as such defending US foreign policy for having removed him has no overarching principle whatsoever.

But that's you rewqski, you have no overarching principle whatsoever when it comes to arguing on the side of peace, justice, and human rights. You are a complete fraud in that regard.

Keep posting if you must. It is a dark form of amusement I suppose.


Thanks for that Jonny. I personally believe that it is important to counter such blatant misdirection, obfuscation, and outright propaganda in service to bloody Empire, troll or otherwise.