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Refugees March on Foot Towards Austria to Escape Brutality


Refugees March on Foot Towards Austria to Escape Brutality

Common Dreams staff

No longer willing to wait for passage by train or official approval in Hungary, thousands of refugees from the Middle East and Africa—but mostly those fleeing war in Syria—undertook a dramatic 150-mile march from Budapest towards the Austrian border on Friday as they sought safety and relief from a treacherous journey that has now captured the attention of the world.

As the Associated Press reports:


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Just how many secret wars does the White House have going around the world? 50? 100?
How come we never get to vote on wars or even have a law that discloses what the MIC is up to?
This place is worse than the former Soviet U.S.S.R. was when it comes to brutality and citizen censorship. Instead of just one KGB, there's 267 private and government intell agencies all fanning out around the world up to no good at all.

Do you think maybe these wars are heating up the atmosphere? Nothing heats up the atmosphere like thousands of deployed war machines bombing the hell out of cities that have nothing to do with "terrorism". I'll bet 90 percent of them are "Proxy" wars where the bush crime family of war profiteers sells or forces weapons on everybody in the region.

I'm sick of it.


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Do you see this invisible straight line across the middle of nowhere? You don't see any line? Well, if you were born north of the invisible line you're the slave and property of this dictator-for-life and his good buddy the CIA, but if you were born south of the invisible line you're the slave of that other dictator-for-life and his former buddy the CIA.

You will of course kill people and die for your guy, won't you?



I prefer to think of martian law as the direct rule of Europe and the planet by Mars, the Roman god of war. As for martians, they probably have gotten a bum rap ever since a Halloween broadcast of "War of the Worlds" by the Mercury Radio Theater. Marvin the Martian from Bugs Bunny probably isn't quite crazy enough to dream up this set of laws.


Here in Canada ex Prime Minister Joe Clark of the old Progressive Conservative party weighed in. He was Prime Minister during the years of the South East Asian refugees and pointed out how Canada accpeted 10's of thousands from that region. He indicated that initially the plans were to only let in a few thousand but public pressure was so overhwelming to let in more his Government enacted polices to allow many more thousands in.

This was during an economic downturn and there NO REASON this can not be done today outside one of will.

Herr Harper claims Canada is doing enough (average 800 let in per year yeah right) and that more focus should be given to the Military solution. Apparently in his mind dropping more bombs on people trying to get away from bombs being dropped on them is a solution. He then condemned the opposition parties for not being more supportive of the military solution as his trained seals applauded in the background.

This pathetic dung heap then indicated that the Conservatives would open the door to more refugees but only if they are re-elected.

Under the law the Government can enact special ministers privileges that would allow entry to 10s of thousands refugess in a expedited manner but Herr Harper insists this not an approriate response and instead of shifting policy so as to allow this and give immediate remedy to those people, Herr Harper blackmails the people that care with his "Vote for me and I will think about it , meanwhile we will keep bombing them" rhetoric.


Really? I guess you've experienced the other side and can relate, right?

There are people who are not too smart in the ways of the world and they might believe you. You should know better.


All the KGB had was file cabinets. This Empire constantly reads your every thought and spies on your every move and transaction like you are some kind of criminal from the cradle to the grave. A Peeping-Tom government is what it is. NSA has a publicly stated philosophy of "Collect it all" about everyone, everywhere (required warrants be damned) into massive database storage that would make old Red Joe Stalin green with envy. According to ex-NSA agent Russel Tice, it's used for blackmail of future Senators and Presidents and Judges. It's illegal as Hell, and a horrible violation of the Fourth Amendment, which is the highest law in the land. You should be ashamed of yourself for pimping for traitors of the US Constitution like you do!

We incarcerate more citizens than any Empire in history. More than even the evil U.S.S.R. did. We bug everyone's devices and constantly eavesdrop on them IN VIOLATION OF THE FOURTH AMENDMENT.

Now, we've got private Wall Street NSA's doing this sub-contract (80 percent of all intel) like SAIC, Booze Allen Hamilton and Stratfor, who take money from anyone willing to buy information on people. It's worse than a 1984 nightmare of dystopian dimensions.

Labor-busting, insurance discrimination on illegally acquired medical records, racketeering against small business patents, etc, etc, etc... are all virtually guaranteed fallout in the United Police States we are morphing into.

A corporate dictatorship is what has been created here. That is the definition of Fascism where Corporate interests smash citizen rights into oblivion (according to your apparent hero, Mussolini). Italy became that way, as did Germany, where corporations used slave labor like we now do in China instead of negotiating with American workers for a fair slice of the pie. Yes, it's that bad. Throughout history the Right Wing caused nothing but misery and destruction of this planet and her citizens.

You should know better than to lead everyone down the primrose path to a totalitarian future like 1937 Nazi Germany.

"Your Papers?"
"Your papers are not in Order, GUARDS! take zem away!"


You seems to have been places and seen things. I would have expected this kind of nonsense from some hick out of MS that's never been more than 100mi away from his home.

Just read your posts on this website. Depending on which decade it was lat century during the communist plague you would have either disappeared never to have been heard from again, been sent to prison for reactionary thoughts or be assigned some low level job with the local sewage company. I can understand some people hate the United States but between that and using the Soviet Union as a comparison is a giant leap.


well said .


"Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind" In case you have not noticed, all of the sowing throughout the Middle East and North Africa was planned, initiated and financed by the followers of Judaism,implemented by their agents planted in the government of The United States; all of what is happening has been well published by themselves in all the various media, which they own; General Wesley Clarke merely drew attention to the main thrust of it. The great plan is to create a "Greater Israel", and to destroy every adjacent Middle East Sovereign Nation. Is it not obvious, the war activity focuses on atrocities forcing the people to migrate away from the conflict areas, whilst their homes and infrastructure are destroyed making it impossible for them to return, resulting in a totally disfunctional people and government. This is the mirror image of what those of the Zionist persuasion have used to devastate the Palestinians and Palestine; this is not my invention or my imagination, we have all been paying "lip-service" to it by simply sitting back and doing nothing. God help us, for the scriptures of Judaism inform and proclaim it's followers constitute the "Master Race". And having sewn this wind they are not yet reaping any of the Whirlwind. I do not blame Jews, except and insofar as they collectively elect those reponsible allowing all these criminal and inhumane acts to continue. All they do is made possible by starving the World Populations of money, whilst making sure they have a neverending supply, in order to pay off any willing "Judas".


The comparison twixt the U.S. and Russia may best be illustrated by considering the military threat to World peace. The U.S. has at least one thousand military bases, of one kind or another, spread around the Globe; Russia has none. Even you can work that one out.


Irish courts ruled today that a person wanted by the US Government could not be extradited because incarceration in said system amounts to cruel and unusual punishment and on the same scale as the death penalty. The judges ruled the system engages in what is defined as torture under international law.

This prison system is larger then was the old Soviet Gulag.

Since the end of the second world war no nation on Earth has engaged in as many Wars abroad as has the USA and none have killed anywhere near as many foreigners has as the United States of America.

As to people "Disappeared" the USA has long been involved in such , working in conjunction with despots in foreign lands to eliminate peoples considered a threat to US interests.

In supporting the Contra's a document provided to the Contra's by the CIA advocated the killing of teachers doctors priests and nurses. In the Contra hearings Government officials for the US government pled ignorance claiming this document created by rogue agencies in the government.

The CIA also helped Saddam Hussein to power in Iraq helping to smuggle him into the country from exile abroad and then providing the baathists with arms and money. In return Saddam was provided a hit list of persons inside the country to eliminate this list Including Socialists and union leaders.

The USA also sent troops and aid to Greece to help that government exterminate enemies of the State which came to around 30000 Greeks after the war.

This number dwarfs the number of Czechs killed by the Soviets in the Prague Spring.

In Indonesia , Guatemala, Panama , Indonesia , Chile and other countries too numerous to list literally millions of poor people , most of them peasants and on the left were murdered by the State in conjunction with the US Government.



Have you never heard of ConIntelpro?

COINTELPRO (an acronym for COunter INTELligence PROgram) is a series of covert, and at times illegal,[1][2] projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations.[3]

The FBI has used covert operations against domestic political groups since its inception; however, covert operations under the official COINTELPRO label took place between 1956 and 1971.[4] COINTELPRO tactics have been alleged to include discrediting targets through psychological warfare; smearing individuals and groups using forged documents and by planting false reports in the media; harassment; wrongful imprisonment; and illegal violence, including assassination.[5][6][7] The FBI's stated motivation was "protecting national security, preventing violence, and maintaining the existing social and political order."[8]

What's the difference between the FBI and the KGB? Occupy Wall Street protesters just standing on the sidewalk were attacked and stolen from and arrested by undercover Goon-squad members of both the government and Wall Street security forces. The FBI has a document which outlined a plan for assassinating the leaders of OWS which was leaked to the public.

What's worse? Getting shipped to Siberia or getting shot by the FBI for political speech? Getting shot and killed is worse, I would imagine. You seem to have a Tee-Vee education that is oblivious to the 1930's where the FBI put anyone found with a Pro-Union leaflet in their pockets in jail (they were labeled anarchists, and hundreds were stalked and imprisoned by FBI.)


I'm looking at your profile,and am totally confused. Do you really believe all the things you are saying? Or is it just to jerk these guy's chains?

What baffles me .as well that i personally know a few people that think like you and see quite a lot of them on this web site as well (most from US IPs). Where i come from we used to want to really get out of there as soon as possible, yet here in America guys that think their government is evil and want to kill them keep hanging around. I guess that expression of talking the talk and walking the walk don't apply anymore.


Well, they just started rebuilding them... starting with the Ukraine. grinning


You're talking about the Marshall plan. It did keep Greece from becoming communist. I really don't wish that on anyone but maybe a little taste of it would not have hurt.

You forget the next rest of the 40 years when the Soviet Union occupied Eastern Europe. Truth being told a lot of people there were disappointed in the US. They never came to liberate. Trust me you guys had it good.


Uh Hu,

And what does 40 million people on food stamps, suddenly cut-off in the cruel land of deregulated Capitalism equal?

The same thing: Starvation.

Never heard of Operation Mockingbird? Our Mainstream Media is 100 percent controlled by the government according to numerous sources including ex-CIA people who controlled it. I presume your google works? Here's just one of many summaries of the MSM Matrix you really live in:

Under the guise of 'American' objectives and lack of congressional oversight, the CIA accomplish their exploits by using every trick in the book (and they know quite a few) that they actually teach in the notorious "School of the Americas", nicknamed the "School of Dictators" and "School of Assassins" by critics. The Association for Responsible Dissent estimates that 6 million people had died by 1987 as a result of CIA covert operations, called an "American Holocaust" by former State Department official William Blum. In 1948, the CIA recreated its covert action wing called the Office of Policy Coordination with Wall Street lawyer Frank Wisner as its first director. Another early elitist who served as Director of the CIA from 1953 to 1961 was Allen Dulles, a senior partner at the Wall Street firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, which represented the Rockefeller empire and other trusts, corporations, and cartels.

Starting in the early days of the Cold War (late 40's), the CIA began a secret project called Operation Mockingbird, with the intent of buying influence behind the scenes at major media outlets and putting reporters on the CIA payroll, which has proven to be a stunning ongoing success. The CIA effort to recruit American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda, was headed up by Frank Wisner, Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, and Philip Graham (publisher of The Washington Post). Wisner had taken Graham under his wing to direct the program code-named Operation Mockingbird and both have presumably committed suicide.

Media assets will eventually include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, United Press International (UPI), Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service, etc. and 400 journalists, who have secretly carried out assignments according to documents on file at CIA headquarters, from intelligence-gathering to serving as go-betweens. The CIA had infiltrated the nation's businesses, media, and universities with tens of thousands of on-call operatives by the 1950's. CIA Director Dulles had staffed the CIA almost exclusively with Ivy League graduates, especially from Yale with figures like George Herbert Walker Bush from the "Skull and Crossbones" Society.

Many Americans still insist or persist in believing that we have a free press, while getting most of their news from state-controlled television, under the misconception that reporters are meant to serve the public. Reporters are paid employees and serve the media owners, who usually cower when challenged by advertisers or major government figures. Robert Parry reported the first breaking stories about Iran-Contra for Associated Press that were largely ignored by the press and congress, then moving to Newsweek he witnessed a retraction of a true story for political reasons. In 'Fooling America: A Talk by Robert Parry' he said, "The people who succeeded and did well were those who didn't stand up, who didn't write the big stories, who looked the other way when history was happening in front of them, and went along either consciously or just by cowardice with the deception of the American people"...


A Free Press? In the USA? Not for about the last 70 years...


What kind of phucking sentence is this? stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye Are you on drugs? Are you just uneducated and think that a run-on, primer sentence like this is communication?

I suspect you never even finished High School. Am I correct? That, and your simplistic Faux News view of the world tell me you're either very young, or very gullible, or not from America. So I'll bite. Where do you come from (since you failed to put that in your primitive posting?) Where did you "want to get out of there as soon as possible"? Did you mean you wanted to get out of High School as soon as possible?

Your post is the tragedy of America today. Uneducated masses who gullibly lobby against their own self-interests and against the foundations of America. I'll bet you some of your favorite Hillbilly beer, that you couldn't recite the Bill of Rights from memory if your life depended on it.

Thank God for Real Liberals like Ralph Nader and their fearless dissent. Otherwise we'd be sitting under the iron heel of the Gestapo 24/7 (which we nearly are right now.)

"The highest form of patriotism is to criticize those in power" - Thomas Jefferson