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Refusal by Pelosi to Consider Universal Cash Payments in Response to Coronavirus Pandemic 'Maddening,' Say Progressives

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/18/refusal-pelosi-consider-universal-cash-payments-response-coronavirus-pandemic


“Let them eat cake!”

That is of course if you can find a store that has cake, or can afford one after you lost your job.

Nancy is a Nixon republican, nothing more.


People will fall between the cracks of a bureaucracy if there are any requirements and things will be slowed.

No. Pelosi just insured a red wave. A total sweep of Republicans into power next election.



Politics denies the anthropological nature of human beings and solicits the psychopathic law of the jungle for all of the people, when only politicians and corporations believe in it. Politicians ignore their ethics, morals, empathy, compassion and care for the needs of regular people. They are not concerned with honesty, fairness, equality, doing the right thing, following the golden rule or abiding by the own religion’s teachings. They hurt, deprive and whittle down the will and the rights of ordinary people to maintain and increase their wealth that translates in their own minds to their certain superiority and entitlement to rule over others. They show no guilt or remorse or conscience for the betrayal of hundreds of millions of regular people.

Politicians do the bidding of their compassionless, psychopathic corporate rulers. They take their bribes, further their own corruption and use their so-called “democratic powers,” they feed regular people endless lies and disinformation to secure public’s continuous cognitive dissonance.

The system of politics in America needs to be broken up as it is as obsolete as a steam engine. It doesn’t do its job. Politicians have denied healthcare to the people, spent trillions on illegal wars, subsidized the richest of the rich, ignored poverty, increased surveillance, denied homelessness and obstructed anything for the people. They have not brought Trump down or McConnell down and not in anyway filled their oath to represent the public interest. Climate, Corona virus and the devastation of all and everything is not forgivable. All members of both houses and the President should be given community service so they can learn to behave like a caring human beings.

They public should rule the public, not hair sniffers, not perverts, not purveyors of sexual assault, not psychos, not billionaires, drunks or drug addicts. We must test all politicians for compassion, if they cannot prove they have empathy and compassion they can’t be an elected politician.

The people can only participate in elections every four years, while big, big money, big lies, big election fraud and rigging creates big manipulation, big voter suppression, devious dishonest behavior to win, vomits itself over every voter promising a world that never arrives. What does arrive, once politicians are installed in Congress, are policies never heard of in their election speeches. The public are cheated every time in every way while the Congress sit by saying they are only doing the will of the people. WTF?

Bernie was honest and the real deal who gave back the public hope for a better world. He tried his best for everyone and was crushed by the DNCs psychopathic machine. His integrity was his whole self. but the corrupt, politicians of the DNC not only stopped Bernie, they stopped the will of the people again, and they stopped a better, fairer life and safer world. The sooner the political system meets the hard truth of outraged voters the better.

All those “democrat” politicians betrayed every man woman and child in America and themselves for wealth and self aggrandizement.


Democrats want to lose house, senate and white house this coming novenber?

If not:
The house caucus has to replace Nancy by this Saturday because she is in line for president after VP Pence and displays a real bad mean streak.
The senators need to send Schumer back to wall street for much more moola donations and then dump his whiney self out of leadership also.

The april 6th date seems too far out, but considering it is government, that’s fast !!


Well stated!


Universal cash payments make no sense. This proposal exacerbates the problem of inequitable wealth distribution in this country.

I, like most of the people I know, will continue to have our usual income at this time. We may have a pension, work from home, work for a company able to continue to pay us for time off, or are still able to go to work everyday. We, in fact, have fewer expenses these days on things like gas, restaurants, entertainment, etc., so will probably actually end up with money saved. We don’t need $1000 extra now. Nor will this money be used to jumpstart an economic recovery. This is unlikely to be spent in that manner with everyone told to stay home and everything closed.

However, there are many in our community and in our families who suddenly have zero income: small business owners and their employees, self-employed persons, performing artists, gig workers. Many of these are not eligible for unemployment. One thousand dollars would hardly be enough to feed and shelter a person for even one month. I have two children who are hard-working, tax-paying, self-employed workers in this gig economy. I will have to cash in my retirement to keep them from becoming homeless.

Tell me, why should some people receive a bonus and those really in need not have enough to survive?


Contact speaker Pelosi! The damn website here won’t let me link her speaker email form address. So google: Speaker Pelosi contact form


Only maddening to those who haven’t paid attention for the last thirty years.
“People keep electing these rich c*********s who don’t give a fuck about them.”
George Carlin - “The American Dream” (2004)


There must be some full or partial debt forgiveness across the middle class and lower.

Otherwise, a large portion of any direct cash paid to individuals will simply go to the lenders as interest payments.

It’s time the banks and the lenders take a haircut. Make it a crewcut!


Bernie is opposed to means testing. He proposes 2000 dollars to each household, regardless of their wealth. Google it.


They make sense because:

  1. there is no time for bureaucracy in an emergency
  2. there are always rules put in that leave some people behind, and you can’t leave ANYONE behind in a pandemic. Even the criminal up the street who never filed a tax return can spread the virus and needs the same help as everyone else
  3. It’s easier to get the public behind a benefit to everyone
  4. administration costs and delays and limits make any administration a big disadvantage and worse than no administration

This only serves to buy votes for trump!


"This is a total failure of Democratic Party leadership."

So what else is new. Pelosi is starting to make the republicans look good.


Right now. Tomorrow. The US government can, without a means test, begin sending checks to each household and individual with no means test.

AND, they can start with those people who are currently below the poverty line and work their way up from there.

Don’t be fooled. This can happen to start tomorrow if they want it.

They can work out who actually needs to pay it back partially or fully, sometime down the line.

But for cryin’ out loud, forgive some debt so the lenders don’t just suck up the cash from the little people.


I should have realized people don’t read things before replying.


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Now that’s some sharpness to some /snark.

All believable.


Here is the answer to your question:

h ttps://youtu.be/nNxw9Y6CbX4

The neo-liberals are surrendering the working class to the Republicans that is why.

20% unemployment by the government’s own measurements is a disaster for all.

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Yep. A large portion of Trump’s base have both hands out. And they probably need the cash!