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Refusing to Abet Voter Suppression, States Reject Trump Panel's Data Demand


Refusing to Abet Voter Suppression, States Reject Trump Panel's Data Demand

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A handful of states are pushing back against a sweeping demand from a controversial Trump voting commission for information about voters in every state.


Hello Andrea Germanos, I would send the names of all Republican / Right Wing officials in any federal, state or local position and nothing else!


My state passed open public records legislation in 2006 so info will flow to the emperor. This P.O.S. move by the demented despot reflects the insane compulsion he has to prove he was crowned king by far more voters than VERIFIABLY COUNTED since he cannot simply change the outcome by what he considers to be his divine right of MANDATE…his rule is law! Everyday brings with it more insane and infantile actions by the self-anointed boy monarch.


Germanos sez: “a request the commission sent Wednesday to the 50 states and District of Columbia request(ed) voter names, birthdays, the last four digits of their Social Security numbers, felony convictions, military status, and their voting history dating back to 2006 …”

It would have liked to go back further, but Ohio still has no idea where all those 2004 ballots might have ended up.


The Republicans realize that in five out of the last six presidential elections they lost the popular vote and that if voting is encouraged things can only get worse for them. They are hanging on by gerrymandering and voter suppression. And with the demographics shifting against them they need to increase these efforts to make the voting unfair in their favor. The alternative is permanent control of the country by liberal Democrats. So they continue to rig the system in their favor. For them. undermining democracy is preferable to a country run by liberals.


Come on, everybody knows those ballots are in an abandoned mine on Cheney’s ranch in Wyoming.


Sadly, it’s just “A HANDFUL” of states that are pushing back. So far only California (naturally), Virginia, Massa­chusetts, Connecticut, Colorado, Iowa, Rhode Island and Kentucky are on record as standing up to this “merit­less inquisition”.  As noted previously, roughly two-thirds of state legislatures and/or governorships are under the control of RePooplicans, and several key states have already been accused of suppressing enough votes in 2016 to swing the electoral college, at least, to Tweetle-Dumb.  SCOTUS is likely to overturn a lower court’s anti-gerrymandering ruling later this year, and with Sessions et al in charge of the “Justice” Department it’s al­most a certainty that any complaints of voter suppression – or any other civil rights violations, for that matter – will fall on deaf ears.

[quote=“mrsannhitts, post:8, topic:42891, full:true”]“It’s up to 18 states and climbing.  Exactly what Little Hands can’t get a grip on.”[/quote] I’ll be VERY surprised if the number pushing back gets to 25.  And even if it gets to 30, it’ll still be the swing states that really matter.  2018 should be “interesting”, to say the least!!


It’s up to 18 states and climbing. Exactly what Little Hands can’t get a grip on.


The cheating in Ohio – unlike in Florida in 2000 – didn’t involve paper ballots, it was done by flipping every seventh (or maybe only every tenth) vote on the electronic voting machines in certain key districts.  Note that the machines were provided by Diebold, Inc., whose CEO was one of Bush’s big-bundling “Rangers”.  But not to worry – it’s the election commissioners in each state who decide on vote-counting methodology, and none of them would EVER again make the mistake of buying easy-to-hack voting machines . . .


I would bet my bottom dollar that Governor Rick Scott of Florida will deliver all us Floridians up on a silver platter to his master. If he cannot get us this way, he’ll use another.


But a number of “resisting” states have agreed to turn over publicly available data and Russ Feingold has called these states out in the Guardian saying “The Connecticut, Oklahoma and North Carolina secretaries of state, on the other hand, have agreed to send “publicly available” information to the commission. This is a mistake. Our democracy cannot afford to turn over any information now and ask questions later. States turning over any information, including publicly available information, legitimize the commission and betray the trust and privacy of voters.” I think he is right. This must not be legitimized. States should hand over absolutely no information and both Democrats on the commission should resign. There is no voter fraud problem of any consequence so there should not be any commission.


The super patriot Cheney of course remains silent, through the confirmed news of Russian hacking, and anti-democratic actions like this one.


Let me get this straight. Everyone to the left of Ronald Reagan is running in tight little circles looking for evidence that the Russians somehow tampered with our elections. Obligingly, the Federal government initiates an investigation into subversion of our voting system in a Federal election. And the immediate reaction of those very same folks to the left of Ronaldus Magnus? “This is pure racism, and a return to the Pettus Bridge.”

Really? They didn’t ask for information only about black voters. They didn’t just ask for information about certain districts. They asked for everything.

This seems like a reasonable investigation into very serious allegations that foreign governments altered voting records and/or voter registration rolls. Let’s find out if the Russians actually did “hack” the election.

If you make accusations, you must accede to subsequent investigations.


“The 21 states are Arizona, California, Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin.”
Many of these state have laws preventing disclosure of voters’ personal information.

So can someone explain the thought process among those posters who claim that the refusal to comply is a “left wing conspiracy” designed to protect widespread voter fraud?


The Russians didn’t somehow tamper with the election. They hacked computers and stole e-mails from Democrats which were made public. At least that is what a number of US security agencies have concluded. Nobody is sure what this commission will do with the data. In the past, blacks have been put into strangely drawn districts to keep their votes from a number of surrounding districts. That gave them one representative but eliminated their influence in other districts. It is common for black aresa to have a lack of voting machines which creates long lines and discourages voters. There are all kinds of ways big data can be used to disqualify voters. But this commission supposedly was set up because of voter fraud although there are hardly any documented instances. Clearly the real purpose of the commission is voter suppression. This commission has no business operating in a democracy since its goal is to undermine democracy.


This data should never be made publict or even worse be leaked to the Republicans. Why the ACLU isn’t fighting this is beyond me. I didn’t vote so whoever won could see how I voted. I just can’t believe this.


I am not sure about the thought process but I guess it involve a lot of anger about liberals ending racial segregation, promoting school busing, supporting various social programs such as food stamps and welfare, supporting affirmative action, and electing a black president who is a liberal. Therefore, they want to win elections and defeat liberals and are willing to cross the line sometimes if that is what it takes. Widespread voter fraud, particularly by African Americans is one of the fake news stories that is reported over and over in the right wing echo chamber. There is no documentation of such widespread voter fraud. But since many people are still convinced it exists and is how the left wing wins elections in many instances they could conclude there is such a conspiracy. The right wing is all about conspiracies being carried out by elites in government and universities and by the “liberal media.” There is a lot of paranoia on the right side of the political spectrum, and Trump who has praised Alex Jones certainly seems to be a conspiracy theorist of the first order.


The only fraud going on here comes from the Emperor and his ilk who ordered this insane proposal.


What posters are those??? Are you talking about posters on “Free Republic” or something?


The Dickster always has something up his sleeve, though anymore, I’m thinking it’s usually an I V or a tube for a transfusion. He’s done more to/for this country than most people will ever know: that’s only because he demanded the CIA and DoD not declassifly his papers, memoranda, and the earliest crayon drawings of both Bushies, for 50 years.