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Refusing to Be Bargaining Chips, Dreamers Shut Down Pelosi's Pro-Dreamer Event


Refusing to Be Bargaining Chips, Dreamers Shut Down Pelosi's Pro-Dreamer Event

Common Dreams staff

Along with undocumented Dreamers and other lawmakers, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was shouted down during a press event in San Francisco on Monday when a group of immigration rights advocates took over the room in protest of what they perceive as a show of political weakness by Democrats in Congress.

The group of protesters, as local Fox affiliate KTVU reports, shouted: "You're a liar!" and "You met with Trump and you call that resistance?"


Good for those protesters. Hollering at right wingers doesn’t do any good. You can’t change the minds of neanderthals with their head in the sand.

Go after the two-faced Demcrats, who talk a good line, then go out & vote for all the right wing legislation that comes down the pike, ignoring the needs of the voters who listened to all the pablum intoned by the Democratic rabble.


We add one international migrant to the population every 32 seconds.


One birth every 7 seconds
One death every 12 seconds
One international migrant (net) every 32 seconds
Net gain of one person every 12 seconds


No doubt where you are coming from.

We are all connected and what we do to the least of us, we do to ALL of us. It is called the human chain of history, which is populated with migrations throughout the world. Compassion is the rule, NOT the exception.


Where I’m coming from is the magnitude of the issue and this conflict is an example that is not going away. There is nothing wrong with immigration but it won’t solve the larger issues without creating more issues without intelligent planning vs a bad plan that keep getting patched up.


D-Party dying right before our very eyes. Pelosi and Schumer are the perfect pair to usher the party to its grave.


Why not say so in the first post rather than making the reader figure out your point?


Pelosi is just another one of the usual suspects corrupt to the core and only interested in her own wealth accumulation and protection


Because that was my point. I’m not sure when facts became controversial but if you have a question about my intent then just ask.


Do these cretins realize what they just did? With that level of intelligence they should be sent back to wherever they originally came from. They just handed the “deport them now crowd” a sure victory. They just chewed off the hand that feeds them. Can anyone trace the origin of this crowd of Neanderthals.


Hey Democrats, sucks doesn’t it? Now you know what those of us who watched Black Lives Matter constantly disrupt and shut down Bernie Sanders felt.

Now the shoe’s on the other foot and I think it’s hilarious to watch DLC Dems lose their shit over this…


Pissing on the poseurs


Schumer and Pelosi are the perfect modern day Romeo and Juliet.

Hopefully, our new Romeo will take the poison, and our prune faced Juliet, will stab herself.


In this case Pelosi has got to understand that half a loaf is no better than only having half the strength needed to do a job. It won’t work. Obamacare is also half a loaf but it was designed to fail and be replaced with Single Payer.


Sure glad they did this. It’s time to get rid of Pelosi. She is one of the biggest political disappointments of my lifetime. She pulled in 196 million last year, all she seems to be into is hobnobbing with the wealthy.
When Chris Hughes of Facebook toured the Bay Area with his husband she was all over them-what about the average gay person? She wears her little rainbow bracelet. to show God knows what. She has NOTHING to do with anyone who is not a millionaire. Sorry, she has turned out to be a disaster. Along with Feistein. Good bye millionaire rich Bay Area women. Go do something useful like another one in your class does: Danielle Steel sits in Pacific Heights and writes novels. More constructive than saying you are on our team and then fucking us royally. “Impeachment Is Off The Table” Pelosi, regarding W Bush…


Why do you evade the reality? It is not “half a loaf”, it is 800,000 people.


Prune face. Sexist jerk.


I hope the progressives energized by Sanders last election season have every intention of primarying the likes of Polosi in 2018. Her corporate Democrat type has been undermining any good that could possibly come out of the Democratic Party in our congenitally two major party system. A majority of the Democrats in Congress are as deserving of replacement in 2018 as any Republican. The nation’s true interests over such things as healthcare are being most betrayed by them when all is said and done.


Which is precisely why half a loaf will not do.


As colorless meek and mild mannered Palosi is, she is, was the last best hope these fine upstanding idiots had. I have known a bunch of half wits, but this crowd is a brand new twist.