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Refusing to be 'Divided Over Bathrooms,' Moral Monday Takes on HB2


Refusing to be 'Divided Over Bathrooms,' Moral Monday Takes on HB2

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Eleven activists were arrested while hundreds of North Carolinians stormed the General Assembly in Raleigh on Monday afternoon demanding that lawmakers repeal the controversial legislation dubbed 'Hate Bill 2.'

"This bill is anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-children, anti-family, anti-civil rights, anti-the poor, anti-North Carolina, and anti-America," declared Rev. William Barber, president of the NC NAACP and leader of the Moral Monday movement.


'The government "want us to be talking about bathrooms and be divided over bathrooms."' This is reality. Can someone determine when this happens? He can, I can, can you?


Never go to Quebec. Unisex public washrooms are increasingly common there. They simply eliminate the male urinals, and the toilet stalls have doors so there is adequate privacy. What is the big deal? This whole "bathroom" debate is absurd!


Don't we have endless bigger things to worry about and to spend our tax paying dollars on. This whole thing is ridiculous, silly Americans, so worried about the most insignificant things. Of course that's what our gov wants to focus on, not the real issues...


You are entirely wrong, and the people in NC who "refuse to be divided" are entirely right.


That is why the protestors in NC are absolutely correct when they "refuse to be divided" by these ugly tactics of hate.


Non-gendered bathrooms are all over the world. Horrors!


And they eliminate the peculiar problem were women's washrooms will have long lines but no lines at all in men's washrooms.


Two things: Your not transgender, therefor you couldnt possibly know what its like. Second, there are countries that have unisex bathrooms like Japan and Taiwan, which are much older societies. Im not attacking, but might I suggest studying queer theory and take into consideration that taking a piss or a shit has nothing to do with sexuality. So, if its not about sex, then why is using the same bathroom that another human uses a big deal? Do you not piss and shit like other humans?


I can pee anywhere, but as far as shitting, I really crave peace, quiet and privacy for that. I have no desire for anyone to hear and smell the activity and the the tenseness of a washroom that is like grand-central station gets my bowels all riled up.

Shitting in the deep peaceful woods (into a proper boot-heel latrine hole, an appropriate distance from any stream or body of water) is the best.


Well, then why would you use public bathrooms? Is it not you who should stay out? Or is it that you dont care and just want the conservative American Dream: to take from those that are different.


Good god! Get a clue! What I wrote is called "Humor"! Do I have to explain it? There is an old humorous trope that some of the greatest insights of the Great Western Philosophers - from Descartes, to Spinosa to Hegel to Marx to Emerson and Thoreau took place while peacefully sitting and shitting, deep in thought, in a quiet private place in the woods.

I was also making fun of the psychological aspects of irritable bowel syndrome - which I myself suffer from.


Considering this is about children, I guess it should be joked about.


Hey :slight_smile: Its the UnBeliever. How are you today? Run out folks to troll? Ok, I'll bite. Explain what you mean and you can go more rounds ranting and berating me. Oh, did you run out of people to troll?


It is funny how they're not divided, but after reading these comments, Commondreams people are easily divided and distracted from the meaning of this article.