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'Refugees Welcome': As EU Slams Door on War Survivors, People Show Another Way



"Refugees are our future spouses, best friends, our next soul mate, the drummer in our children’s band, our next colleague, Miss Iceland 2022, the carpenter who finally fixes our bathroom, the chef in the cafeteria, the fireman, the hacker and the television host," states the plea to the government. "People who we'll never be able to say to: 'Your life is worth less than mine.'" :O)


The root cause of this crisis the Emperors of Chaos bringing endless war to places like Libya and Syria. This all being designed to conquer and divide and water down the wages on the road to enslavement.


Jeb! says, hey it's OK, big brother did a good thing. Fucking moron.

And that medaled man of peace, Mr. O and the wicked witch of the west put the icing on the cake in Libya.

Tell me again why the US is a world leader?





Well, we already know how Americans would deal with this, I'm ashamed to say. Refugees lack the means to provide for themselves. Most have very little money or the means to quickly secure jobs, and are therefore of no use to capitalist states. We already have many Americans who are unable to work (health, etc.), or for whom there are no jobs, and we haven't figured out what to do about them.


Actually, the US has NOT been a world leader by any positive measure for several decades now. We've fallen far behind the modern nations in everything from education to overall quality of life. We're the only developed nation that is actually seeing the life expectancy of our poor fall. The international community recognizes this deterioration, even if Americans don't wish to.


Why will people migrate from their homes to strange lands under risks and uncertainties? This is partly due to discomfort caused by poverty. Why should people be poor when the resources of the world are so abundant?
Because a few minority have aggressively taken control of all the resources due to avarice, greed and selfishness not willing to share. People migrate to share in part of the wealth of the world not created by anybody but by the Supreme Creator of everything. The vast majority are in abject poverty while the few minority live in opulence. To continue the status quo, the sponsor and unleash wars on the vast majority already living under life threatening conditions. To say the least, the good things of life must be shared by all or enjoyed by none. I rest my case for now.


Unfortunately, many of the "refugees" are actually migrants, with cell phones and attitudes.
Germany is being deluged with people it doesn't want and cannot care for, but the worst is
yet to come, as those folks in the east and south move freely throughout EU countries.
Somebody better figure out a survival plan in a hurry. The native folks are getting nervous
when they see their native country being swallowed whole.


post in worng spot


This is what the liberal Jesus would do.


Time to boot Merkel out of power.
The lady may try to stand on her head but she is a plant.


Great post!
Almost exactly as expressed by Laozi: daodejing.


Over a million people are coming to Germany this year alone. Germany and Sweden are taking the bulk while most other European countries are ducking down. It is a world disgrace that the US of America and their preferred vassal, Great Britain, are blocking off their borders, while they are responsible for this gigantic human tragedy. Instead of sending more fighter jets and tanks against that imagined Empire of Evil, Russia, Obama-Osama should clear all US military bases in Germany to allow refugees to move in. We don't need your tanks here, we need volunteers, shelter, food and money. And accept your responsibility in this desaster, Americans, and take on your due share.


U.S. intervention in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan is the primary cause of the immigrant refugee problem. It takes an "exceptional" American chutzpah to criticize others in how they attempt to
respond to this crisis.


While watching tv last night here in Germany, my wife mentioned exactly what you have stated in your post. She added that maybe the EU should rent some large ships, fill them with the immigrants/ refugees and head off for NYC. I'll bet the criticism of how the EU is handling the situation would come to a screeching halt, while gun shots ring out in the background.


Is this to become a world-wide trend? Keeping people out? Deportations? Talk of a wall between the US and Canada kinda rang my bells even though the person saying this is a complete dope. However, Walker IS a Koch stooge so I wonder if tin fact this crap is on their creepy agenda.
It is not just wars and economic issues that will be creating near-future refugees, it will be catastrophic climate change, famine and flooding.
I see a trend here; locking people out AND locking them in.


No, Daddio7, they will most probably not convert - why should they? To become another WASPish bastard who is setting the world on fire?
Yes, the ISIS killers are a plague on the face of the earth, however, there is no atrocity they have been committing which has not been done before by YOUR WASP soldateska. May you just remember: Shock and Awe, the bombing of Baghdad, although there was no resistance from Saddam's forces, the beheading of Saddam's family members and the showing off of bloody heads in all major western media, the torture in Abu Ghoraib, the helicopter shootings of people walking the streets in mid-day, the ransacking of the treasures from the museums of Baghdad by your US soldateska - just to mention a few.
That little boy who got washed dead to the sandy beach of Turkey - he was a Muslim too, and, had he survived, why should he have wanted to assimilate into someone like you, Daddio7?